Saturday, March 7, 2009

NOTHIN' SPECIAL emails of any kind this morning. Interest is waning. The Boob Tube is getting all of the attention, though it is losing it's ass in ratings and advertising. Fox News is rolling in dough, however. They are making noise about the stimulus acts and they have Glenn Beck stirring things up in his unobtrusive manner. But the bloggers are not getting too much attention these days. Jim Rawles made mention of getting his name or blog in a major Nu Yawk Sity newspaper. That's real nice. His blog is a real nice place to go to learn how to set up a proper radio antenna or how to shop for land. His sponsors are in deep with the crash, however. They are all saying watch out! And saying that will make them money, you understand. And Americans understand people wanting to make money. It's part of our national culture. But the question remains as to just who the fuck is going to get your back when the shit goes down. We survivalists beat each other on the back and promise to be there, all equipped and ready. Don't really know about that. And with lack of interest there ain't much way of telling. We have a couple of women who are acting like the have more balls than most of the men. Pearls and Ernie really give it hell but I don't now who backs them. I keep getting a fragment of an old song..."Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with WHO?" It all makes you kinda wonder, don't it. How many will bow and how many will stand. I just know that I ain't going anywhere. And it is because I have no where else to go. And I don't WANT to go anywhere else. I like it here just fine. Lots of land and lots of water and a bunch of good friends. Used up a helluva huge pile of work getting all of it, but it has proven out to be just the ticket for survival.

Survival Topics and Riverwalker and Rawles have put out more information that any of you can use. Plus there are myriad others who have contributed to your supposed survival. Now I wonder how many of you will get with the program. How many of you really intend to make the leap of faith and join in the struggle to survive? We are being attacked on practically every front. Just try to name a human activity that is not being controlled by someone or some governmental entity. There is a monstrous effort being poured out to establish CONTROL over all of us. And most of you do not even realize it. The greatest consolidation of power and wealth in the history of the world is taking place right before our very eyes and we are left blinded to it for the most part. And just what the hell does the New World Order exist for but for POWER ! They want to rule you. They want to control your life. They want to reduce you to common slaves. They want to fuck your young daughters and maybe even your young sons. They want to make you provide the food for their table and clean up their messes. And they want to kill off most of you. You are no longer needed as you once were. They will be the masters and we are to be their serfs. There estates will be huge and self sustaining. You will not own a single square inch of property. They will control well fed armies who will come kill you if you do not go along with the program they have instituted. It is all going to be their way or the end way for you.

Your mission, if you decide to survive and live, will be to feed and water and defend yourself. And that is kind of daunting when you consider that all the old tricks our forebears knew are missing from your routines these days. Those wonderful old gals who could nurse you to health are no longer with us. Those old men who knew the ways of the land are gone on to meet their maker. They could truly farm. They could do it all, for the most part. Our immediate parents have not left us much to work with. We have the TV and the CD player. We have computer games. We have NFL football. But damn few skills.

We're now you, for what you did we're sorry
Old time ways we're bringin' back again
We're building barns and trading jams and jellies
And we're holdin' hands and the hands of all our kids.

You are to preserve the decent life of a person living on this continent as best you can. GET OUT OF DEBT! Do not let those banking bastards get your property! Hold on to it with main strength and ignorance if nothing else. There is a section of some fucking banking bail-out law that allows the banks to raise your mortgage payment if it is necessary for them to make it as a business entity. And they will declare a national emergency and do it! All it takes is the President to sign a declaration of Martial Law and your ass is cooked, brothers and sisters. And do not be fooled into thinking that a national emergency is declared because you or I might be in danger. Oh no, no, no. It will be declared because the government might be feeling some discomfort or their buddies in the Global Business Arena might get a little apprehensive. Get used to the fact that you don't matter any more! The elite are mostly interested in sex and games. You will just be a game. That is because the American populace is merely pimples with legs. Stay alive.



vlad said...

Talk is cheap. Few are loyal unto death.
In 25th Inf Korea 50-51 noone elbowed me aside to close with and kill Korcom/Chicom infantry.
When I was a Corrections Officer noone pushed me aside to rush in to break up a fight.
When shtf I'll do the best I can with my Garand. After I kill eight I'll have time to reload.

Cliff said...

Morning Michael,
Not much to report on from down Dixie way except that I went to the bank this morning and last week I could have reached out and touched the teller and now she has 4 inches of "bullet resistant" glass (plastic I think) in front of her and we do our business through a little slot at the bottom of our window. I guess the bank is gearing up for some unhappy people. I did a walk around after I got my money and found 10 or 12 weak spots in their physical security and I was thinking about bringing it to their attention but decided to let it go and what ever happens, happens.
They are calling for 70 degree weather today and sunshine but it's misting rain right now. I'm hoping it'll clear up and be pretty soon.
Best to all yall in the valley.
Cliff in Douglasville

ErinAndBrad said...

Amen Michael. I guess "who backs me" would be 1st - God, and 2nd - the hubster who is a very practiced and excellent sniper and he is meaner than a snake. He gives me strength to fight the good fight and stand up for my freedom (which he has fought for) and he teaches me well. I will never let them take or rape my kids - I will die to prevent that - that's the momma bear thing. I will stand beside my husband and fight, not hide behind him. Every single person in your family has to fight together to survive what is coming and we all need to become more self-sufficient too. We will grow and raise food and live more like God intended us to to begin with. You are right on track with all you say. Time for all to man-up. Scary times but I put my faith in God and He will give me what I need to survive, the strength to fight evil. Pray.

P.S. From the news I get today I have to wonder if they are beginning the red list roundups???Let me know what you think.