Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am still thinking about George Ure and his talking about millions of dead. DAMN. I would hate to end up with such an ignoble end to my life. If God wants me to go out that way I will be going to do it but I would rather die at home with my boots on, sitting in front of my wood stove. The Handmaiden can have me hauled to the top of the hill where we bury folks and I can get buried. End of story. At least it is the end of me being on this plane of existence. The Old Man said he would have plenty of work for me when I passed over.

But there will be others still living and they will need help and guidance to make it the rest of the way. They will need seed and ammo and all kinds of things. They will need to understand healing herbs and salves. They will need to understand animal husbandry, which is something sorely lacking in our time. Cows and chickens can generally make it into this world by themselves but some critters need a little help now and then. Horses especially. Cats will do okay by themselves but a valuable dog may take a little watching. Watching assures you of another generation of a good dog. And then we have human births to deal with. Most likely not to have problems but when they do it is a spellbinder. Nurses and mid-wives can be invaluable. You want to do everything possible to get your new son or daughter into the world alive and well. Those kids are too precious to waste!

In the initial phases of the world collapse your guns will be your close friends and companions. They will allow you to kill game for food and hides. They will shoot zombies who come to take whatever you have. And just knowing they are there will deter many who are not quite willing to risk a bout with death. Meet them on the road coming to your retreat and after you have dispatched them to whatever reward they are going to get, let the bodies lay in the sun and let the scavengers eat the flesh from them. I know that sounds a bit distasteful but it sure will discourage the next bunch that wants to rip you off. Coming down the road and seeing a big pile of skeletons just might persuade a zombie to go elsewhere.

I have been gleaning what I can about the new ALTA report from Half Past Human. I talked to one guy who gets it and he says it is ugly beyond belief. A nuclear war, a famine, a horrible disease coming across the land. And silver is supposed to hit $600 an ounce! That web-bot can really spin some words, I'm telling you. I don't know if I believe all of the stuff Cliff and George talk about but it sure makes for some good stories. The only trouble is that what they say may come true. I know nothing to do but prepare. I have nothing to tell you but to prepare. We are prepping 7 days a week with our dehydrator. The Handmaiden is stashing bags of dried goodies every day. I had what looked to be a helluva bean crop coming on but it was raining when I got up this morning at 0630 hrs and it is still going at 1500 hrs this afternoon. I may not have a crop left! But maybe those weeds that didn't get tilled under this morning are holding the soil.

Lots of news about the economy. Some say we are out of the danger zone and headed back for good times again. Others are more of the Doomer variety and say we are headed for years of darkness. I am inclined toward the Doomer analysis. Britain, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States are pretty much doomed for destruction, the way I see it. The rest of the world does not give much of a shit about what happens to them anyway. They are the old rich, the colonial powers, the great makers of treaties and alliances. They cut throats like it was nothing. They have enemies all over the world. Now it looks like it is payback time and people need to get ready for the coming bummers. In reading the Internet as much as I do, it amazes me how many people do not have a clue as to what is going on in this world and their country. People don't dig deep to get to the root of the cause but rather accept the brightly colored gloss-over the mainstream media gives them. I have no idea how people can relinquish their rights as citizens to corrupt media, government, and financial systems. It staggers the mind. I got on the survival blog trip two years ago. I read Jim Rawles every day and read all of his archives. As I went along I picked up on other people and what their feelings were. Pretty soon the whole thing started to snowball in my brain and I started to blog myself. I felt I was qualified. It has not been easy but I have tried to carry on as best I could. My main resource in this endeavor is the 38 years I have been involved in group survival. That has at least kept me from experimenting with the "Lone Wolf" concept. I already know that a group can do a whole lot better than a single man out on his own. I hope you can see the goodness and safety of a group also.

Before I sign off I want to talk about the banking system and the economy. I hope you realize that the banks have ripped the country off for every thing it had. They cleaned it out. What Bernanke has done is re-finance the US economy. All new money, all new shady accounting rules, all new power structure visible to the citizens for a change. The toxic mortgages are still being carried on the books as assets. No one has ever burned the damn things. The banks are still selling funny mortgages. They are still in the derivative markets. They are still technically broke as hell. They are running off of money Bernanke has given them from the fed. It is nothing more than funny money that has been passed off as real. If they ever try to pay it back to the fed it will bankrupt the system again. The whole system is a hoax, Now you know why the old timers like President Jackson were so dead set against the central bank. Old man Rothschild knew exactly how to rip a country off and his minions in this day are faithfully executing his plans. They must be stopped! The banks cannot rule us in any sort of decent manner.

Stay alive!



Bullseye said...

Prepping daily here too, never stops. Dark days are ahead and I am glad to be able to read that others out there know what we are in for. Thanks for all your advice, read you daily.

Code Name "Bullseye"

ErinAndBrad said...

I just love it when the headlines say the reccession is over - uh huh - who is stupid enough to believe that with unemployment sky rocketing and factories closing right and left. Then the market goes up over 9,000 again - now they will be able to steal even more - yahoo. Been prepping and will keep prepping - can't afford to buy much, but trying to get things done and I haven't killed the garden yet so I am doing good there LOL!