Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Spent a good bit if time in the garden this morning. I saw my first blooms on my bean plants. I was such a proud father. I sprayed some of my corn with fish emulsion as planned and felt good about that. Things really are starting to look pretty good in the old garden patch. I didn't ever bet on things like garden production but if this one comes in I should eat this Winter pretty cheaply. Beans, corn and rice. It just doesn't get much better than that. I have a thought to eat my preps this WInter. As I add to them of course. Talk about saving money! I love things to do like that. Every dime I don't spend on the system is a blow against the machine. I anticipate having a lot of seed from my garden to plant next year. You talk about heart warming! Even if I die, someone will find a ten pound bag of bean seed and grow some food. I'll go buy one of those 1 gallon canning jars they sell for nostalgia's sake and fill it up with bean seeds. Those jars work, by the way. They come with a rubber gasket and the whole nine yards. The wire handle mechanism closes the jar and gives you a seal. I'll type out a sheet with directions for planting and spraying the Handmaidens bug juice and stick it in with the beans. That should give folks a start on survival food production.

I wandered over to read Mayberry last night as is my habit. He was on a rant triggered by that picture on Drudge of those cops holding their guns on a guy to keep him from going to his house. They were enforcing an evacuation order. Keeping citizens safe from themselves, you know. It will be interesting to read the reports of the missing guns and other valuables from this action. The various governments act like that once a man puts on a uniform he becomes a Saint. Cops, Firemen, National Guardsmen, etc. are to be explicitly trusted with anything when they are acting under orders from on high. Mayberry gives you grounds to lay this myth to rest. Remember, if someone wants to separate you from your survival gear and preps, he is not your friend. He is your enemy. Take heed of this and do not leave your stuff unless your own rational mind tells you it is time to bug out. Then, take it with you, as much as possible. I keep trying to tell people to bunch up on a piece of dirt they can live on. When the law dogs come to tell you to leave and so forth you tell them you are alright and everything is okay with YOU. Then go right back to polishing the barrel of your gun. Right along with your buddies. Just tell them "No thanks!" and keep on keeping on. Tell them to go roust someone else out of THEIR home and to leave you be. You gotta do what you gotta do. But being on your own ground leaves you some options, if you never leave it. Screw their evacuation notice. Stand your ground! And if you are far enough out of town they won't bother with coming to get you anyhow. Cities and towns are much more target enriched places to do their hunting. Why fool with a few scruffty looking dudes with guns when you can go get hundreds of docile sheep and get your numbers up where you look good!

And the sheeple are victims, but they secretly know it. They know the government is bullshit. They know it's all about power and money. They know it's a load of crap that the government cares about them. But they wear a mask of "going along with the program." They know they are in deep shit but they harbor this fanatasy that someone like Barak Obama is gonna come along and make it all better. And what really plagues these people is the confrontation looming eternally on the horizon. That really bothers them. See, the bad nasties of the world would not be so threatening if you weren't there to combat them. Everyone could get along if people would not be so prone to defend themselves. And what Stalinist would refrain from telling you this? The national dialogue, discretely unspoken, is like a woman with an unfaithful husband who she can't get rid of or leave. "I know you don't love me but tell me the lie anyway." Maybe she finds security in the fact that the unfaithful husband cares enough to lie to her. Maybe as long as he will lie to her she feels like she has a chance to survive, that somehow she still matters. What ever the case may be it is still a lie and it is getting exposed. Maybe folks will finally have to come to terms with a fraudulent past and accept it and try to do better. I know that is pushing the envelope, but there has to come a day of reckoning. It always happens anyhow. Survivalists are always trying to pull the mask off the speakers anyhow. Let's see your face when you talk, Mutha! Let us look you in the eye! Let's see the truth!

We sorta live on at least two levels of existance. On one level we try to take care of our families and friends just like anybody should. On another level we watch the events of the world as best we can and try to adjust our lives to get by. And it can make a person seem sorta strange. So you hide your care from the view of most folks. It keeps the riff-raff away, anyhow. To hell with having to explain everything all the time. We found out what was going on, to whatever degree that is possible. You get a feeling sometimes to tell people to shut up and study the thing out for themselves. And since most of them are spoon-fed americans, they ain't gonna study a damn thing. It's against the nature of an idiot to study. He already knows everything, stupid!

I have been reading the LONG EMERGENCY. Not too enlightening. But Kuntsler does make a good point in showing the historical "bubbles" that mankind has gone through. He taakes is back to Tulipmania, the French Louisiana Territory mania, the South Sea mania and others up throught he dot.com and the housing mania. Seems like great wealth is generated by these manias. But only for a few. As per usual, the vast majority are left holding the bag, and it's full of hot air. Manias are the realm of shysters and gamblers. They feed off the gullible and the greedy. Stay away from the NEXT BIG THING. You will lose your ass. Checked on all the foreclosures lately? Ain't any sense in building a new home in a suburb these days. They are full of bank owned empty homes. Some of them pretty nice. They will be really cheap in a year or two, if the country lasts that long. Housing is going down in cost. Taxes on the state and local levels are NOT going down. Food will get pretty dear this next year or so, at a minimum of time. Don't know if food is being manipulated or not, but the floods in Iowa and Illinois are not phoney. I believe them to be true. A commentor in Germany wrote on another blog that the food we eat is full of corn and there ain't much of it around. What is America going to do without it's high fructose corn syrup fix? You rememwber the Twinkie defense in that murder trial out in Frisco a couple decades ago? Think about all those proceseed food freaks running around clawing themselves in frustration because they can't have their fix! Will this be grounds for murder? I don't think so, but then again, I don't live in Frisco.


"A man is none the less a slave
because he is allowed to choose
a new master once in a term of years."
-- Lysander Spooner
(1808-1887) Political theorist, activist, abolitionist
Source: The Constitution of No Authority (Boston: 1870), p. 28.
Available on the Lysander Spooner website at www.lysanderspooner.org.

"We will all be better citizens when voting records of our Congressmen
are followed as carefully as scores of pro-football games."
-- Lou Erickson

"When a man assumes a public trust,
he should consider himself as public property."
-- Thomas Jefferson
(1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of
Independence, 3rd US President

Stay alive!




Mayberry said...

Profound food for thought. Michael, you should write a book!

Dragon said...

Good quotes.

Natog said...

Excellent post, as usual.
And you should write a book!
I am interested to find out what steps were taken by the leo's to prevent people from getting to their homes. Was it checkpoints at intersections, patrols, etc. This might be handy info for those us in hurricane prone areas to see what they would do to stop us form getting back home.