Saturday, June 21, 2008


Man! Mayberry sent me a rant as a comment and got me all fired up. What in the Hell is the matter with people? Can't you stretch your minds a little bit? We could quite possibly be entering the greatest upheaval in history. What will it be like on the other side? Who does what or gets what when the new hand has been dealt? The dawn of a new day is on the eastern horizon and the light of it has not yet been revealed. But it will be a monster!

It will see the deaths of millions, maybe billions. It will see the forging of new governments and new communities. It will be a time of the making of new peoples to govern the earth. What gets done in the creative days will carry on for generations. How your children will live will be determined a lot in the first few years of this massive change spreading over the world. Some of you are the mothers and fathers of a new age. Rejoice in that. Have a hope in that. The change is coming and those preparing for it have a good chance to make a difference for mankind. A difference for the GOOD of mankind. So be steady in your preparations. Be alert to the events of the day. Teach your children good principles and morals. It will count. It will make a difference. But you must not faint. You have to be mature and long suffering. No matter how things look or how your life has been adversly affected. You must hold on to what the good God of heaven has given you.

The DJIA ended the week below 12,000. The Presidents push team will be meeting this weekend for sure. That stock market has to come up! And it will, for a few days. All those wealthy people are depending on it. And so are a lot of working people whose pensions are tied to the value and dividends of it. "Men will not know which way to go." Where do you invest? What do you do? Where will you go? I'l tell you where to go and what to invest in. You go some where outside of towns and cities and places of dense population. You get back on the land and your get food that will last a long time on the shelf. It's probably too late for a major push toward a garden unless you live in a very warm southern climate. Don't fool with it unless you do live in such a climate. Just buy and store up. The idiots still take FRN's and use this to your advantage. Big Bear sent me a great bit of advice and told me not to worry about gardens any more this year. But I still think getting your seed for next year is important. He predicted a die-off and I do not think that is out of line one little bit. The mush-gut citizens of this country will drop like flies when the going gets tough. But next Spring will be a time of planting, a time of renewal, a time of hope. At least I hope it will!

I have said before and I will say it again, and again, and again: Invest in TANGIBLES. Intangibles are of the fantasy world, for the most part. Get rid of the cable TV and the satellite TV and all that crap. I'd say get rid of the Internet but it is too valuable right now to discard. We need to keep in touch. And don't run around worrying. Don't drink at your local tavern and expect to find solace there. I love my beer but I love my friends and family more so I do without the beer. Don't run to the local church and give your money away for something you can't hold in your hand. God knows what the hell is going on and what you are trying to do. He can see the logic in your thinking. So go ahead and do it! You don't need a sky pilot to shape your destiny. You need things that will allow you and yours to SURVIVE. Does it not say in the scriptures that the Christ thought it not robbery to be equal with God? Does it not say that God sits on his throne, not running around like a chicklen with his head cut off? So be like God and sit down and think about things. Ponder the situation. Seek inspiration. And truly want to do the right thing. You are given a certain set of parameters for your continued existence. You got to have air, water, food, shelter, and sanitation. Think on those things. To Hell with the nebulous things of society. Be free of them! If you can.

I invest in ammo, food, tools, non-hybrid seed and good strong clothing. I am pondering getting medical supplies. I have numerous access points of potable water. Blessed in that area! I have many brothers and sisters in God who live around me, Do they all prep? No. Well, if they don't prep what the Hell do you hang out with them for? Because I know that when the SHTF they will come together so fast it will make you head spin. Maybe we have seen a sixth essential to survival. The GROUP. Aha. We now have a clearer view of the picture. The preponderance of the citizenry does not have the group principle. They are divided, though they live around each other. They have their own selfish desires and to Hell with yours! Someone remarkd the other day that the fedgov did not like people to band together. Much harder to control that way. I couldn't have agreed with them more. That group mind, seeking the survial of all of them, is hard to beat. It is alive and vibrant. It is clever and outgoing. And it will kick your ass if you come around and are up to no good.

Big Bear was prety adamant about stocking up on food. And you don't want to argue with something that size! Hah! And he has brains on top of all of that. Here is another prepper that gives good advice. What I am looking for in all my writing and posting is consensus. Or should I say synthesis. You have thesis. Then you have antithesis. Then you come to synthesis. Synthesis is supposed to be where you arrive at the proper conclusion after having looked at all sides of the equation. This is where you are supposed to find the most good. I don't think all the data is in yet but I think we have looked enough to get ready for something bad to arrive on our land.

Stay the course and don't dismay. History will crown us as intelligent. Our offspring will do likewise. And God will reward us for loving our fellow man.

I was reading a blog that said we were already in a depression. I can believe that. Don't bother me a bit. I've seen hard times before. What is new and different is shortages of necessities. I've never encountered that before. In the hardest of times you could always buy what you wanted. Now, well, something new is on the scene. Remember that word LOCAVORE. It means your food comes from local sources, not half way across the country or halfway around the world. Prepare my friends. Prepare for the goddamn mess that is about to be heaped upon us. Band together and survive. Do the right thing. I will be getting ready myself.

Stay alive!



Mayberry said...

The mind is stretched. Sometimes it snaps back! Ha ha. Fear not my friend, my situation is looking pretty good. Preps continue. And I absolutely understand that we're on the threshhold of somethin' really big. Scary big. Still, it's always hard to say good bye to things you love, but said it I have. What's next? Bring it on.....

Degringolade said...

Pretty good comments here my man. Changes will come, and we have to be able to ride the tide. If we keep to our preps and don't get rattled, we stand a pretty fair chance of getting to the other side.

Be careful, pay attention, risk is high....

riverwalker said...

As an individual you may be a jack-of-all-trades, but you will be a master of none. Within even a small group it will be possible to have individuals who are skilled masters of their trade. This will benefit everyone. The "lone wolf" survivalist may be seen as more of a threat by those standing together as they weather the storm.