Friday, June 20, 2008


My new acquaintance, Abdul Swami, whose name is Dick, is only able to get 10 pound bags of rice for large quantity buyers. I think that there is something funny going on in the food business. You gotta go to Chinamart to get the big bags of rice. No one else seems to have them.

Went to the garden to spray my beans and they really looked like they didn't need it. We have 30% chance of rain today and tomorrow so I just said to hell with it and went to the store. Got me some more petrol. It's gone up to $4.12 a gallon. I guess we can't have too much of a bad deal!

The Daily Reckoning had a good article this morning about how buying from China is inflating the hell out of our currency. America is such a bunch of dumb bunnies. I guess when the bottom falls out of things people will get the idea of how it is supposed to be done. Until then, the stupid morons will continue to screw everything up because they are just too lazy to do any different. And there, dear reader, is one of the main causes of our present distress. Our people are just too lazy to do anything about the ills that have befallen us. You don't reckon I will have volunteers to help me eat my crop this Winter do you? But the American dollar is fueling Asian growth right now and you know who is providing the fuel. China's economy is described as white hot. Ours ain't even tepid.

I got a 32 gallon plastic Rubbermaid can with a lock down lid for my future prep storage. I don't like the plastic but they didn't have any metal cans so I got what they had. And I know the prep masters say to store things in plastic buckets and all of that but I feel that galvanized cans are better. Just my inborn native stupidity, I reckon. But rats and mice can't gnaw through steel. The stuff I store is in plastic bags when I buy it. Good enough!

I want to get into town and get medical supplies but I am hesitant to spend the gas to get there. I just don't like burning gasoline. Maybe I can coax the Handmaiden into shopping for the stuff. Sounds like a plan to me! But I really need to get on that project. Ain't gonna be anyone else do it, except maybe my friend Michael. He is also a very good forager and herbalist. If an herb can substitute for an over the counter medicine he will know it. Those kind of people are handy to have around. The Handmaiden is getting there.

I know this is a broken record but I say you better go buy food. Long storage food. Prices are going up and the economic dogs are barking that it won't go down for a long time, if ever. I have had a fantasy going all morning that I could build a garage or barn structure and have my own little farmers market. Stick it back in the middle of nowhere and I'll bet the people would come. Sell beautiful homegrown food for about half price and they will find you. There is a lot to work out on this little fantasy but it could be done and make money. The new buzz word in food is to be a LOCAVORE. You only buy food grown locally. And it would be a possible benefit because if you are the grower then you can insure yourself a goodly amount of food for the Winter. It's called paying yourself. And paying yourself is a good idea. With all the various governments going around with their hands out for money all the time it would behoove you to have a little income that paid YOU too.

The Amish are reputed to grow about 6 to 8 thousand pounds of tomatoes on an acre of dirt. It would have to be good dirt but to start out it doesn't . The Amish are known for buying hardscrabble land and making it pay. They keep building up their soil and all of a sudden they have a nice fertile farm. They haul all of their manure to the fields. They compost all of their scrap crops and vegetables. And it's work, you understand. Ain't anything easy about it. But they get it done. And they have gotten it done all over the world. People could learn things from the Amish. But those kind of things don't appeal to the power elite. Just making sure everyone has enough food and clothing is not reason enough to dedicate your life. Too damn boring. Obama talks about change. Change into what? Are we all going to change into Ken and Barbie dolls. And you may laugh at that but the lower classes want what the power elite has. They want servants and yachts and big limo's and fancy clothes and all that stuff. Hollywood has done a great job of spreading that doctrine around the globe.

I reckon it will be hundreds of years before the idea of God's economics kicks into the human brain the message that is supposed to get over to the family of man. "With food and raiment be content." And really, what is a survivalist trying to assure for his family? Food and raiment. That is what it is all about. We are not promised the lifestyle of a Ken and Barbie doll. We are just rebellious children who think we can pull it off. But some of us are learning. At least I hope I am.

Stay alive!



Mayberry said...

