Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Man. The readers just about blew my doors off over my last post. Apparently there are some spots on our feasts of charity. Some people feel left out. Some people can't find any friends to group with. Some people have mates that aren't exactly pro-prepping. And all kinds of stuff got mentioned and talked about. I was busy answering emails but I must admit that they were very interesting. It has been my position that survivalists are at the high end of the intelligence scale in this country and the response has proven it.

Group survival has struck a chord in a lot of people. And it only makes sense. No one can do it all. You have to sleep sometime! But survival is also common sense. And History is full of stories about how our ancestors made it. A hundred and fifty years ago people didn't live in town, for the most part. They lived in little towns and villages. They lived close to where there was food. Cheap food. Or free food. I would surmise that there aren't too many small farmers who wouldn't let you plant a garden on their land. They would when I was a kid. Growing food is their business and I think they admire others that want to do it. Of course I go back to the time when farmers plowed and disced their fields every year. It was nothing for them to leave you a small plot in a corner. It would get plowed and disced and the rest was up to you. If you didn't do anything with it I would say that the next year you would have trouble getting the favor again.

But if you have your own land and a group of people you can grow CROP GARDENS. That is what I like. Don't grow a few bushes of beans. Grow a sizable plot of them and have lots of beans for lots of people. Grow enough to have food for a whole year! That is the way it was done not many years ago. People really knew how to garden back then, and they will develop the skills again. I suppose the Handmaiden and I have a dozen books or more on how to garden. Lots of folks could borrow them and read 'em. And many hands make light work. All that weeding would go quickly if a whole camp got up and weeded the garden as a group. Done in no time.

I do not think the rioting will last very long in this country after it breaks out. Two or three weeks at the most. After that the detention camps will have all the rioters sequestered and out of the way. When folks are walking the land and looking for food you can have some mean experiences. Shotguns are a remedy for this. Asking for food is one thing, stealing food from the mouths of the people is a whole
different trip. You gotta look out for the people. And you gotta have people!

I wish to bring up the subject of religion. You ain't supposed to do that. It is not politically correct. But I don't like religions. Can't hardly stand 'em. I consider them to be abominations before God. Am I making myself clear? Is there any more dirt you think I should kick on religions? If it will help you, I will kick. No problem.

There has been more people killed in the name of religion than we can count. There has been more ruin and slavery done in the name of religion than anything else. I am tired of it all! I will serve God and that is that. You can take your religion and shove it for all I care. Again! Have I made myself clear? I will do what I get from God to do and rejoice in it. But I will not give one drop of sweat to a religion.

I have a way to cope with religionists. I call it the grinding of the millstones. I will listen to a religionist preach but he has to listen to what I have to say also. And religionists don't like to share the floor. The high and mighty don't need to hear a crude fellow from back in a holler saying things about God! They mostly like it when the sheep come in, sit down in silence, listen to their sermon, leave their money and then leave. Not to be seen for another week. In another week they return, walk into their stanchion and get the treatment again. Pathetic. What if God has sent a snaggled tooth old crone with the message he wants heard that day? Well, it ain't gonna be heard, that's what. The US-HERS will have her out of there so fast you won't even recognize the time passed. And God's message never got delivered. Who in the hell ever said that some pimp for a religion had the only word from God for ANYBODY at any given time. Disgusting. I'll lose half my readers for this rant but I can just put it off as the skimming of the dross. But you can preach to me if I get to preach to you.

I was going to write about guns today. I haven't had a gun post for a few weeks and folks might think I was getting soft or something. Get you some good firearms, something that will protect you and those you love. Go shotgun, 22 LR and 30 caliber something or another. Get what you can shoot. No sense developing a world class flinch from getting yourself too much gun. After all, you want to hit the target not make an audio impression. I must go now. I will be trying to stay alive!




gott_cha said...

Dayum good post Michael!

GW said...

I love it! I am almost 40 yo and my grandmother is still on me about going to church. She doesn't want to hear my opinion about religion, but after being in Iraq and Bosnia, I have definitely seen the impact of religion first hand. God is in my heart, not a structure.


riverwalker said...

The pioneer spirit will pop up as many of these qualities are in our blood. Many people are just now beginning to realize their own inner strength. Group survival is going to be as necessary as any of your other preps, but a somewhat harder thing to achieve. People are resistant to change and if it's thrust upon them suddenly they will respond negatively. Remember, that all your beliefs,preferences,and likes or dislikes may not suit everyone. Keep an open mind to new or different ideas and beliefs.

Group survival...this will be a necessary thing for us all.

Ryan said...

real nice post. I like the concept. Add a pistol to the mix of guns also but there is no need to go overboard like some (I might be in the group) have. I meantion the pistol because it is the gun that will be accessible when it is needed. It is convenient and can be concealed if needed. The shotgun speaks far louder but it is kinda hard to pack while hauling in firewood.

Staying Alive said...

I always forget about pistols. I don't exactly know whay I do that for I am no anti-pistol for one second. I think it is because I carried for so many years and never had to use it. But a istol is good for exactly what theotherryan has mentioned. I will probably cary a .44 mag or a .22 LR. I have Mike Kemp's Tokarev but it ain't mine and I won't touch it unless my life depends on it.