Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ah, I can almost smell the aroma of Cordite in the morning air. It's my imagination, of course, but it still makes me feel good. I was reading George Ure over at Urban Survival.com and got a heads up on a probable discovery of phony gold out on the market. Naturally it is coming out of China. If it is true and you believe Ure, then this is the time to sell gold short, as it will fall like a stone. It would also be a good time to buy gold options at a cheap price, because, if it is true, gold will fall and then go up like a rocket ship. Just a little thought on how someone might make a few dollars, The story is at http://www.urbansurvival.com/week.htm. Enjoy. I am not advising anyone to bet this way on the market. I am merely pointing out a news story and some possibilities. Warren Buffet has joined the pack ands is now saying that 2009 will be a catastrophe, a huge jumbled mess, in the financial markets. This is from the Sage of Omaha, folks and he knows what he is talking about, generally.

I read an article about the water situation in California and it looks like the time to make a little money on your local vegetable market. Just grow common ordinary vegetables and sell them cheap on your local market. You will get lots of business. You might make a few enemies of your local supermarkets but who gives a damn. They are fixing to give you a royal screwing on prices this Summer so get them back while you can. Just don't sell until you have all of your personal needs taken care of plus your seed saved back for next year. You DO have non-hybrid seed, don't you? Put a lot of seaweed extract on your garden and let it rip. Give your corn some fish emulsion.

I am subtly happy about not having to obey unjust laws in this country. I'm not shouting about it but I feel it in my guts and that is just as good. And I am not going to let someone else tell me what is just or unjust. The government is immediately disqualified from judging such a thing so someone else will have to do it. Luckily I live in Indiana and judges charge juries with the fact that they can judge the facts AND the law. Some places just talking about that in a courtroom will get you some time. I have a judge on high who will guide me in my often curious way of proceeding through this life. I have been a white nigger for many decades. My skin may be white but my public visage is black because I live in a commune. And it is okay with me but do not come causing trouble or I will hurt you. And I will do a damn good job of hurting you.

I was reading a story this morning on CNN about some guy they are saying is Obama's Urban Czar. How the fuck do we get CZARS in this country? This isn't Russia. They had Czars over there a while back but not any more. But where did Obama or our gifted media get off by calling any hired gun in the administration a Czar? I do not recognize the title of Czar. It ain't on any of our law books as far as I know. CNN ad Obama can stuff it with their Czar title. I ain't going for it.

I really do feel something in the air. I think there is going to be trouble and I think the citizens of this country are getting ready for it. I think the government has had the meat, so to speak. I really don't think anyone gives a shot about what happens to the government, as long as the government does not bother them. An attack against the people of this country will be met with a fury unseen in many decades. These fedgov folks are crooks and degenerates and have no business governing decent folks. I rest my case.

Stay alive.




Mayberry said...

It feels like a spring, wound up tight as she'll go, ready to unwind..... I see flashes of people just losing it. Chuckin' everything and headin' to D.C. The amount of guns and ammo that have been purchased in the last 6 months is astounding, and shortages of stock loads, powder, and primers abound. Nanny.gov best consider very carefully what it is they're doin', because the population at large has enough laid up to sock it to 'em but good. Obammy has awoken "the sleeping giant".......

Bitmap said...

Presidents have been calling people czars for years. I think George H. W. Bush had a "drug czar".