Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was reading the mainstream media this morning and read where some writer said the world had gotten out of control. I wish to correct that writer. Things are going exactly as planned and exactly as prophecied. Floods, drought, disease in the food, endless war, funny money, fuel shortages, terrorism, etc. But people won't accept that explanation so they must suffer until they do. The Being running the show is getting very serious. Don't know why folks can't see that.

I keep remembering the words "Men will not know what to do." And they don't. The normal activities of man are out of kilter. You couldn't depend on getting your crop in the first week of May like you have been able to do for decades. You can't depend on the snow pack in the Rockies to keep the Colorado River full to the brim and thus keep California in water. The price of fuel is outrageous. A friend of mine in Indianapolis filled his Buick Roadmaster up yesterday and it cost him $92. Pretty steep cost for your weekly tank filling. The only people I know who are having any measure of success are small timers. Folks with ground on higher elevations and a water source in case of drought. Mayberry saw 1000's of acres of burnt up corn in southern Texas. Just didn't get the water. And that cost a wad of money to put it in the ground in the first place. $600 a ton fertilizer? I don't use commercial fertilizer on my garden. I use fish emulsion. This Fall I intend to go in and plant a cover crop of Winter Wheat. I'll use it for a plow-down this next Spring. I'll get me some nutrients that way! And Winter Wheat, for some reason, does not promote weed growth. Sort of an extra added blessing there. I have been advised to plant some cheap Clover in with the Wheat. I may do that if the cost is reasonable. My garden is small enough that I do not have to have machinery to sow my cover crop. I can put it in by hand. When Spring comes we can till it in like normal. Cheap.

Reading the non-mainstream media is grounds for suicide these days. Dragon swears we are already in a depression. You read Kuntsler over over on Clusterfuck Nation and you will get the same feeling. Bill Bonner over on The Daily Reckoning is pretty negative about the whole deal. I guess it is time to turn out the lights and watch the darkness settle in. But I have enough food to eat and ways to cook it. We have some cast iron cookware and a way to cut good firewood. Some big stainless steel pots don't hurt either. Water is close at hand and we can at least get a drink when we want it. Good springs or boiled pond water, it don't matter. We will have water. Most nights we have a foraged green with our supper. Good nutrients and good fiber. And it is free to those who can identify them. Can't beat the price.

In talking to a friend about my decision to start buying medical supplies I said I would have to get by with the ammo that I had and the food that I had. I might make up the difference on the food preps by having a good crop this year and gaining on my stash. But the ammo is gonna have to do. It cost too much when I have other needed areas where I must show a gain. I have found some places on the 'net, thanks to some helpful readers, that have all kinds of hospital stuff to sell. Lidocaine, sutures and thread, clamps, syringes, and other tools. I can make a rude hospital if I play my cards right. Over the counter medicines will help out quite a bit. Herbal remedies will become very important in the treatment of disease. We have an abundance of herbs growing in our valley. Thank God for that.

My friend Kemp down in Mississippi is putting in his last planting of beans and corn. He gets the growing warmth long after Indiana has shut down for the season. He has fought a long hard battle to get his crops in. He started out turning his ground with a shovel and smoothing it with a rake. How is that for dedication! He finally took his last bit of money and bought a good tiller and I would say that it has made his life a lot better. It burns gasoline but he can still buy it and that is good. I have written that I have been through hard times before when it was hard to come by a dollar. What I haven't seen is shortages. I cannot recall when you couldn't by food and fuel. Hell, there are places that are rationing rice right now! Is this what the writer means when he says that things are out of control. And the word is out that we do not have any national stockpile of food. It's all been sold or given away. This is what you get for having a businessman for a president. Gottta keep that cash flow going! Makes me think about being out of control. What the hell! The things we could control we screwed up! If this called getting your just due? Probably is.

We had a young man, born and raised here and moved out, move back in this last week. He wanted more "freedom" to do his thing. He wanted a paycheck he could control. Well, he got it. And now he is back saying he just could not make it. And he has a pretty well paid trade. He is an experienced tree faller and they make good money. You don't turn just any moron loose in a tract of timber with thousand dollar veneer trees. Trees are easy to split and there goes your profit if it happens. With the tight margins in the timber business that we are experiencing, a tree splitter can ruin you. This guy can get them down without splitting them. But he can't make it. His living expenses are just too high. Timber people go to where the tress are. If the trees are a hundred miles away then you buy that good gasoline and get your ass to work. Drive that all week and see how much you have left from your pay. I think more of our young people will be coming back. I say you can never predict who will be coming to dinner any more. Our kids took off into the world for worldly goods and pleasures. Just natural. They wanted a lot of what we could not afford. But we were buying our property. Almost 3000 acres of contiguous land that we now occupy. Lots of fish and game and free water and forests and trees and fields and all kinds of neat things to survive on. But kids are wanting to lay the money game and so they have gone out and tried to do it on their own. Now they have mates and children and bills and they are finding out that home ain't so bad after all. "Better put on some extra rice and beans, Honey. A little bigger crowd coming tonight." But the kids have all developed a much different line of reasoning than I have ever heard from them before. They are much more mature. Much more stable. I'm proud of them.

Stay alive!



riverwalker said...

Children raised right and taught porper values will always do the right thing in the end (usually after they've had a chance to make a few mistakes of their own). I think you and the Handmaiden have taught your children well and will see the results. Mine were in their thirties before they began to see the value of what I taught them and have made me proud to be a DAD.

Natog said...

A solid first aid kit is definitely the way to go. I should post what mine looks like for my BOB. Be sure to cover the basics like ace bandages (reusable). Iodine and antibacterial stuff for cuts. A small cut can become septic, no biggie now, but post-SHTF it could kill. Band-aids, rolls of gauze, sutures, etc. are no substitute for what's in your noggin. Nature provides a lot of herb to help with the minor stuff, focus on the bigger life-threatening items. Some good books can help with identifying the medicinal plants.

riverwalker said...

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