Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We are going to have TWO posts up very soon.

Taking my emails and my news searches of the night into account, I am just about to say good bye to America. I ain't going way, at least not that I know of, but it looks like this country as it is presently constituted is about to settle down in the bottom of the commode and a huge hand is headed for the flushing handle. You catch my drift? Some of the BIG BOYS are starting to say that the S is about to HTF and they are saying it for real. Serious guys. Guys with international recognition as being the brains that know what the hell is really going on. I would be seriously looking to bug out about now but I live where I will be taking my stand. At least I don't have to buy $4.08 a gallon gas to get away.

The dollar is about to tank. The hot air in Washington is escaping from the balloon faster than they can pump it back up. Pancake time! I told men this evening to buy rice and beans. The stupid idiots know that things are bad but they just stare blankly into space, all dazed and confused. One of them jokingly said he would be over to eat with me and I said no you will not. Buy your own damn food. My wife and I haven't had a beer in six months. We haven't been out to eat. We have paid some bills and prepped as best we can. We have gotten in some food at the garden we hope to harvest. Other folks have supportd the system and worked and done the money thing. Well, "Eat the money, motherfuckers!" One old boy burned a bunch of $4 gasoline to go to a pow wow this weekend. But he won't buy any rice and beans. I reckon he will ask God to buy them for him. He has a little garden in but it is mostly your average, stupid, salad bar garden. He has no crop. No big allotment of beans and corn. And no stash of stuff he could have bought. And I will not feed the motherfuckers! They have heard this message for 30 years and if they don't get it then too damn bad. I weary of dumbasses. It repenteth Michael that he even talks to these people. Am I making myself clear? I am pissed at the laxity of people I call my friends. People I have known and worked with for decades. People that sat under the same genius that I sat under. Damn! I am mad. I will cool off but it may take and hour or two. I do not have the means to feed these people. If I was rich I would do it. But I am not rich and thus I cannot.

This is being written on the 19th of June. It is about all over for planting major crops. You can still get in some greens that shoot up quick but the long term stuff, that will take you through the long term, is just about past time. THe people down South have more time as yet. I'm thinking about my Fall planting of Garlic and my cover crop for my green manure next Spring. I have to worry about soil amendments to boost my grounds prductivity. I wanted to go in with a legume like red clover for my Spring plow-down but it looks like I will have to be satisfied with Winter Wheat. And I know we have to maintain the dirt down at the garden. Has to be done. Best damn dirt in the southern Indiana. But we will bleed it of all it's goodies if we don't keep adding back.

I am getting calmer. I am trying to think of ways to save people who don't pick up on things like they should. It can be done but I will have to have some help. If no help is forth coming, then they will have to struggle like everyone else in this dumbed-down country.

That analyst with the Royal Bank of Scotland and that hedge fund manager who gave a big speech to the BIG BOYS in Monaco yesterday pretty much have their finger on the pulse of things. And that boy over at Monaco was the BIGGEST WINNER of 2007 in the derivitive game. The top man. These two guys were saying that we are GLOBALLY headed for the worst economy in a hundred years. Really lifts you up, don't it?

I have nothing from God, at least directly, on this current distress. But I am reading all the signals I can find to read. I am paying attention to the slightest psychic impressions that come my way. And all I get is a deep sense of troubled waters. Very troubled waters. Horribly troubled waters.

If any of you reading this are the least bit impressed with anything, let me know. I will gladly listen to you.

And for God's sake, prepare like monsters. Food and ammo are the first things. Getting out of town is a very high priority. Do your best. I know that the Handmaiden and I are doing what WE can. You gotta look out for each other.

I'll quit for now. Take care of yourselves and stay alive.



riverwalker said...

I'm buying tangibles(food medical supplies,ammo,etc.) as fast as I can without drawing any undue attention to my activities. As bad as things are looking, I don't want all those senseless and unknowing sheeple getting too close a look at me. If they come to visit, they're not going to get a pleasant welcome!

Natog said...

If the S does hit the fan, I hope the Internet stays up. Reading other blogs gives me perspective, it helps me balance the sheeple-ness I'm surrounded by with common sense. Not one of my friends has opened thier eyes, and by-and-large they are pretty bright people. They think I'm crazy that I keep telling them the inflation rate is 11-12%. So mum is the word on my preps. Rawles might comment this as OPSEC, but without an outlet to share ideas across these blogs and I would go nucking futs in a hurry.
I've been trying to subtly clue in my mum, but no such luck. She thought I was crazy for my plans top by a generator with my bread and circus check, until I mentioned in a hurricane I could use it to keep here powered up. I love my mum, but she don't get it.

Mayberry said...

Michael, I got the exact same feeling of troubled waters. My gut tells me we ain't got a lot of time left before it really does hit the fan. My little voice won't allow me to leave one penny unspent on some kind of preps. Damn I wish I'd have gotten the message a year ago. I did, I just didn't know what to make of it. There's bad juju out there. Real bad. Gives me the shakes.

BigBear said...

Hold your seeds till next year. Buy bulk items to get you through the winter and into next year. There will be way to much looting in the months ahead to have a garden you need to rely on. There will be a die off this winter which will ease things slightly.