Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hot day. 85 to 90 degrees out there. Wife wanted to peel dpown to a halter top. I told her not to but she did anyway. So much for MY authority! But she promised to just be a small amount of time and I relented. And she found purslane this morning. Man was I happy to see that stuff coming up. It is good and good for you. Superfood.

Wife was laying down her plastic mulch this morning. And it is working. She loves it and I gave her a lot of praise for that idea. No weeds in the middle of the rows. She was mulching her tenth row when I left the garden. About 50 to go. But it beats the hell out of hoeing the damn things.

My beans looked pretty good, though I had expecteed them to look like little bean skeletons. The Beetles had not done as much mischief as I had imagined they would. I sprayed them with HANDMAIDEN SPRAY anyhow, at least I sprayed 9 rows of them before I ran out of spray. Between the plastic mulch and the Handmaiden Spray I ought to get a crop of beans this year. I really want those shell-outs for my prep stash. I don't think I can be run out of beans and rice this year. I keep mine in a 35 gallon garbage can and it is so full I can't get the lid closed and will have to by another can. Early next week may see that development. I am almost scarred by my thinking to get lots of protein in my stash. The Handmaiden can take care of the vitamins and minerals quiet well but I want the protein. My corn ain't doing too bad and I am about ready to give it a shot of fish emulsion. Corn is a big eater. Takes lot of nutrients out of the soil. You gotta put it all back in there if you want to be a successful food grower. Fish emulsion helps on the Nitrogen. Corn is high in Nitrogen and that is how come it has so much protein. The beans put Nitrogen back in the soil beause they are Legumes and thus fix the Nitrogen right on the spot.

The Handmaiden's Spray is a recipe she found and we are trying. Best to experiment now while we can still buy stuff than later when maybe we can't. Her recipe is:

2 complete heads of Garlic, chopped very fine.
1 pretty good sized Onion, chopped very fine.
2 tablespoons of finely ground Cayenne pepper.

You put this concoction in a large pot with 1 gallon of water and bring it to a boil. Then you cut the heat off and let the brew steep for a couple of days. With a lid on it. You don't want this stuff permeating your home. Believe it.

After a couple days you take it to the garden and spray your beans and what ever else is getting eaten by the bean beetles. I got 9 of my 36 rows done with my gallon of juice. The rows are about 25 to 30 feet long to promote pollination so that ought to give you a rough idea of what a gallon will cover. I did not spray lightly. No way in hell was I gonna spray lightly. I wanted those damn beetles OUT OF THERE! The onion and garlic odor is pretty prevalent but you can stand it. Not TOO bad. The woman is down at the garden still putting her plastic mulch on the ground and covering it with rocks. She wants out of all that hoing and I can't say as how I blame her. She is putting it down in rows that need hoing right now. Lay down the plastic strip, put lots of rocks on it to keep it from blowing away, and let nature take it's course. Forget the hoe.

We are expecting up to 4 inches of rain over the next 2 days. This will put us well over the 40 inch mark for the year so far. But those big corn counties are gonna take a huge hit if this crop gets flooded again. There is big trouble with the crop right now and another deluge is goona kick the corn crops ass I am afraid. About 4 years ago my good friend took his wife and kids on a little vacation up North for some time during the Summer. Fished a while up on the norethern tip of Lake Michigansd and then went on a little tour from Niagra Falls to Montana. He stopped in Deluth, Minnesota and watched the big ocean freighers get filled with corn. A big long line of them, running into the loading area 24 hours a day, filling up with corn. They took it all over the world and fed lots of people. Ain't gonna be as much this year. The world had better get prepared for another way to feed itself other than american corn. I have no idea what this globalist President is going to do or promise to do with this years crop. He is capable of selling us out to the world market. A lot of countries stopped exporting when food shortages hit early this year. They said it was because they had to see what they had for their own people first and then they might export. Will this government take the same view? I sorta doubt it. You show power where you have power and we ain't got much power except for food and war. We export a lot of war and in the past we have exported a lot of food but the food may have to stop. Or else we will have riots because we got sold out again. I think corn is going for $7 a bushel on the futures market right now. Let it go to $10 or $12 a bushel or more and the S will HTF.

I have tried my best to get people to grow food this Summer. We are living in perilous times and you MUST look out for yourself. Uncle Sam will disown you when times get tough, unless you want to go to the camps.

Back when, Fob James was the '10th Amendment Governor' of Alabama. He
was going to work within the system and straighten out the incipient
tyranny of Washington.

Well, we see how that turned out. The governor of Montana is the only
truly outspoken politician that I see today.

Meanwhile, back when, this rowdy, roughhewn, plain speaking redneck,
yours truly, was loudly expounding how politics and politicians had
brought us to the mess we were then in, and it was foolish to think
more of the same would do anything positive, anything to correct the

I maintained that a blunt uprising of the citizenry with overt threats
to remove ANY politician who said or did anything contrary to our
rights was the only hope short of outright violence. I espoused
active measures to make war-- video and audio tape war-- on them all.
And that the efforts should be common, numerous, and protected by
sheer force of numbers.... any or all of whom could well be armed.

