Monday, March 16, 2009


It seems like everything I look at on the Internet is a commercial. Everyone is wanting money. I think we may be having economic problems in this country. There are a lot of people looking for jobs. There are many wanting to sell you something.

I tried some of my Amish Honey today and it was delicious. Some peanut butter and a couple of slices of bread and I had dessert. It is local honey and I believe it will help people with allergies. I don't have much in the way of allergies but you never can tell. I might get a ton of them.

I am not writing much because I don't know what situation I will be writing about. Some say the recession has hit bottom and we are on the way back to the top.

We have an Army Surplus Store here in the area that is reportedly selling non-hybrid garden seed. They were closed today. But they might well be selling the good seeds. The store is owned by the local head of the John Birch Society. I've talked with those guys for a couple of decades. Decent folks. But the DJIA is looking at the sixth straight day of gains and I think that having a big garden can be even more benefits. Sure would be a clunky thing to do to not garden because the economy was coming back and that turn out to be a lie. And it would come as a surprise because the government and the media have never joined forces to deceive us in the past. And I would like to interest you in a bridge I have for sale. So get prepared for an Obama Summerfest. Get prepared by stocking up on your preserved garden produce and plenty of seed saved for next years garden. Remember, they don't want to tank it while the living is easy. Cause if they do that then it will be easy to rebel and raise hell. When the temperatures get down to single digits then the government can go do about what they wish.

Guns and ammo are still moving in this country like crazy. It might be one of the more powerful economic engines we have going for us. And it sure is being noised about on the internet. Mostly forlorn folks who can't get what they want or think they need. If you will pay the money you can get most any gun you wish but you might not be able to shoot it. Pain and suffering. I think I will post this while I am in the mood to do it.

Got guns? Got preps? Got a revolution?


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Mayberry said...

The DJIA went up many times just before the Great Depression, and also during. This is just a B.S. rally that'll drop like a stone come the next bit of bad news...