You know, it's funny you mention the middle class wanting yachts and such. Hell, I wanted, and had just that. My Dad and I were n love with the Gulf of Mexico. Dad had a 21 foot cuddy cabin boat that we took 50 miles offshore on a regular basis. We carried two 6 gallon jugs of gas to supplement the boat's 60 gallon fuel tank. This was when gas was less than $1.00 a gallon. Then I got a "good" job, and Dad and I got a 26 foot flybridge sportfisherman, with twin Chevy 350 inboards. It burnt 20 gallons per hour, and got about 1 nautical mile per gallon. No worries though, gas was $1.25 a gallon at the marina, and $1.10 at the pump. Dad and I were happy 'cuz we had much more range with this new boat, and I didn't have to attempt suicide every trip siphoning gas from those 6 gallon cans to the boat's main fuel tank.

Enter $2.50 gas, and loss of my "good" job. Now the boat has to go away, can't afford to run it anymore. I couldn't even afford to run the 21 footer Dad used to have nowadays. 60 gallons x $4 equals $240.00. $240 for what used to cost $60 to fill up. Goddamnit, my life is over. I am at home in the Gulf. There's nowhere I'd rather be, but I can't get out there because I can't afford it. Some days it's all I can do to keep from putting that 12 guage in my mouth and pulling the trigger. The Gulf is in my blood, and there's nothing I can do about it. Just the smell of it makes me want to cry. I can't stand to go to the beach, because I just stare out into the Gulf and want to be out there more than anything. I grew up offshore with my Dad. Life sucks now. It's hard to keep going, especially since I know my kids will never know the life that I had. They will never catch a sailfish, or a wahoo. They will never go SCUBA diving as I have. They will never come face to face with a 500 pound Jewfish. They will never see a spotted eagle ray with a 6 foot wingspan cruising overhead. They will never have the chance to swim with a whale shark as I have. And it pisses me off to no end. It fuckin' pisses me off like nothing else. God damn the sorry ass cock suckers that run this country. Damn them straight to hell! My life is over. Now I am forced to put up food, guns, ammo, and whatever else, just to survive. Fuck 'em all. They deserve to die a horrible, painful death. May their families be cursed for generations to come, the sorry sons of bitches!!!!! I hope they all rot in hell. I will piss on their graves, and so will my children.

riverwalker said...

We have a very large Amish population where I am located. They are hard-working and industrious people. Unlike so many people I see now.

Staying Alive said...

Mayberry, life ain't over yet. The adventure is not finished. We go on into unchartered waters. You have experienced something most people can't even dream about. Who could ever be on the ocean like you have been? Be happy for your memories and your adventures. But don't forget the ones yet to come. Who knows? YOu may be launched on the greatest movement to ever spread over the earth. Don't be bitter, be hopeful. The greatest quest has not yet begun. The greatest tales have not been told. Be patient. Your time will come. I wish to hell I was your age right now instead of some beat up old fuck that I am. But I accept what God has given me and just keep on looking toward the future. Never give up, my man. Never.


Mayberry said...

I know, I know. I just get pissed when I think about that stuff. Gets me all spun up. I need to move the hell away from here, it really sucks to look down the end of the street and see that water glistening in the sun.... Calling to me. I truly am a "son of a son of a sailor", Grandpa had a boat, and he went cruising the Carribean with a friend on his sailboat quite a lot. Dad has always had a boat. I grew up on them. I love them, they were my sanity and my way of life. There's no better place to be to me than 50 miles offshore, no land in sight, no rules, no roads, no traffic... Just me, my boat, a couple good friends, and the wide open sea. Out there you are the master of your destiny, if only for a little while. It's very hard to see such a big part of your life slip away, and there's nothing you can do about it. If I were a single man, I'd have chucked everything and bought a cruising sailboat a long time ago....... But I ain't, and that's why I'm doin' what I'm doin', for my family. I just had to blow off a little steam is all (it's that damn Irishman in me!). I really do look forward to what lies ahead. I'll be as ready as I can be.

gott_cha said...

I(ve got similar problem in my area Michael,....local merchants cant supply the quantities now. I can go to places like "Sams Club",..I know they limit and track your purchases but I only go 1 time a month and pay cash,...yeah there is still a record but its my only option for the moment. Plus I can only store just so much rice, cooking oils and stuff. And if the feds or PTB want to nail any of us im sure they already have enough info on us from the blogs and other websties we visit to incriminate us in their eyes.