Friday, July 3, 2009


I've been reading the economic blogs again this morning and it is a bunch of crap from one end to the other. Jobs loses are huge once again. 467,000 people put on the street last month, maybe to LIVE THERE. And in just the last month! What a fiasco this economy is turning out to be. A lot of people out on the street are wondering where the stimulus money is. I heard a rumor that the stimulus is being sorta held back until the midterm elections are underway. Then things will look all rosy and and we will all go out and elect Democrats to office. Is this a plan or what? The thing that bothers me and has bothered me all long is the lies that we are being told. The government propaganda machine is lying at a terrific rate. The guy on the street who listens to the mainstream media is being told that things are getting better. And a lot of them believe it. But we are pushing 50 bank failures this year and we have high unemployment. The Chinese are incessantly calling for a new reserve currency and they may get it. And when it happens you can kiss the value of a dollar goodbye. It won't be worth the paper it is printed on. There is nothing backing it. When we won WWII the US ended up with 21775 tons of gold in it's treasury. I don't think we have a thousand tons of it now. So that means we have no backing what so ever for the dollar. And the culprit to our troubles and woes seems to clearly be the Federal Reserve Bank. Ol' Andrew Jackson got rid of it for us once but that ignorant moron Woodrow Wilson let it back in. He was a weak man. I believe he was a college president before he became the nations president. He will stand as a traitor to this country. And it is okay with me. He never had a real job and he never ran a business. Why did the Democrats even put him up for office? It must have been because they knew they could manipulate him.

The wife is getting a big store of dried fruit. She has a pretty nice stash on hand right now and more headed that way. Pretty soon it will be dried vegetables instead of fruit. Lots of thing in the garden can be dehydrated and keep for a long time. Tomorrow my brother-in-law got forth to buy a wood cookstove. We will also get some 3/4 inch plywood to line the new food vault down stairs. It will be screwed to the 2 X4's in the wall and that should hold things like theft down to a dull roar. After that plywood gets put up we will make our big buy of the year. Then after that I look for the stash to come off the land. One of my buddies was responsible for bringing back over a tone of Red Snapper fillets this last weekend and I aim to get me some. By hook or by crook. Fresh caught Red Snapper right out of the Gulf and brought home quickly. Good eating! The wife went out and foraged for some Nettles this morning and we have a bunch added to our stash. You don't want to run out of greens in the Winter.

The consensus of the bloggers and the non-mainstream economists is that this economy cannot recover. No stimulus is going to heal our wounds. It is now the 3rd of July and only 7% of the stimulus has gone out to the nation. All that publicity, and duplicity to get that much money in a bill and get it passed and they can't get it out the door and into the hands of American workers and businesses. This is a political reality. The fedgov knows that this is not going to work and they are dragging it out for political gain, as long as they possibly can. Do you know that it the famous 'cap and trade' bill that was passed in the House that there is a section that admits federal inspectors into your house to inspect it's construction, etc. And if you don't let them in you get a fine! And you get a fine every time you deny them entry into your home! This is bullshit. What are those inspectors looking for? Are they going to watch what is on your computer screen? Will they see you reading Staying Alive? Will they count the guns you own? Will they check out the books you read? Will they turn this information over to the Department of Homeland Security so they can put you in their book of possible terrorists? But what the hell. By their definition George Washington was a terrorist. We live and we learn. And we have learned that the fedgov DOES NOT LIKE US! Stay alive.



shiloh1862 said...

Nope the FedGov hates us. But that is cool with me, at least we know.

Mayberry said...

Hell, I'm sittin' right on the Gulf and I ain't got any snapper fillets! I do have some mahi mahi tho! Enjoy, that's damn good eats... A few minutes on the grill (one of those "fish cage" things is highly recommended, so it won't stick), with some butter and seasoning (very light) and you're good to go. Or wrap it in foil with some onions and peppers and such, along with the butter and spices. Grill it, or broil it like that. Or pan fry it, but do the veggies first, the fish cooks quick! Man, now my mouth's watering..... I need a boat, ha ha.

HermitJim said...

Time to get packed and get gone...I'm thinking!