Monday, June 16, 2008


Hi Folks. It has been a real morning. If you ain't checked the market let me tell you that it is bonkers. Just opposite of what the news tells you to expect. Oil is up and the dollar is down, corn is up and beans are down a little bit but not very damn much. I went and bought some gasoline for my big ol' American pick-up truck with it's big ol' Titan V-8 and paid $4.08 per gallon for the cheap stuff. Holy whistling God. Anyone who buys gas at these prices must be in some kind of a TRAP. Mayberry does okay with his 4 mile round trip to commute but I think the rest of us are screwed rude and tatooed. The tatoo will be your number for the FEMA camp.

Our local country store got bought out buy someone from the sub-continent of Asia. Paid a helluva price for the place but seems happy with his deal. I don't know if he is a Muslim or a Hindu but I know he is a business man. I asked him when he was going to get a bulk rice display going. He picked up on that right away. Rice will be coming in 40 or 50 pound bags ASAP. I told him to set a whole pallet of the stuff up by the front window. I'll try to make it easy for everybody! This guy, Abdul or Swami, I can't tell which, is gonna play ball with the locals. This leads me to think he has his family all over here in America and wants to stay here in peace. Fine with me! The redneck who used to own the place was an asshole who considered everybody to be as an enemy and got treated as such. Ta ta old chap! We have a new guy to deal with and he seems to want to get along. He is a businessman, as I previously mentioned, and we are gonna get some attention as to what the store has to offer. He will be high on his price at first, but I will work on that. I told him about the rice at Stutgart, Arkansas, and I think he will be looking. I will also be able to determine an accurate wholesale price and will not let him gouge anyone. Some profit, yeah, some gouge, no.

My next stop on my Monday journey was to the garden. I had another gallon of the Handmaiden's bug juice and it was either get it sprayed on the beans or douse it on my rice and beans at the supper table. Either one works. The first thing I did was check the beans I had sprayed last week. LOOKIN' GOOD! Praise God, the stuff might just do the trick. I sprayed what I could with the gallon I had and I will spray another gallon tomorrow. Most of the rest of the garden looks okay. The corn is needing some fish emulsion. That degenerate grass is a big eater of Nitrogen. I would love to have some Seaweed Extract but I can't find it. That stuff will take care of all your trace mineral needs. The Indians who showed the Pilgrims how to bury a fish underneath their plants knew what the hell they were doing, though I ain't sure the Pilgrims even knew a daman thing about corn. But a crop of food seems to be possible this year and I am a happy camper here in the valley. I hope those bean plants just go nuts producing good protein for the folks.

The Handmaiden is composting our vegetable garbage and it is making a difference. For one thing, it is cutting down on the amount of trash I have to take to the dump by a huge percentage. And going to the dump costs a ton of gasoline, when you consider the $4.08 a gallon the stuff costs. They aren't going to get the price of gaasoline down for quite a while so make you trips count and don't make any unnecessary moves with your vehicle. We can all help to create an oil glut if we just don't use the shit. Remember, the oil economy is a GLOBAL SYSTEM. Think of it as a huge pipeline. And all that crude oil is in the pipeline headed this way and there is more at the other end waiting to be pumped. What if no one is buying it? Yeah, yeah, we gotta do what we have to do. But piss on doing anymore than we have to do! The BUZZWORD of the times is STAYCATION. That is used in place of VACATION. I personally think it is the idea of the decade. The system is a mindless, steel hearted beast just soaking up the blood of some good, hard working people. Why feed it? Stay at home and screw the system as much as you can! Take your vacation and stay home. Enjoy the atmosphere that you have worked so hard to create. Read some books, surf the 'net, play with the kids mother, drink a few beers or whatever you like to do. Just don't give anymore strength to the beast than you have to. The only way to stop it is to starve it. Let it get weak and start begging for your money like a good beast instead of one intent on ruling the world. Go to your retreat and practice survival! Stay a week or two and see what you can do to improve the place. Or just camp out and enjoy your freedom. It will be good for everybody to get away from the TV for a while anyhow. If you have kids take them shooting with your 22 rifle. Take targets and have contests and all that stuff. They will love it.

I have been in touch with Dragon about the coming price gouge for internet service that is on the horizon. More steel hearted monster trying to soak up your hard earned money. The plan is to get a Freedom net going, wireless, from coast to coast. Dragon will be putting up a post about this in the near future. I may have to hire a tree climber to get hooked up to wireless across the country but I will do what I can to screw the big boys. I am getting soooo tired of the gouge. It is merciless. Unrelenting. And destructive to human life. And being a steel heartd monster, what does a human life mean to it anyhow? The planet is producing more consumers all the time so what if a few have to die, right?

I have to go and get this posted. But I sure am pleased with today. I have heard from some honorable preppers and things are looking better all the time. This beast can be tamed, I think. Naturally it will come up with a new plan of attack quickly but we will deal with that also. Stay alive!


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