Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have been reading Bison Survival Blog, the Bear Ridge Project, and Mayberry. And who can do that and tell which way is up? This country is in the sickest mess imaginable. If the banks start folding, it is all over for the economy. And the banks are gonna fold, if you listen to Dakin. And I feel like he is on to something. The domino's are lining up and I think they may fall this time. In the past it has always been war that got the populace stirred. War doesn't seem to matter that much, as long as financing can be found.

Sitting out on the porch in the dark I remembered my grandfather saying that the Depression of 1929 and onward was caused by the rich man taking his money and going home. This one will be caused by the rich man buying everything and consolidating his wealth to unbelievable extremes. A few will own it all. They will own the banks and the big buildings and the insurance companies and the utilities and whatever the hell they want. They have the money and they will be protected by the powers that be. We will be put in the position of the groveling peon, begging the master for a crust of bread and a chance to feed our family. Are you ready for this America? Can you handle this kind of pressure? Will you fight or will you collapse and go to the camps like good little peons?

There are those that say to bug out now, while there is still time and the roads are open. And I am not saying they are wrong. I do not know. God has not told me, nor anyone of my knowledge. And that is what we lack. We lack a word of knowledge from God. We can either get warned or we can watch and wait and try to see where the shots ring out first. I live at my retreat and I am damned glad of it. I have friends who will pick up fast once the ball starts rolling. I keep remembering the people of Jerusalem being told to pray that the horrific trouble headed their way did not come in Winter. Winter makes everything twice as hard. Cold takes it out of you. Cold is something you don't want the kids to experience. And cold is only four months from now. July, August September, October and then good old November comes upon us, capable of busting our butts with cold and snow. And then you have to have heat. Not being able to keep warm is a really big drag on the human psyche.

Big Bear was writing yesterday about the police and the utility companies working together and evicting people for having their electricity disconnected. Some folks with nice houses are having to make decisions like paying their electricity or buying food. They disconnect the electricity and buy food. No big deal. They can cook in their back yard, the weather is fine, and food will keep you going better than trying to eat electricity. Maybe the "keeping up with the Joneses" is leaving us. Maybe keeping each other fed is starting to have a greater priority. But whatever the reason, the decision to cut off the electricity is being made. And the utility companies are fighting back. There are ordinances about keeping power to your house. If your house does not have electricity then it is not a safe and hospitable environment. And the utility company gets it condemned as unfit. And they call the police who come with a sign to hang on your door. And the sign says the house is not fit for habitation. And you are barred from living there. And if you do live there then you will be arrested and be hauled into court. You then have a choice of either getting your electricity turned back on or having your ass put on the street. How's that for a modern debtors prison? No survival moves for you, Mr. and Mrs. Suburbia! That electricity has got to be turned on! No feeding the kids before feeding the electric kitty. Somehow or another, things have been turned around here in this once fair land of ours. And don't even ask me where the electric company got the standing to have you evicted by law. Someone has lost their marbles and allowed a company to assume jurisdiction in civil process. This is one of the most disgusting practices I have ever heard of. The police should be met by a well armed mob of neighbors and told to get the fuck out of the area. There is no trouble and they are not needed. But that is not going to happen, yet. But it will. Never doubt it. When it gets down to the brass tacks of survival the area will be cleared of police. There won't be any money to pay the fellas anyway. Tax collection will just be pardoned and forgotten about. There won't be any money and there won't be any value to it if there was. Firemen will be the same way, and that will be a drag because firemen do some really good things. Medical services will be all but forgotten. Who will pay for it? No one will have the money. I am cross posting an article from Survival Acres.


Electricity and natural gas shutoffs are up at least 15% in several states compared with last year. Totals for some utilities have more than doubled.

“We’re seeing a record number of shutoffs,” says Mark Wolfe, head of the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association, which represents programs that subsidize energy bills.
An NEADA survey this month shows 8% of four-member households earning $33,500 to $55,500 have had their power turned off for non-payment. “It’s hitting people in the suburbs with two cars and two kids,” Wolfe says.


So there are your numbers. The utility companies are at war with their customers. Not an old practice here in America. At least not in these percentages.

And there are other points of contention within our system. Many of them as a matter of fact. And the list will grow as time passes. Our form of government has been altered beyond belief. It is nothing like it was. How did it happen? Well, I reckon the populace thought it could never happen here. But it has happened and it is here. Deal with it.

The reviews of the gun decision of yesterday are pretty much in and most find it unacceptable. The NRA is crying up a victory and most thinker on the blogs are saying it is a piece of shit. I will have to go along with the blogs. The Supremes did nothing for us. We already knew it was a right and not a privilege. So what else is new? I can only tell you to prepare like mad. And if you are not at your retreat site I admonish you to be ready to skedaddle at the drop of a hat. It is about to get rough, I am afraid. Get your beans and band aids and bullets where they need to be. And as I always say, have some non-hybrid seed for growing food there also. And thus you might stay alive.


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Dragon said...

About the electric companies. Does that mean that going off grid will be illegal? I don't need no foogin grid. That eviction routine sounds like stuff my grandfather told me about "Black 47". If this be the case where will we send the coffin ships?... I shake my head at the news daily. Those folks up top really don't have a clue to how bad its getting down here.
And I don't think they will till they have to step over bodies in the street. There's gonna be alot of new homeless.
How many seniors are gonna make it all winter? The companies only care about the bottom line and its getting thinner every day. The shareholders are not going to be pleased. I sometimes wonder on how many families I'll be hunting for this winter. Prep prep prep and help as many as you can. Dragon