Tuesday, June 24, 2008


As per usual, I have read the news this morning. Nothing is going right. The stock market has started down again and so has the dollar. Crude oil is, of course, up. Gold and silver are up but they need it to take care of the losses of yesterday. Politicians in cities around the country are saying that they have never seen problems with food like they are seeing right now. How can that be? We have been telling people to by food stores for months! You mean they haven't paid attention? Hah! Of course they haven't. The brain-washed, brain-dead inhabitants of this country couldn't get it right if they had to. The morons thing that some politician will step up to the plate and hit a home run and everything will be peaches and cream again. I don't think so, folks. I think it is time to prepare. I think it is time to stock up on food. I think it is time to get the fuck out of the cities. And I also think that August will see a major outbreak of violence in this country. That is a pretty big statement but that is the way I feel. I have told all of my friends in bad situations to get to me and I will do what I can to help them survive. Some folks are thinking about it. I need to get off this post and get to the garden. That food is more important than this post. Besides, most of you have already heard this kind of rap before. If you need to know more just read my achieves. I'll stop now and get to the crops.

Back from the garden wars. Shot the corn with fish emulsion. The wife is covering the last few rows with plastic and she is going to use a tiller for free to do the last 10 rows of beans. I am as happy as I have a right to be, I reckon. More fish emulsion Thursday. I also got word that I will be receiving a free bottle of fish emulsion. The lady who bought it says it burnt her plants. What is one man's poison is another man's food. I'll get that corn looking like it is on steroids yet! It ain't really all that bad. It is supposed to be knee high by the 4th of July and I got that made in the shade. Rain coming tomorrow and everything will get a good drink. Water is nice for plants in hot weather.

I am thinking about "weeds". These are super plants that you can't seem to get rid of. You can't kill them off. They are genetically suited to survive. Our plants in the garden are not that way. They must be handled with kid gloves. The soil is made very nutritious for them to eat and grow. Worms and bugs eat them at the first opportunity. And they are delicate. If anything goes wrong they are headed for the compost pile. Have we been fed a line of bullshit about what to grow in a garden? Does anyone know that Purslane was a garden crop in this country 150 years ago? Now we have it growing wild. Super food. There is so much nutrition out there that is free for the picking that it is insane to let it go to waste. So the Handmaiden and I eat it daily. Yeah, we don't raise any meat, but we could if we had the money to invest. My problem is I don't know what to eat for good vegetables in the Winter. All I know is saving things like beans and rice. Is that the route we are to take? Must we forever weed and spray crops to eat? It can be done, so far. But I have my doubts about the future.

The Daily Reckoning said to expect a drop in gasoline prices and food prices. Whoopee shit. My electric rate is going to go up 30%. I guess I will have to go off the grid. The wife has a laptop with wireless capability and maybe I can blog occasionally and have her post it for me. My e-mail promptness may fall a bit, however. But there is not much I can do about these things. I am growing food and amassing supplies. I do this as well as I can. A lot of thinking goes on before the dollars go out to buy. But that is how it is on a fixed income in America of today. And I have no mortgage or rent to pay. What in the hell are people with these expenses going to do? But the soulless, steel hearted beast of profiteering goes on it's dedicated path. If the gasoline and food prices go down, then the sheeple will be drawn right back into the stores and kept on the same old path of being cows in a stanchion. They will fail to realize that a let up in pressure is their opportunity to make an advancement in another area. I weary of the fight. The battle seems long and rigorous in the future. But I have a God and he is all powerful and I might get a break in that area. I can certainly use a break.

The Handmaiden just handed me a letter. It was from the State of Indiana's Secretary of State. I started a company about 3 years ago. Paid my $90 to the state and was going to start a lucrative log fumigation business. I had the resource, the land, and the backer. No problem. Except the fedgov people would not come to my place to inspect my fumigation practices and sign off on them. And if they don't sign off on the process, you are out to lunch.. Your stuff is no good and will not go into a foreign country as safe from disease. Before I got the idea to do this, the only fumigation points were on the coasts. You freighted your logs to a fumigation point and they shipped them to the port when your logs were finished. I had Mike Kemp here at the time and he was going to be my chief fumigator. He passed all the tests with flying colors. He IS a graduate Chemist from Tulane University and they were not going to throw much at him that he could not handle. But the fedgov refused to come check my operation out. And like I said, if they don't okay your process then you are up a creek with no paddle. So I gave up on the deal. And a few months later a couple guys with money to buy people opened up fumigation points in our area. The game is not always played on a level playing field. So now they want a report of what my business is doing. I guess they have been reading my blog. I hope they get an eye full!

Stay alive!




Mayberry said...

Well, us folks with mortgages are just gonna have to do what we can with what's left over is all. When TSHTF, we're gonna have to pack up, haul ass, and kiss $40,000 in equity good-bye. That's a damn hard pill to swallow, but staying and being burned out, raped, robbed, or worse ain't an option for me. Folks could sell now and get out if they're not upside-down. Or if they can convince the wife/ hubby. Other than that.....

riverwalker said...

The main thing to remember is that your life is worth a lot more than that equity. We can always get more stuff. I've lost nearly everything a couple of times and always managed to make a comeback.
It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up. And I've gotten back up every time!