Saturday, June 28, 2008


Things are getting down to the brass tacks and we are all getting a dose of "what if". Well, I can answer that. It ain't "what if" any more, it's "when." And that is a big statement to make and I know it. But in reading the Natural Bible, which is just the things that are going on, it certainly looks like the Galactic Hand is reaching for the Cosmic Handle on the Commode of Infinity and the present distress is about to get flushed away. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

I am not alarmed about food and water and guns and ammo. I believe I have enough of that stuff to make it with the Handmaiden. My worst fear right now is a proclamation of martial law. And don't kid your self. It is already written up and sitting on the shelf. The treacherous news media is ready, able, and willing to broadcast it across the country and across the globe. Just think! America the Beautiful is about to become America the Gulag. Sick thing! So we must be ready to avoid the traps and pit falls of this ugly set of circumstances. We must be ready to hang on to what we have, and that at all costs.

Have you ever gone to your retreat and looked around as if you were planning to defend it? Have you ever figured out where a potential enemy will be coming and where you might stop him? Is there potential for blocking roads? Can you protect your water source? Is there a safe piece of dirt where you can stash the wife and kids? Do you have an escape route figured out? All very serious propositions and life insuring. I have brought it up to my brothers to look at the road into our valley and make their own estimate of where we might defend our home to the best advantage. Don't know if any have done it but I damn sure have! I am a man who takes responsibility for my wife and friends seriously. I try in my own weak human nature to think ahead and plan accordingly. I hope God is with me in this. I am not the most agile, fast guy on the block anymore. So I have to know where I am going and how to get there the quickest and easiest way. And I do. I know what I want to do and how to get there. Of course the military boys will tell you that when the SHTF all plans go out the door and you start from square one. If that is the case you better get your plan in early or be left out of the melee. And you don't want to be left out of the action. You have paid a helluva price to go to this party and I would not let anything keep me from going in the door.

You must have read Wolverines rant of a few weeks ago about how he is clearing his fields of fire. This is for you to pick up on how to defend your retreat! You stand on that ground and you figure out how they are going to come at you and you make sure you have an easy shot to announce that you will not go quietly into that dark night. You prep your defensive area the same as you prep your food and medicine! Get out there and camp on it. Walk around on it. Hunt on it. And THINK about it. Life does not cease to have problems once you attain your retreat. Yeah, it gives you more safety and security, but it does not make the worlds problems go away. Getting to the retreat is the first thing you have to do. You get the wife and kids out of town and out in the country. But your mission is only starting at that point. Once there you must be ready to defend. And don't be like me and wish you had a couple tons of high explosives to sorta help things along. It would be nice but it is not all that attainable. And a lot of it is downright illegal. You have to deal with this subject on a very discreet level. In other words, "Keep your big mouth shut!"

We probably still have some time left to get things one on the retreat land. You could get a cistern dug or an outhouse hole. You could get a deep spot dug in a creek for emergency water in case of a drought. But you have to walk the land and THINK. He who thinks now won't have to do as much later.

Stay Alive!



Dragon said...

A native American might say that the reservation is about to get bigger.

Natog said...

Good one, Dragon.

Security in my house is bloody awful. There are just too many people nearby. I need to have security by obfuscation. This is not the best first line of defense, but it's all I got.

There is no way I'm getting shipped off to a reservation, a camp, or suffering under martial law. V, in Alan Moore's comic book "V for Vendetta" said it best. "People should not be afraid of their Government, the Government should be afraid of the People.

Dragon said...

I'm with ya on the when part. only I can't figure out when when became a when. Thar it was, If this, If That. All the sudden it was when. Damn, I still got me a list. A short one mind you. Certain things became more important than canvas. The jeep conversion will wait until I'm up at the camp. I got another post or two brewing and then I'm off to the lake.