Friday, June 27, 2008


I got this bit of news that the North Pole is not going to have any ice or snow this Summer. I had a tendency to disbelieve this because I knew of no blogger who was checking this story out. Then I ran across over on whatreallyhappened and I got my very own look at the North Pole. And it IS cold up there. Global warming is an Al Gore hustle. It will make the Gore family fortune very attractive but it won't do much for the rest of us. Al Gore used to campaign at the family farm with his bib overalls on and his pig boots. But not any more! Big Al jets around in a private plane and goes where he pleases and to hell with the warming of the globe. The media says his electric bill has gone up this last year but I haven't seen any pictures of past bills so I can't vouch for that. But I have seen the little con artist taking off and landing in his jet plane. Al always did want to be one of the beautiful people. Genetics prevented that, of course.

I have a half gallon of Fish Emulsion on hand, as soon as the Handmaiden gets home from town. She has a quart in her car and a quart to buy and that ought to do it for the Summer. I am very happy with my homemade cormeal mush the Handmaidn creates here in her kitchen. I really do enjoy it. And I ground that meal myself. Makes the food twice as good. Vlad sent me a post that said that I can grind up hard beans and add them to the mush for my protein fix. There is a creation awaiting me that some call Hamburger Rocks and I can add them to the corn and bean mush for a huge protein boost. Gott get with it on the Hamburger Rocks. There is so much to do and so much money to spend and I am just one poor person and must do what I can with very little. But any victory is sweet and I take 'em gladly! I might run out of butter if the SHTF but I can make it for a year, I reckon. The Handmaiden has seeds for sprouting in the Winter and the rest of the year we have foraging to help us. Wonderfull!

The stock market has been going down this day. I'll check it just to be sure. Yep. The marlet is behaving as it should be. The DJIA is down 140 points. Gold is up to $929+. Silver is up to $17.62 and rising. Crude oil is at $141.54 a barrel and apparently rising. Some sonovbitch is forecasting $170 a barrel crude by the end of this Summer. Don't know that it will affect me much at all. The Handmaiden will not be going down to the Amish nearly as much and buying milk to do her lacto-fermentation trip. This does not affect my self and thus I would not mourn, but she might. She likes that stuff. The texture is enough to gag a maggot but my opinion doesn't matter in this instance. Sally Fallon and some others have conspired against me and I must retire from the field, yielding to their arguments. But if it keeps her healthy, then lets have it!

The sharecropper is getting ready to plant beans in the bottom land across the road from us. Too late to plant corn. Just too damn wet to do anything until now. I sorta wish them good fortune, though I don't like their farming practices. But they pay a good price to farm the land and we need the money to pay the land taxes, so the bottom line rules. Oops. I just looked out the window and there are raindrops falling from the sky. The computer God has been saying it was going to rain and I guess he got one right for a change. The planting is not going to proceed this afternoon, I think. That field will turn into a quagmire very shortly. Looks like a July planting now! Too much rain. Just checking the corn and soybean futures October market shows corn going for $7.86 a bushel and soybeans going for $15.61. Nice price for soybeans but you don't et as much yield as you do with corn. It's a crap shoot. But with a July planting, the choice of crop is pre-determined. It's gonna be beans. A further check of the market shows the DJIA and the rest of it to be in decline. It's gonna hurt but it is nothing to shock or amaze anyone. We have been telling folks about this for months, some of us for YEARS, and there is no excuse for not being ready. But you still have some time. Get to buying your food and ammo! Get some non-hybrid seed! Get right with God! Do SOMETHING constructive!

A NOTE: The Handmaiden today went to a cut rate supermarket and Black Bean prices had risen to $1.40 a pound and Pinto Beans were $1.60 a pound. That price for Pinto Beans is unheard of in these parts. Horrible!

And most important, stay alive!



Mockum said...

"I had a tendency to disbelieve this because I knew of no blogger who was checking this story out."

That's a bizarre piece of logic. It was just reported a few days ago, so if you want verification, it'd probably be worthwhile to wait a bit. Hell, you can wait a couple of months and find out if they're right.

Plus, this theory is based on data collected over several years. How many bloggers have access to the data and the scientific background to analyze it? Close to none, I'd say.

It's a shame you so quickly close your mind. Global Warming is not an Al Gore hustle. He's already rich and has plenty of ways of making more money. Hell, he could probably be Vice-President again if he wanted too. Global Warming isn't even an idea that he came up with -- he's no scientist. He's just repeating and bringing to the masses ideas from many many scientists around the world. I suppose you think they're all part of the hustle, huh?

Staying Alive said...

Dear Mockum,

Global warming is a hoax. The reasoning behind this revelation is that the New World Order, spoken of by President George Bush the First, is riding in a chariot drawn by two horses: Peace and the Environment. These are the issues of the One World Government folks. Weak minds will follow these issues blindly. Hell, what am I saying! There are Preppers who believe in Global Warming. But it is a bunch of shit and I will not go along with it. In fact, we are heading into a mini-ice age right now.

But I gave you the floor. I gave you the space on the blog to say your piece. Now excuse me. I have to clean my guns.


Dragon said...

I got one for ya mockum,
earlier this year when the media was touting the global warming issue the fact, and I do mean fact that the south pole ice sheet grew by several feet.
The warming period you were protecting is at an end. Mom nature has a thermostat built right in. melting polar ice desalinates the tractor current, Just like in the movie and It reverses. That coupled with reduced Solar radiation of the new minimum will lead to progressively cooler weather "Globally". Deny all you want.
You are free to freeze for all I care.

Patricia said...

I use lacto-fermentation for a damn good reason, gruff lord. And you know it. You just don't like the texture of my wonderful fermented red onions. I'm glad you don't like them, 'cause I love them.

Anyway, your readers should know the truth of that matter, and so should check out Sally Fallon's intro to lacto-fermentation. It is a way of preserving fruits and vegetables, and as they ferment, they increase in nutritional benefit. Read about it at


Staying Alive said...


To think I stopped unloading a boxcar load of dead babies with a pitchfork just to read this comment!