Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was listening to Big John and they cut his last segment off and left us hangin'. I have not been able to call him and I have not been able to get through to GCN. And GCN always answers the phone. I do believe that someone has stuck it to Big John. It has been almost an hour and I still cannot get through to GCN. No one will answer Big John's number at home either. Might be time to go over to Toronto, Kansas, and get some things straightened out. Sure wish I had a truck I could count on to make it to Kansas and back. I would sure like to head out and take a look.

Obama should be landing his entourage in England Tuesday, all 500+ of them. He will be trying to get the G-20 to take on the responsibility of healing the world economy, at least the healing according to Obama. I talked to Charles Bell tonight and he was just enchanted by all the phantasmagoric manipulations being done by the Obama administration. In Europe he has been treated like a rock star. I will have to side with Charles and consider Obama someone a little less than a Messiah.

I'll write more later.



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Mayberry said...

That's disconcerting! Hope all's well with Big John..... Heh, the verification word is "angst"......