Sunday, March 22, 2009


I got an email from E.M. Joe out in Idaho. He is smart as can be and you will like this one.
Suddenly it wasn't a daily read from the world of Stay Alive Dude. But I also know why, the time for most of the talking is about over. There is a feeling of a large disturbance in the force. Its like you know the Bomber Planes are in the air and on the way, and you are just waiting to see which area gets blown to smithereens first!

I know the time is truly near, I just use the Wife-Oh Barometer. All this time she has been a little more passive about the Prep Stuff. But suddenly, its like a switch got turned on. She just assembled her "Emergency Kitchen in a Tub." She is making as much Bread, Pasta and other eats from scratch as possible. Yesterday we were up at the family farm working to ready the area for Spring Planting.

Other things too, so if her alarm bells are now sounding, the time of Hell on Earth is just around the bend!

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!


Got on and had a good time this morning. Ol' Bullseye was in great form. Went to a flea market. Got some water barrels and some ammo and got his thinking machine tuned up a bit. But you should read this page this morning for your own good.
Everybody is getting ready for something they just cannot quite describe with accuracy. But they know it is coming and it ain't too far off in the future. About the only thing I have left to do is watch for the 'trigger' event. And I ain't talking about AIG handing out some bonuses. Who even gives a shit? If it wasn't a condition of getting their bail-out money there ain't much you can do about it. I wish the media would just shut up about the AIG bonuses. Who gives a fuck?

But that must be what the PTB want us to talk about right now. They use the media to define the national dialogue. But they have to do that, you know. They can't have you standing around the coffee machine in the morning talking about shooting troops or politicians or such as that. That sort of stuff ain't good for the national mental health, you understand. Just ask any congressman if you don't believe me.
I will yet once again tell you beginners what the fuck you need to do. You need to acquire Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids. Beans are food that you can store for long periods of time. Get a year's worth if you can accomplish it. Beans, rice, corn, wheat, oats, etc. Get the stuff in bags and get it frozen. Let it freeze for two or three days then take it out of the freezer and put it in a metal garbage can with a good snug lid. It is boring food but it will keep you alive. It will also keep your kids and your mate alive.. Get spices and other things to flavor it. Start buying and stocking canned food. Meat, vegetables, goodies, what ever floats your boat. You will probably need them this Summer. It is going to be bad this Summer. Your media and your politicians have been lying to you and it will all come out pretty soon. You have been ripped-off and scammed beyond all recognition. When the Summer of Hell begins, you have plenty of FOOD stored and ready. Get lots of it! The wise guys are saying that the price of food is going up big time this Summer. Americans will not be able to stand this. Americans are a weak and indulged people. To lose their income and have the price of their food go up is more than they can bear. Get your pop corn ready and your good lawn chair in position to watch it all come apart at the seams this Summer. The hysteria should be something to behold!

Bullets represents having some firepower to protect yourself and your friends and family from nasty things. And there will be nasty things all over the place this coming Summer. The freebooters will first be after your food and fuel, but after a short while they will be after your children and your mate. If you live in the country there is always the need to drive off critters who want to eat your crops. Well, there will be two legged critters wanting to eat the crop of your garden also! Be prepared to drive them off, along with the Raccoons and Bunnies and Deer and whatnot. I am not kidding you when I say that things can get tough this Summer. I am not kidding at all.

Band-aids represents medical supplies you should have on hand. They could go out of production for a few years pretty quickly now. This globalization is turning out to be the biggest boondoggle yet pulled off against mankind in all of it's history. And your medicine and your medical devices re going to be in short supply. Better stock up. You know what you need so get it. You now what your kid needs so get it also. Get a supply of basic first aid supplies. Your life may hang in the balance. There is a chance that we might be shocked with a good dose of bird flu or some other wonderful life form. Get yourself a good supply of hospital grade nose and mouth masks. Get enough to keep your breathing passages covered 24 hours a day. Go buy a few half-gallons of antibacterial hand soap. Keep tuned in and when you hear that something mean is in the air then you get the fuck inside and stay out of the air and way from human idiots. AND CLEAN EVERYTHING. Every doorknob, etc. Close the windows and don't let the cat or dog come in. You can feed them with a quick handout on a paper plate. If they die it is just too bad.
Time may be getting awfully low. There may not be a whole hell of a lot of it left. And if the shit hits the fan I will not be on the internet much, if at all. I am just like you and I will have to eat too! I will be using my strength and my brains to support myself and my friends and family. I have a couple of snake-bit friends who will be gardening with me until the Fall die-off. We ain't givin' up for any fucking banker or politician.
Got preps? Got guns? Got a REVOLUTION?



Ken said...

...i'm glad you still got enuff gumption to keep warning folks,i try to share what i can,but i'm at the point were i feel they are gonna get what they deserve...this is the last few innings of the game folks...not the time to be picking yer seats...

Stephanie in AR said...

I got a husband that has done the same thing. He never minded, at least not too much, my having a pantry or extras but didn't really have a heart for stocking up. But lately, he has been having the heebie jeebies. Good for us but not a good thing either. Just had a good talk with the kids about not talking - we have a pantry, we have a big family, we don't like to go to town, but mostly we don't talk about how much AT ALL. Just for safety sake we use the correct terms like FEMA recommends and such so that if the kids do slip - well its only whatever FEMA recommends. Besides stocking up we also need to be more careful in more ways than one. imho anyway

Bullseye said...

Michael, first, thanks for the link my friend and I appreciate your very kind words. Got some pretty good stuff at the ol Flea Market.

And the beans, bullets and band aids post was great. I love the way you light a fire under those that have not even begin to prepare. I've been prepping like a bastard and will continue to do's coming..not sure what but, it's coming. Thank goodness there are blogs like yours that let people know how urgent it is to get started.

Thanks again for a good read my friend.

Phil said...

I have about one more week of house sitting and watching out for my 95 year old Granny and then I am going to throttle it back up.

I got 25 onion starts put in the little peat moss pots yesterday and scored a bunch of heirloom seeds , 3 packs for a buck today, along with some upholstery needles I have been looking for for months.
I still have about forty more onion sets to do sometime this week.

I am very much looking forward to getting into my new to me fifth wheel and getting back with the program.
The last three months have not been as productive as I would have liked at all.

Great post Michael, I can feel the heat from here.

Take care,


Mayberry said...

Heya Michael, it's damn good to hear from you.

Bullseye is a damn good read, ain't he? Beans, and bandaids are what I'm workin' on, got the bullets covered I reckon. I hope.

Whippin' the Heep, and the escape pod into some shape. My nerves are tingling, senses screaming, body trembling.... Something is fixin' to go down, and fast. Obammy and his banker friends are cornholin' us like never before. Time is REAL short....

Hopefully me, Riverwalker, and Pickdog can make a go of it down here in Texas. We're preppin' like hell....

Stephanie in AR said...

oops there should have been a set of * * around that word correct.