Thursday, March 5, 2009


The man waited in the shadow of his stairway up to his apartment. The G-Men were coming for him and he was ready. He heard them enter the building and make for the stairway. As they went up the stairs he stepped out with his shotgun and said to them, "That is far enough. I will give you 20 seconds to vacate this building or you will die." The men, startled, paused and then one of them went for a weapon. He died on the stairway for his effort. The other two men with him died shortly thereafter. The news of the death of the three G-men spread quickly through the town and a member of the media was there to investigate the event very soon.

"Why did you kill them?"

They were trying to get me to do something that was unconstitutional."

"Does that entitle you to kill them?"

"I have no other choice."

"What do you mean you have no other choice?"

"If I disobey what I think is an unjust law then the people who made the law, the employees of the government, will judge me and I have no chance of winning my case. It is all one way in this country. The state makes the laws and you are tried by the state. The state always wins in these situations."

"Well. what is the chance of winning a jury trial?"

"Slim and none. The judge and the prosecutor and the defense are all lawyers. They all follow the laws of the state. They all belong to the State Bar Association You can't win."

"Don't you think that these many years have established our legal system in an iron clad manner?"

"The pattern is established in some peoples mind but not mine. An age old wrong or a new one, makes no difference to me. I say it is wrong and that is what I mean. You can't have the people trying you that make the laws and get paid for enforcing them. It's insane."

"There are more policemen on the way. They will overrun you Are you afraid?

"I am concerned, of course, but I had an intellectual decision to make and I made it and I intend to stand by it. The cops that are coming are part of the problem and I intend to stop them from carrying out their mission. Now, if you will excuse me I have pressing matters to attend to."


One of my best friends in the whole world is making plans to build a chicken coop right here in the valley. I, of course, have given a lot of thought to this very project. I started thinking about it months ago. But it proves that once other folks get to thinking this fucking system might fall their minds run in the survivalist direction.

Dragon has a couple posts up today. Both good. Be sure and play QUIET RIOT doing Cum On Feel the NOIZE. Good call on what to do about the bail-out problem. Recognize what is going on and get WILD, WILD, WILD. This country NEEDS to get WILD. In a big way. My woman wrote a screed many years ago called Squeeze, Baby, Squeeze. In it she pleaded with the system to go ahead and put it on us. She told them to squeeze until the blood ran out our eyeball sockets, cause that is what will get people fired up enough to do something. And it is time to do something! will get you there.

I got on Texas Preppers this morning and found that Pickdog had put up an article out of Canadian Press about how Baxter International has put out some rotten flu vaccine that had bird flu shit in it. They inoculated some Ferrets with the stuff and they immediately died. Should never have happened. Are they getting ready to destroy us? will get you the article.

So things are moving right along. I am happy for this. I must throw some weight behind my friends idea to build a chicken coop. He wants to do egg layers and that is fine with me. I love my eggs in the morning. I would be bummed out if we had a chance to keep chickens and didn't do it.

I keep going back to that Quiet Riot music put up by Dragon. I think of the rebellion of the youth and it's incredible power. It was put there by God Almighty, to fulfill his commandment "For this cause shall a man leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh." But that is just the tip of the iceberg. You get those young people out in the streets and all hell will break loose. And Hell needs to break loose on this country, and on this whole planet for that matter. It is easier to tear a house down than to build it and that is a fact. But the stink and filth in our house has become stifling. It needs a damn good cleaning or else it needs to be torn down and a new house built. I cannot believe the reporting by our loyal media these days. What a bunch of sold-out bastards! The world is collapsing around us and they are telling us how to lose weight and take the wrinkles out of our face. Kiss my ass!

I just went to and read up on Gerald Celente sticking it in Obama's ass, good and proper. It was like a breath of fresh air. Celente gets all the shit out of the air and tells it like it is. Woo Hoo! But I am having one helluva time focusing on a chicken house right now. And I want a chicken house in the worst way. But Dragon had to put up a Quiet Riot video this morning. It's all his fault! I'm innocent! Can I get a bail-out now?

Stay alive.



Candace said...

We have a laying flock and caring for them is beyond easy. Ours are free range, they don't need anything beyond kitchen scraps when the weather is warm enough for bugs.
The eggs are so good and the nutritonal comparison to battery eggs is quite remarkable.
Go for it!

scoutinlife said...

Adding a bigger coop this year and increasing my flock of chicken as well!

shiloh1862 said...

I think you are right. Things are progressing nicely. As Ure said...The summer of hell is approaching.

May God Bless Us All!


ErinAndBrad said...

Great post Michael- as usual you seem to be in my head - LOL! We have a chicken coop on our property - it was here - and we are going to make it bigger and we are getting our first chickens soon - I can hardly wait! Just let them to try to kill my chickens because of the bird flu! They will meet my 20 gauge!