Sunday, June 15, 2008


I am getting tired of the endless debate about what has caused our present distress. Just looking at life from the viewpoist of a natural man should be enough to convince you that things are not going to be good in the future. In fact, things could get downright hellish without too much provocation. I tire of the folks who participate in endless discussions of why it is all happening. The time of discussion has come and gone. We live in the here and now. And here and now ain't looking too good. Not that I would stifle discussion among a free people, but there comes a time when action must be taken. And that action involves preparing for the coming hard times. And if you don't believe in the coming hard times then God help you.

The media is acting, for the most part, as if this is just a blip on the screen and it will soon pass and we will get back to our credit and consumerism as if nothing ever happened. Talk about a fantasy world! Of course, the media will not bring it's wrath down on it's old buddy the government. They are in cahoots. And as long as they can keep you crammed full of propaganda they can go on with their ripping and tearing of the public. You, dear reader, are a member of the public. Welcome to Reality 101. All the blather put out by the media is too keep YOU on the straight and narrow. YOU are the intended target of all the propaganda. Everybody thinks they are too smart to be fooled by the government and the government knows this and is puting this stuff out for those folks who drool a lot. Well, they think ALL of you drool a lot. There are guys with great big fancy degrees in Psychology and things like that who figure out what you should be told and what is to be withheld. And it is YOU who forms their intended victim. You, you, you! And me of course. We are the folks with the drool on us, so wipe your shirt off and pay attention.

We have a slight chance of making it if things go South. Why is this? Because we are survivalists. We are preppers. We recognize that things are going to become tough for people and we are making allowances to cushion the blow. Not a big deal, but not popualar with the Madison Avenue types. They still want to enslave you with debt and take any surplus you might have and get it in a non-existant retirement fund to invest in things they know will fail but make them huge commissions and bonuses. Greed is the buzz word here. As long as the host has some blood in it's veins, the Vampires will stick their fangs in and suck it out.

So your duty, and mine, is to get that set of fangs out of us and get to keeping our life's blood for ourselves. The Spirit is in the blood and thoise without blood will have no spirit. They will be guant eyed and hollow creatures, plodding their way through life, if you want to call it a life.

The trolls and lurkers on the blogs ae merely folks that have not been acclimated to thinking for themselves. They need help. And who better to help them than a survivalist! Just keep pointing out the discrepancies of what it being said and what is really going on and sooner or later the slow lads may get the maessage. In the meantime you prepare. You keep getting ready. We already know that we can't lose on our food and ammo. You can always eat it and shoot it. And living at a retreat is a treat and makes you money to boot! And what makes you money is a good thing. We are not afraid! We face the future with a resonable, sound mind. We have good thinking to back us up. And we are not going to let a propaganda machine talk us out of it. No way. Laugh at them. Poke fun at them. Ridicule them without mercy. Keep the dialogue going both directions! Never pass up an opportunity to kick a little dirt on the opposition. If God gives you an opportunity then you take it and go like hell! Take no prisoners.

I hope theotherryan had a very nice wedding and it proves to be a successful marriage. We neeed stable families in this country.



Mayberry said...

Sadly most folks don't get it. They are firm believers in "that can't happen here". It only happens in turd world countries. The sheeple are in for a rude awakening.

Dragon said...

The country is in for a rude awakening. I see no corn planted in other unflooded states as folks to the Ag bucks and only planted wheat grass for winter mulch. Kansas grain is being hard hit also.
You have all heard the Old Saw. People don't plain to fail, They fail to plan.
Government mismanagement Has peaked. They high water mark of the Bush administration is unnerving as company after company rushes to raise their rates before the elections. Peak profits will soon become peak losses as consumers have to choose cheaper services to replace outpriced services that only the elite will be able to afford. I'm planning a fight back blog on how to deal with bandwidth surcharges.

riverwalker said...

If they think the government is going to save them, they've already lost the battle!

BTW, e-mail coming your way Michael.