Monday, March 2, 2009


The nasty guys have taken the weekend off and we don't have much negativity to deal with. I think that is really nice of them and I hope they do it continuously. I have sort of a "You picked the fight so you can fight the war." attitude. I wasn't too put off by the twin towers being blown up in Nu Yawk Sity. The media went nuts over it but if the truth be known, I didn't have a damn thing in that town. Of course, the media is head quartered in that town. So much squawking going on about "America's Town" and all that happy horseshit. Les Visible over at will tell you that 9-11 was an inside job. And I believe it. And that relieves me of a lot of guilt and consternation. If I am free of condemnation then the dummies can go pound sand. I'll just skip off into the sunset singing Zippity Doo Dah. I know there were people who died in the event but that has not kept the POWERS THAT BE from going after the wrong people for the last seven and a half years, spending trillions of dollars and eroding our rights.

But we have learned a lot from this decade, thank you God. We have a much better understanding of the stock market. We have a very clear picture of national politics. We understand oil wars. We understand the erosion of our rights by the use of fear. We grasp the use of PROBLEMS and EMERGENCIES and WAR to get us to accept the current foreign policy of whoever won the last election. We can grasp the fact that Osama Bin Laden has not obtained one fucking scratch from our troops in the last seven and a half years. If we have paid attention then we have noted that the FBI does not have Bin Laden on their most wanted list because they simply do not have the information necessary to charge him. Now, as we finish the decade, we get to watch an economic meltdown of extreme magnitude. This little deal is going global, folks.

But like I said, we have learned many thing. And it has led some of us to put our faith in God and preparation. And every time a bad deal comes upon us now, we don't worry so much. Who cares about having to got to town for groceries? Got plenty of food in our stash. Let it snow, let it blow. We will make it. The Handmaiden came with a dowry of a little stove that cooks like crazy. We call it her Y2K stove. It sits right here, along with plenty of fuel, in case thing go South on us for a while. If the calamity seems to be of longer duration than we can really deal with, we will have to dig a fire pit and get to cooking that way. We have over 2000 acres of timber to provide us with fuel. When the Summer comes we will be growing our garden to the maximum extent allowed by labor and seed. You can visit Big John over at and he will sell you some non-hybrid, Heirloom seed at a pretty good price. Those kind of seeds are wonderful to have in this age of rip-off and genetic modification. You gotta be like the old guys way back when and save your seed from one year to the next. Go strong to grains and beans. I do corn and Cranberry beans. Cranberry beans kick ass. They produce like crazy and they taste really good. Nose around and you might find them called Horticulture Beans. You probably will not find them at Wally World. But you might find them at your local feed and seed joint! I did! I bought a pound and I will have 25 pounds for planting this Spring. And that is after eating on them for a few months. I am slowly getting the Handmaiden to learn to cook Mexican style beans using the Cranberry beans. Just plain old beans can get old in a hurry but Mexican style takes a lot longer to get old, let me tell ya'.

The reasoning behind beans and corn, or rice and beans or whatever floats your boat is that you have to have a combination of a legume and a grain to get a complete protein from plants. That is the way things are so get with the program. Though I am in danger of repeating myself to the point of boredom, you can add protein to this mixture with relative ease if you will merely kill a tweety bird and cook the carcass with your beans. You gotta dress it out of course. It does not take much but it will elevate your protein intake something wonderful. This has been documented but not explained. If you know why, please let me now. If you take your body and completely dehydrate it, what is left comes 70% from protein. GET YOUR DAMN PROTEIN! You need it.

You need some vitamins and minerals in your diet. You can't get it all from legumes and grains. You could get close with those ingredients but remember, you ain't a cow. Having this in mind you must grow a variety of foods in your garden. And you must learn to preserve them for cold weather when the garden will not grow. On one of Big John's web pages you will find some pretty neat tips on how to preserve food and save seed. I suggest you read it. He has done a lot of the work for all those interested in saving their own ass. His seeds are cheap and his advice is free. He is a Homesteader and a Survivalist and you can pretty much trust him.

And this is happening because some shit is going to come down the pipeline and some of us are caring enough to warn you and get you stabilized in your preparedness. The government is preparing like crazy. They have food stored in underground vaults from coast to coast. They HAVE to have it. You don't feed your troops, they don't fight for you. So get ready. The other guys are.

Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Warn, warn, warn.... I've warned 'till I'm blue in the face. Sheeple don't get it. They've been brainwashed beyond salvation. I'm freakin' sick of beating my head against the wall for naught. I'm tired of bustin' my ass for nothing. I really wonder if it's worth it any more...

All I do is go into a tizzy and raise my blood pressure through the roof... Maybe I should just say "fuck it" and go fishin' every day 'till doomsday, then put my pistol to my head. That's what the wife says, she'd rather die then live post SHTF. What a dumbass! Goddammit, I hate having a conscience.... Otherwise, I'd be gone by now, living free and clear...... The never ending tug-of-war is killing me quick. I just wish the shit would hit the fan and get over with.....

ErinAndBrad said...

Yes Michael we do know more now than we did - the question is: did I really want to know this crap? Well, no, but by necessity I have had to learn and even with as much as I know I still can't seem to wake everyone I know up! I give up...