Sunday, March 1, 2009


Looks like everyone is getting ready for the big party!. I have been reading about gun and ammo availability, especially on Commander Zero, and things are not looking good for the oppressor. And it is now an accomplished fact. Trainloads of ammo are out there all squirreled away in safes and attics and basements. I reckon the arms trade is one of the few flourishing businesses in this country. That and McDonald's. I haven't heard how the brewery's are doing and I really care less about the distilleries. Now all we have to do is ascertain how many people are serious about coming to the party and we will be all set. Got preps?

I think a lot of labels are falling by the way side these days. It's getting down to preppers and non-preppers. There is a feeling of trust concerning a fellow prepper but distrust for those not prepping. And it ain't snobbery or anything like that. It's just a matter of who can you trust. And the reason you might trust a prepper is that you won't have to support them when the shit hits the fan! They will not become your welfare buddy overnight. I just can't afford a welfare buddy right now. I intend to help some people with the garden later on this year but not right now. I just don't have enough. If I was rich I might have food for a lot more, but I ain't so I can't.

It looks like there will be a party yet this late Spring. Two more banks went out this Friday. One in Illinois and one in Nevada. Looks like FDIC knew what the hell they were doing when they hired all those extra people for handling bank failures. One shining island example of government know-how in a sea of government failure and short coming. The litany of government failure is like reading an encyclopedia these days. They cannot properly police prescription drugs. Their drugs are dangerous as hell and would just as soon kill you as help you. And you can forget getting a drug that will CURE you. That ain't going to happen. They want to get you on a drug that will keep you alive as long as you can afford it and then let you die when you run out of money. America's wonderful health care system.

And what about our wonderful Fascist Department of Homeland Security? They can't keep a fucking soul out of this country. Our borders leak like sieves. All the dope you want comes into America. All the illegal aliens make it in quite easily. Foreign made weapons are becoming the means to an end for a lot of folks these days. So what is our Homeland Security doing with all their government funding? They are getting ready to fuck over the very people they are supposed to be protecting! They will scream PROBLEM and then come looking to take away some more of your rights. This is how Fascists work. They beat on the innocent and harmless. They beat on those who obey the laws. And why not! You don't actually want them to to become endangered by going after REAL bad guys do you? The sad thing is that there is no way they can overcome an angry citizenry. No way in hell! We have them outnumbered so badly they have ho chance of winning against us. We are many and they are few. The whole pack of violent government dogs might total a couple million. and we have a total of 306 million! And half of them would be useless in a fight but our odds are still superb. They might get a few bites but we would get a full 12 course meal, plus wine. So do not fear these bastards. Shoot them if they come after you and make them bleed! You haven't done anything wrong so tell them to go fuck off! And make it stick! I am getting very tired of people who want to work within the system. The system is what has gotten us into this wretched mess and why you would want to work within it is a mystery to me. Seems like aiding and abetting the enemy.

There ain't much to look forward to in the event of retirement in this country any more. The bankers and the stockbrokers and basically taken the money and ran away to the islands with their whores. This is because no one was keeping an eye open as to what these bastards were doing with the money given to them to manage as a public trust. Taking from the aged and poor is not looked upon with favor by our God. The only problem is that the people who have sunk the pension ship were not sailing on it. And they don't believe in God anyhow so that is a poor premise to work from. But never fear, Obama is here, and he will take your tax money he doesn't have to fix this problem. You will be signed up for all that debt. Let's see now, the thieves take the money form the poor and the poor are then charged with making it up. What a perfectly corrupt system! Of course, the manufacturing is gone form this country and there is no way we can make up the money that was taken from us so we will just be indentured slaves for a few decades. Your kids will be taught about it in the pubic schools. You will be shown as the leading cause of the catastrophe. The government will be cast as the hero's of the ordeal. They will be cast as the saviors of America. Just makes me want to have a good bowel movement.

I reckon I could go on and on about the shortcomings of our so called government, you know, those guys who can't govern worth a fuck. But I have chosen a different approach. I have chosen life lived unafraid. I have chosen life lived with friends and family. I have chosen a sustainable lifestyle that will feed me and mine. I have chosen the clean air of freedom. I am not going to be depressed by these bastards and all of their artificially created problems. That is the order of business with the NWO these days. Hammer the hell out of us with problems. Unceasing problems. Make us all guilty because of these problems. Well, I say kiss my ass, boys. I ain't guilty and I do not want your fucking problems. You keep those little items for yourself. My plate is full, thank you, with lots of things to do to feed people and maybe even keep them warm. Good meetings to attend and social occasions with all the big family. Got a good fishing lake right out my door and plenty of game to hunt. Got folks to wave to as I go down the road. It is a basic country lifestyle with the added convenience of having a lot of friends close at hand. I even have my good friend Charles making noises about moving in to live. Life can be very good if I don't have to fool with the idiots of government. I hope to have a big garden and my wife is looking forward to foraging. With this Codex Alimentarios or however you spell it, we will be getting less and less of our vitamins and minerals from the drug store, so the foraging will be a Godsend. I will get my vitamins and minerals no matter what the fucking government says. Woo Hoo! Preppers 1 and Big Pharma 0. I love this game. Stay alive!



ErinAndBrad said...

Great post Michael! I, too am looking so forward to a garden this year and I am getting really excited about it. I am also looking forward to getting our chickens - I can hardly wait!! Fresh eggs! I am going to get away from this beast system as much as I can and become self-sufficient - yeah!!


Ken said...

...evenin' Michael,good choices Brother(last paragraph) garden this year for me,but am definately gonna hone some foraging skills this year...been awhile,could use the practice,use it as learning to the young'uns also...books only help ya so far eh ?...
...good post...