And that the overt threat of an armed populace should be emphasized
and publicized, not minimized. That the armed body of the American
people should loudly and publicly demand that our government place its
feet back on the path that Jefferson set forth-- 'to secure these
rights, governments are instituted among men'.

But there was the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, we
have seen the World Trade Centers bombed once and then attacked again.

All the while, government was consolidating its power, increasing its
presence, over ever-diminishing protests by citizens. The Ron Paul
candidacy offered the last hope, and it was crushed by what many
suspect to be outright fraudulent and organized efforts by 'the powers
that be'.

Now we come to a time where a malfunctioning semiautomatic rifle,
lawfully owned, has landed a man in federal prison for 2-1/2
years--Olofson. Now we come to a time when a 'conservative' court,
egged on by a 'conservative' president and a document written by a
'conservative' solicitor general is going to result in a finding, in
Heller, the DC Gun Ban case, of a 'right' which can be made 'subject
to reasonable restrictions and regulations'. Which means, any damned
thing they want, for ANYthing is possible once the principle of RIGHT
is officially abandoned.

So now, 'law' and 'constitution' and 'right' is going to mean 'any
damned thing they can conceive' in response to whatever Hegelian
provocation they present when they want something else restrictive
passed against us. 'The right of the people to keep and bear arms
shall not be infringed' has come, will soon be publicly proclaimed by
the highest court in the land, from which the only appeal is through
violence, to be 'subject to reasonable regulation'.

And now it nears the point of desperation. Now, it is easily
conceivable that one day soon, those of us who own battle rifles, M1
Garands, M1 Carbines, SKSs, ARs, AKs, Mini 14s, Mini 30s....
whatever.... face the real possibility of their being declared, like
the 12 gauge semiauto shotgun 'Street Sweeper', subject to NFA
licensing-- that is, the same as machine guns, short barreled
shotguns, short rifles..... and explosives, et al... the standard
armament of any militia, given up by our grandfathers and great
grandfathers. Franklin Roosevelt killed the 2nd Amendment, with the
'Machine Gun Act' of 1934. When Americans were made subject to
taxation and licensing in order to 'legally' own effective firearms,
then the 2nd Amendment was dead. When will our bolt guns, long range
rifles with good optics, be declared 'subject to reasonable regulation
and restriction'?

The British feared riflemen-- men with rifled muskets capable of
accurate aimed fire at astonishing distances, for the day. How long
before our present masters realize what a true offensive capability
these modern 'deer rifles' present?

It has taken this long for the 2nd Amendment to be officially
pronounced dead, and have its grave prepared.

And now, that the horse has escaped, it is time to prepare to close
the barn door?

Anything, any restriction, any regulation is now going to happen. The
'gun show loophole'... that is, private sale of a firearm by one
citizen to another... is soon to be outlawed, and any 'transfer' must
be made through an FFL with a 4473 and a background check. Should any
transfer happen outside that framework, the seller will be found
guilty of a felony. And we see through Olofson that convictions on
absurdities are quite easily accomplished by zealots in the Dept of
Justice and federal judges who are in cahoots with the tyrants.

Ammunition will be declared 'criminal' to possess if not stamped with
the 'identifiers'. Reloading will be a thing of the past. 'Preban'
ammo will be required to be 'discarded'. Reloads will be required to
be discarded.

Firearms which do not stamp ammo they fire with unique identifiers
will be outlawed.

Optics capable of mounting on a firearm?

All this is not going to happen 'tomorrow'. But when the Supreme Court
issues their decision in Heller, and they WILL declare the right to
keep and bear arms 'subject to reasonable regulation and restriction',
the door will be opened to any manner of abomination a tyrant can
conceive and 'call reasonable'.

We did not act when we were strongest, when we were most organized,
when perhaps it could have been done without overt violence, simply by
asserting our strength. The NRA and other such organizations did not,
and still do not propound that a stoppage to the loss of our rights
must... MUST be done.

Now, most likely, any resistance will be by individuals, any such
individuals will be demonized as 'crazies' and 'violent criminials'
and any resistance will be crushed, either by force of arms or by
force of a corrupt Dept of Justice and a corrupt judiciary and
supported by local, county, and state 'law enforcement'. That's what
they do, isn't it? 'Enforce' the king's will?.

And, further, we see that the government has debased our currency,
allowed a situation to develop where food and water may well become
scarce, or worse, and developed a pure police state infrastructure via
a Hegelian exercise called '9-11', and has instituted a 'war on
terror' which has no basis and certainly no end. It is common to find
highways and byways subject to 'roadblocks' to 'check our papers'.
Even the Wall Street Journal warns the citizenry that it's time to
'stock the pantry'.

And the next 'terrorist act' cooked up by the tyrant will result in
draconian steps.... FURTHER draconian steps against we, the people.

Have mercy. So... is it 'time, yet'? Or.... past time, and past opportunity....

Mike Kemp
Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

All I got to say is.... "Out of my cold, dead hand".

riverwalker said...

Seeing a lot of out in the open kind of stuff right now. Figure 10 active preppers per 10,000, figure 10 "just in case" preppers at it right now but don't know how to use "stealth" in their preps (that's why you're starting to see them-at least I am), figure another 10 that are "borderline".
That leaves about 70 to panic. not good.