Monday, June 9, 2008


Our convention is over. Some good times and some interesting times. Some joy and some disappointment. But all good for what ails you. We had a time with a Oneness type who was ppreaching his thing. We are bascially Twoness around here. We believe in the Father and the Son. Interesting discourse.

Then we had our first evening meeting and I decided to let it all hang out on the situation of the world as it presently exists. I ran through the whole thing, top to bottom. And I got no rebuttal! Couldn't believe it. Generally the "steady as she goes guys" will come out with their standard line of thinking about how everything is going to be okay again, real quick. I was prepared to debate them and plow them under if necessary but no one seemed to want to take it on. Current events were too heavily on my side I reckon. The word is getting out that the dollar ain't worth a damn any more. The price of gasoline can be seen at every gas station. The word came out that only 4% of the people in this counry make $100,000 per year or more. The unemplyment rate is known by everybody. And the quoted inflation rate has nothing to do with the cost of staying alive in this country. The picture is pretty much a joke to those who want to paint a picture of recovery and future growth. When I got done they were mostly stifled. But then again, who can stand against a half way well informed survivalist? Not many. The facts were bearing me out and the rosy picture was a far off gleam from the past.

My talk was followed by a brother who generally paints a rosy picture. He is a business man and wants the price and the market to stay up there for his continued success. Not bad hopes, just limited possibilities. But it is good to listen to this kind of thinking. If nothing else it makes you aware of the thinking our fellow citizens are doing. But the brother who talked after me was not into talking a rosy picture. Surprised the hell out of ME! He was into talking about people behind closed doors in corporations who sign documants and make deals and control the world's goods and services. Secretive men, not known by the general public. Rich men who will have money and power no matter what. Men who love war because it is so profitable. Men who will do ANYTHING to make more money. "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil." Men who control markets and commodities and Gold and Silver and precious stones. Men who would foster disease upon humanity to make a huge pile of cash from a cure. Despicable men. We will find them out one of these days and they will be in big trouble. Bit trouble indeed. There were other talks of interest but I have covered what I can remember with any accuracy.

Sunday afternoon was spent in talking about the Oneness Doctrine and it's shortcomings. One brother was particularly annointed and I felt the power of God hit me. I talked to my wife and she felt it also. Sunday night was spent in reaching out to the Spirit in hopes of a cure for the sick or a message for the future.

This fine Monday mornng is being spent catching up on the blog and getting the Handamiden out the door to get me some Beetle killer. We have some good home made recipes but I doubt their ability to go thorugh a small sparyer nozzle so I will use something from the store. If I had lots of pliable young backs I would use the homemade stuff but I don't so I will do the next best thing. If the situation was even worse than it is now I would apply by hand as best I can and go from there. I had a normal breakfast this morning and I am giving my body a break from the processed foods it has taken in the last couple of days. Thank God I can get back to foraged greens and home cooked food. That other stuff will kill you.

I personally feel that some heretofore unaffected people were touched by the reality of life this weekend. We had a small contingent from Georgia and the listened to every word spoken about the situation in the world economy. I watched them and they were very attentive. The Oneness people were the least interested in the current era of trouble. Jesus was going to save them. That was just about the extent of their involvement in current affairs. I reckon they are about 2000 years behind the times on the news.

The religions suffered at my hands, as usual. God got lifted up and religions got slammed. Pretty standard fare coming from me. I also got a remembrance of my mentor saying that the powers that be would turn the average american into a peon in the near future. This was 20 years ago. He was a very inspired man indeed.

I must go now and do something for a friend who has lung cancer. And I cannot be remiss in handling this. Have a good day and stay alive!



riverwalker said...

Helping in a time of need. That's what friends do. If only more people practiced this the world would be a better place to live.

Ryan said...

I am sorry for you and your friend.

Mayberry said...

Sounds like folks are startin' to wake up! And I second Theotherryan. I hate that word cancer.