Monday, June 23, 2008


Well, Monday is just about in the can. A done day unless something unexpected comes along. I had a helluva time getting a simple cultivator tool on the push plow. But it is now ready to go. And plenty of work awaits me. I did not get the fish emulsion on my corn today but I may get to it tomorrow. It really ought to be easy. We have running water at the garden an that is all I need to make grow juice for my corn. It is 1800 hours and dinner is cooking. I can eat right now! Ain't had anything since breakfast. It won't hurt if I miss a meal anyhow. My fat ass can afford to lose the weight. Yep.

The Handmaiden went shopping for medical supplies today and I was absolutely delighted with what she got. She went over budget because she bought a fancy zippered bag to hold all the stuff but she is a prepper too and wanted to contribute. Nice gal to have around. But for $30 and some judicious shopping we scored rather well, I think. We got:

10 each gauze pads 2" x 3"

1 each Ace bandage

12 each gauze bandages 2" x 2"

10 each gauze bandages 3" x 3"

2 each boxes of bandaids regular and large

1 box of cotton swabs

1 box of Epsom salts

1 roll of cloth first aid tape

1 bottle Isopropyl alcohol

1 box of moistened towelettes

1 box single edge razor blades

1 box assoted size Safety pins

1 bottle, small, mercurochrome

1 bottle hydrogen peroxide

1 tube triple antibiotic ointment

1 box antiacid tablets

1 box antidiarrheal tablets

1 box antihistamine tablets

1 bottle of Ibuprofin tablets

1 tube of anti itching cream

1 bottle of pain reliever-aspirin

1 jar of petroleum jelly

1 fancy gym bag

3 large plastic resealable storage bags

1 emergency blanket

1 container of sewing needles

1 half gallon of antibacterial soap(already in stock)

So, we have the ball rolling on our medical supplies. It is not complete by any means. But it ain't bad and it is probably better than most folks. The Handmaiden said to not go to Sam's Club to get medical supplies unless you are planning to buy lots of any single item. Too much volume for a poor, cash starved, prepper. She ended up going to the Dollar Store and to ChinaMart for the stuff. The Dollar Store had really CHEAP medical supplies. It's a good place to buy stuff that does not have an expiration date. Who cares how old a roll of gauze is, if the seal isn't broke? "Not I", said the Michael. So we have added some more to our list of things to do and have not increased our income. At this point you either increase your income or start sorting out priorities. It looks like we will be sorting our priorities. Sam's Club had a price of $25 on 50 pound bags of rice. No thanks, Sam. I have plenty and a chance of a lot more beans to bag up and put in the big cans. Think what a bushel of beans would do for your prep stash!

Just got up from the supper table and the Handmaiden out did herself. Country Ribs, apple slices cooked with the ribs, a small serving of baked potato, and a knock-you-out foraged salad with ranch dressing. It had some store bought tomato in it but it was very good. It just doesn't get any better than tonight.

All that talk of the oil supply being increased caused the price to go up a dollar a barrel today. The stock market went up a few dollars but stayed pretty much where it was at Friday's closing. The DJIA is almost 11,900. The dollar went up 35 hundredths of a cent. Whoopee shit, boys.

Amahdinajad, or however you spell his name, says there is no shortage of oil on the global market. About what the King of Saudi Arabia said 2 or 3 weeks ago. The Man from Iran said the oil price as up because of market manipulation and because the dollar ain't worth the paper it's printed on. Old George the Inflationer has really laid one on us. Sorry fuck.

There was a rumble today up in Milwaukee, I think, over emergency food stamps. Don't hold me to the town, but the rumble was real.

I became a grandfather for the third time today. A new little granddaughter out in Las Vegas. And welcome to the family, little girl. You have a mean-ass grandfather that will protect you if you can get here. He'll feed you, too. Hope you like simple country foods.

The price of gasoline is where the avergage American touches base with reality. They get sticker shock becuse of the price per gallon but they soon drive off into their fantasy again. Suck it up, fools. And the likely candidates we have coming on the scene, McCain and Obama, are both a couple of screwballs. Either one will inherit a mess they are incapable of cleaning up. I say we get Ron Paul in there when no one is looking. Sorta sneak him in to the Oval Office and turn him loose. Won't really matter though. I seen the needle and the damage done.

Stay alive!



Ryan said...

Great first aid haul! I am doing ok in the stuff but have a weekend project plan to go to Costco and get stuff to make 5 or 6 first aid kits. The wife used to do that when she worked for the red cross, it is good to have a woman with skills.

riverwalker said...

Sounds like you got a good start there. I've pretty much got med kits from pocket-size on up to a tool box med kit for buggin' out.
Woorking on getting more specialized stuff now...splints, braces, etc.

Staying Alive said...

This medical stuff is ne to me but I will chug along as best I can. I am in the shape Riverwalker is in, I am going for more specialized stuff in the future. But the best medical advice is to build your immune sustem up to a high degree of efficiency.


Mayberry said...

I got 4 different first aid kits, the "big one" has splints, slings, CPR mask, needle, thread, and lots of pain meds, amongst the usual stuff. I suppose if you were one of Rawles' high falootin' rich boy preppers, you could add an auto defibralator to the kit. They ain't cheap.

And congratulations Grandpa!

Natog said...


Excellebnt idea on the dollar store, we have 2 in town, but never go to them. I'll bike over to the one near my house today to see what they got.

Anonymous said...

Speaking on Medical
We have "expired" suture kits in our med stash. (e-bay)