Friday, March 27, 2009


I have been reading quite a bit today. I am finding out that folks are not too happy about the forced volunteer plan going forth in Obama's administration. Just one more reason for civil war. They are not too happy about the sloppy bookkeeping going on with the Wall Street guys either. America is going to have to face up to the fact that Obama is a fucking Socialist and he ain't got any more mental development than that. What I am saying is that the man is stupid and we all think he is smart. Read Erniesjourney at Anybody with half a brain knows that this is gonna get out and the whole world is gonna know. Either this man is so egotistical he thinks he can swing it, or he is dumber than a mud fence in the rain forest. But the reality of the banks closing and martial law being declared is a big trip no matter how you look at it.

And I don't doubt that it is on the way. When you have people like Ron Paul and Bill Bonner getting with a group of friends and proclaiming a 15 year Depression then something is amiss and you had better be paying attention. A man who runs a family is expected to make the proper decisions in life that will feed the whole flock. If someone goes and jerks one of your regular foundations out from under your normal scheme of things you could come up shy of the mark. This could cause hunger and other problems to come among you and those you hold dear could be very uncomfortable in life. And though you might be responsible for the oversight, you had the rug pulled out from under you by a corrupt system.

But you stayed away from the bank after you had your mortgage paid off. You kept the land free and clear like a good man should. And you put organic soil amendments into your dirt so your garden would be clean and good. You bought non-hybrid seed and planted it right. You could eat good food and have seed for next years crop. You did it all right. You behaved in a proper manner and looked after your responsibilities. And then about that time some butt-sucking servant of Satan comes along and tells you that your garden will be confiscated for the good of society and you will be reimbursed with US Dollars for your time and trouble. Of course, the money ain't any good so that is no comfort. And you get to thinking about it and you decide that taking your garden is attempted murder. The bastards are trying to starve you to death! And they can sort of do that to you. The mis-named Patriot Act gives the fedgov the power to take your food. It also gives them the authority to take anything else they want that you might have. At the moment of confiscation I suggest you be armed and ready to resist. They ain't gonna give it back so you will just have to take it. Be firm in your resolve to resist the confiscation of your food and be firm in your accuracy. If we all are granted the grace to perform these two functions in an admirable manner, we will win any conflict against any oppressor.

Got preps? Got guns? Got a revolution?



Terrence Maddox said...

It is imperative that people form local groups/teams for mutual support. (Mr. Boone has been preaching this a long time.)

Internet groups are great for spreading information, but you need to stand, physically, shoulder to shoulder, with others to protect your own and spread this message.

We have allowed ourselves to be segregated and isolated for too long.

A lone wolf can be claimed as rabid and culled easily; a pack is much more difficult to maintain and is not easily snuffed out in the night.

By all means, befriend your neighbors; bring cyberspace into reality!

Stop surviving and start thriving!

Build rapport, train, and teach.
Show your neighbors how to shoot, how to garden, help them maintain their homes and cars,....

Bring this into reality; reality is knocking on your doors.

shiloh1862 said...

they will be coming in SUVs and APCs....time to prepare IEDs

mmpaints said...

I'm ready Molon Labe!

ErinAndBrad said...

Amen Michael! I wish the people would just wake up and at least store up enough food for 6 - 12 months! That really is not asking that much of anyone is it?? Obama can not even talk right without help from a teleprompter! Such the little puppet!

Dragon said...

The concerns you raised over confiscation of garden produce should illustrate not to keep all your eggs in one basket. It is one of the reasons I stealth garden. Last year I produced over 800 lbs of corn all by stealth methods... I had little in the way of losses to either theft or deer. My beans didn't do as well as the corn so I'm changing the seed this year. There is something to be said about gardening with the three sisters the traditional way.

Mayberry said...

It's high time these bastards realize that their attempts to confiscate what is rightfully ours will be met with high speed lead projectiles! NO MORE!!! YOU BASTARDS HEAR ME???!!! NO MORE!!!!

Meadowlark said...

I'm sure ya'll will throw stuff at me, but isn't it time that we stop focusing on "It's Obama's fault" and realize that this has been a looooong time coming.

The Bush Administration did many things that removed our rights, as I'm sure the Clinton and Bush before did as well.

We're so busy blaming one man, that we stay divided. It is POLITICIANS as a whole that will be our downfall. A single man can't make the stuff he's doing happen... it takes the puppets of both parties to do it. (For example, the people who voted AGAINST the last pile of money, but STILL put their own earmarks into it... the just knew they could do it but then holler "i didn't vote for it")

Anyway, just my two cents.