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There is so much to write about it is almost staggering. I know I will have to leave a lot of it out but my blogger friends will pick up the ball and move it up court.

In gazing at my crystal ball of possibilities I see a pandemic and possible a war coming very soon. It just has to be, you understand. AND YOU HAD BETTER UNDERSTAND! The financial condition of this country is going to trigger a revolution unless something is done about it and Obama is not the man to do it. Obama is a machine politician from Chicago, not a statesman, not a man of the people. Soooo, the banks are going to continue to haul off the loot by the truckload until we get pissed and decide to do something about it. And since sometime last Summer the civilian population of the USA has purchased 1.2 billion dollars worth of ammo. That is a lot of shooting, my friends. And the powers that be are aware of this. They know more about it than we do. And it has placed a wad in their shorts. For they know they are guilty of looting their own country and deserve hanging. But they will continue to loot the country until we do something to stop them. That much we know. They have no plans to restore this country to it's former position of power and influence. They are under the control of lobbyists and the state of Israel and China. And all three of these have objectives different than what a decent prepper would want. But, in order to avoid the noose or the firing squad they will create a diversion to get our minds off of their extinction and get us to thinking about keeping our own asses alive. Sly dogs that they are.

The fedgov plan will be to anticipate the start of hostilities and trigger a pandemic here in the USA. And this is my own personal tin hat theory and I will claim all idiocy that is associated with it. But the DJIA finish down 280 points this afternoon and the market is under 6600. Things are not looking too good. I have not heard of any courthouses being assaulted and all occupants shot but it could be coming up on the screen at any time. My bet is on a flu pandemic being started to take our minds off of what they have done to us. That thing with Baxter International mixing up flu vaccine over in Czechoslovakia and it having bird flu germs in it has made my alarm bells go off rather loudly. What the fuck is Baxter International doing with bird flu? And how did it get mixed in with their regular flu vaccine? Just before we go to war with our own government we will get a flu pandemic to end all pandemics. And we know the rotten bastards at Baxter International have the shit.

I got this in from Wolverine last night.


Charley Reese has been a journalist for 49 years.


By Charlie Reese

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

You and I don't propose a federal budget. The president does.

You and I don't have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.

You and I don't write the tax code, Congress does.

You and I don't set fiscal policy, Congress does.

You and I don't control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president, and nine Supreme Court justices 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a president to do one cotton-picking thing. I don't care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash.The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator's responsibility to determine how he votes.

Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party. What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits. The president can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.

The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating and approving appropriations and taxes. Who is the speaker of the House? Nancy Pelosi. She is the leader of the majority party. She and fellow House members, not the president, can approve any budget they want. If the president vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they agree to.

It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million can not replace 545 people who stand convicted -- by present facts -- of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can't think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist. If the tax code is unfair, it's because they want it unfair.

If the budget is in the red, it's because they want it in the red ..

If the Army & Marines are in IRAQ , it's because they want them in IRAQ.

If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it's because they want it that way.

There are no insoluble government problems.

Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power. Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like "the economy," "inflation," or "politics" that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do. Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible. They, and they alone, have the power.

They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses.

Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees.

We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!

Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper. What you do with this article now that you have read it.......... is up to you.

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Jacob Gittes said...

This is unbelievable, but true.
Read the story below. There is absolutely no way this was an accident. No way. I worked in a genetics lab. This is the most frightening thing I've seen in the news in my life, since the end of the cold war:

This was almost certainly done on purpose, to start a bird flu pandemic that would kill over 50% of those infected, maybe more.

I worked in a lab, and I can absolutely guarantee you this was done on purpose, but maybe without the knowledge of the company's higher ups.
See this on the same incident.

But this passage, from a person at the company, said that what happened was "virtually impossible." But it happened.

The root cause of the incident has been identified. It was due to a unique combination of process, technical and human error in a procedure used for this specific research project in our facility in Austria (Orth). The chances of such a confluence of events repeating itself are virtually impossible. Cross-contamination of commercial product, clinical material or other experimental material has been absolutely excluded. The public health authorities in Austria performed an audit at Baxter’s research facility in Austria and Baxter’s corrective and preventative actions were found appropriate by the auditors. The contamination occurred only during the process for this specific research project for AVIR Greenhills in Baxter’s facility.

Let me add an addendum here:
All biology labs have incredibly strict procedures for dealing with biohazards. The hazardous material is always kept locked up, and only someone with authority has access to it. Bird flu virus is an official "Biohazard Level 4" threat, along with Ebola virus, and other viruses that are usually fatal and have no treatment.

My personal guess here is that some nutcase at the company had the bright idea of trying to personally reduce the human population to more sustainable levels.
This is a theory... who knows.

All I know is that a Biohazard Level 4 virus doesn't just get "accidentally" mingled with a human vaccine. This was only caught by chance, when a subcontractor tested it on ferrets, and the ferrets all died.