Monday, March 30, 2009


It's been a quiet weekend. I got to talk a bit with an old buddy and that was enjoyable. He is about 8 or 10 years younger than me and it is good to hear his opinion. I think he was playing cagey and wanted to hear my opinion but I out waited him and got him to talking. He is having a year of opposites. He cheerfully admits that the country is having a depression and he uses the "D" word quite easily. On the other hand he is making more money than he ever made in his life, getting $33 an hour as a skilled tradesman. Right now he is working 40 hours a week, every week. Pretty nice money. But he says he will be back to his old method of hunting jobs down every day if the economy goes completely bonkers. He has done it before and he will do it again. Everyone knows him and knows he is a "git 'er done" kind of guy. I was proud of him. He has a 10 year old paid-for home, his wife has a very nice car that is paid for and his pick-up truck is almost free and clear. He went into debt for all of it but he got some breaks and he worked his ass off and he is looking pretty good at this point.

Obama fired the Chairman and CEO of General Motors this weekend, Rick Wagoner. The Bushites got the CEO of AIG out of office when the feds had to give them federal money and this looks like some sort of pay back. Politics is a harsh game. You reward your friends and punish your after day after day. It is an unceasing made of life. General Motors must not have paid off the Obama campaign. It's all right. Wagoner had 30 years in at GM and probably has plenty of loot to live on. I wonder how Obama and his henchmen can make bail-out money to GM on the premise that GM coughs up a few million to the national party and those running for office. But you know, that probably ain't what's going on at all. Rick Wagoner probably wants out of GM and wants into a nice secure retirement and this is his opportunity. Wagoner tells Obama that he wants out and to make it look like Obama is doing it to honor the "people" of this country. Wagoner hits the happy trail and Obama gets to look like a man of the people. For 16 billion dollars in bail-out funds GM's board will do anything Wagoner wants. The American people get fucked but Obama gets to look good. We never get to hear the conversation where it all gets decided but we can put the pieces together over a glass of wine and some good Brie.

I have just about given up on my generation ever throwing off the yoke of tyranny and insanity that rules over it. Most are like me and ain't much good for anything but planning and ambushes. We are too fat and out of shape. The garden will have us back in to better shape by the middle of Summer. But I am afraid it will have to be my son's generation that makes the big move and I haven't got the slightest idea of how they feel about a goddamn thing. Most of them do not show the slightest inclination toward politics or war. It's like they are not sissy but they just haven't shown any interest. I ain't gonna stir them up because I just start more arguments with them than I start discussions. And that might not be a masterful example of diplomacy, but on the other hand you might try grabbing a hold of my son. See what that gets you. What I am saying is that you can breed for a very smart masculine motherfucker or you can breed for something a little less. I went for the motherfucker. For you guys who want to follow in my breeding footsteps you must honestly be a sort of warrior type of fella with an IQ somewhere around 150 and you have to breed with a throat cutting bitch who can get a Masters degree in Computer Science, or any other type of education. If the genes fall just right you can have yourself a real mess to dump on humanity. And humanity really deserves to have a mess dumped upon them. Being the rebellious type, I can guarantee that I have done all that I could to seal the fate of the clones, as Big John calls them. Y'all get in there and do some of the same! We need all the help we can get!

Obama goes to Europe today with over 500 people in his entourage. See, the USA is the sole remaining super power on the planet and when we send the President overseas even his shoe shine boy goes first class. And it all comes under National Security, you understand. You do understand, don't you?



Phil said...

The world could use a few more ornery bastards like you in my opinion.
The pussification has gone too far already.Too many worthless fucks out there now that can't even change a light switch or unclog a sink.
Keep hammering away my man, I visit here every damn day.

Mayberry said...

I still call bullshit on gub'mint piddling with private enterprise.... That's called fascism.

I got the "throat cutting bitch" part right, but it backfired on me, ha ha!

ErinAndBrad said...

Most women would most likely prefer a "mans man" and not some whimpy, candy-assed dork, but IDK for sure. I like a man that will be gentle when called for and an ass when called for and won't take any shit from the dorks out there. You can still be a MAN and love your wife and family and friends too. A man with manicured hands makes me want to vomit - I am sure Barky has his hands done daily! Yuck.

HermitJim said...

Know what you mean about the newer generation not wanting to talk about anything that may rock the boat for them.

I think that a bunch of them will soon need to grow a very large set of gonads in order to pull through the coming storm.