Thursday, March 12, 2009


I can't get the bail-out rip-off out of my head, so you get no relief either. This thing keeps kicking around inside my cranium and won't let me alone. 9.4 trillion dollars out to the banksters and what have we to show for it? Merely more banksters with their hands out. And we get stuck with the bill! BUT NOT A SINGLE FUCKING MORTGAGE GOT PAID OFF!!!! All that goddamn money and no one got their house paid off.

It would have been so simple to solve all of our problems by paying off the mortgages and declaring JUBILEE for everyone and going on from there. See, there would not have been a bank problem. They would have gotten all of the mortgage money coming in and they would have been rich indeed! Want a loan? No problem, there is plenty of cash. Everybody with a home is eligible for a loan. Got to have a new car to make it back and forth to work? No problem. We can get you any kind of car you wish. You need a loan to get junior through his last year of college? Sign right here and we will mail you the check. Need an extra room built on to the house? No problem. Our home improvement loans are second to none. You need a loan to catch up on household merchandise such as appliances and clothing? Again, not a problem. When all the mortgages get paid off there is a ton of money around for borrowers. But the mortgages didn't get paid off. The money got fiddled and diddled and talked about but no one ever got their mortgage paid off. What the fuck is going on here?

I'll tell you what is going on here. You, the American taxpayer, are getting a telephone pole shoved up your ass. The banks are getting all of the money and you get screwed. They got all the money and you still owe them for your house! What a deal!

But that is how it works when you have a central bank running your country's finances. You see, a lot of this money will be coughed up by the Federal Reserve and we will guarantee it. And the federal reserve charges the US Treasury for any money they have printed and keep track of. You got to pay a service fee for all of that hocus pocus, you know. You see, the federal reserve is a private bank. It's called the federal reserve but it is a private entity. How do you think they get away with telling the Treasury to go pound sand when they are asked how much money went where. They can tell the US Treasury and the Congress to go pound sand and they do not hesitate to do it. They are the big boss and some little government will not shove them around!

You know, the federal reserve has never been audited. No one knows how much it makes. And it does not pay taxes. You can't have your central bank paying income taxes, for chrissakes. No one knows how much they make and they don't pay any taxes. But if they need any money for anything at all, they just call the mint and have it printed and that is that. The federal reserve is over the American economy but they are owned by European Investment Banks. These banks bought up the stock in the federal reserve when it was first issued and the owners of said stock are kept totally secret. They are somewhat like Super Citizens that are not subject to the same rules of living as you and I. Obama talks his "transparency" bullshit but it comes to nought when it runs into the federal reserve. Remember, they don't even get audited. They are a secret bank. And my in-box is full of emails telling me the joys of the latest round of gun control. It ain't law as yet but the fellas say it ain't too far off.

Got guns? Got preps? Got a Revolution?



scoutinlife said...

The line of work that I'm in has not felt any bank losing up to buy loans, people have great credit they still are not buyng. It;s not good at all..... I agree we citizens took the pole right up there @#$...........

Natog said...

I just thought of a great political cartoon which shows a few people with clipboards at someone's door, with a car with "US Governemnt" on the side in the background.

Arrayed in front of the surprised clipboard holders the man, wife and two kids have all dropped their laundry.

The caption reads "...But we are just from the Census Bureau!"

shiloh1862 said...

Creature from Jykell Island is a great read about creation of the Federal Reserve.


ErinAndBrad said...

Ya know, if they would have paid all of the mortgages up - it might have freed up money so it began to flow again! Assholes that they are - they just want the money for themselves to buy up real assets and commodities.

Terrence Maddox said...

The methods of the Beast make sense if you understand it's nature; why would it want a bunch of scrubs owning the most valuable commodity on earth when it can have it all by forcing their forfieture.