Sunday, July 26, 2009


I want to start out on what Jeff Cooper called the Combat Mindset. It is really pretty simple. You go through your laws, your religion, your philosophy and you come up with the point in life when you will aim a weapon and try to kill another human being. Serious business. And there is a trick to doing it properly. And that trick is to already have it in your mind when the circumstances of life will make you pull the trigger, and you just do it. And you do it quickly and efficiently. You already have done the thinking and there is nothing to do but to do it. This thinking enables you to protect your family and yourself and keep you alive. And you can accomplish this by having your mind made up about the point at which you will do the deed. The concept of using a gun is a powerful shock to most people's minds. This shock can slow you down, make you hesitant. And you want no part of slowness or hesitancy. When it is combat time you want to be on the wining side of things. Don't be victimized by not being able to make up your mind. I'm sure you have heard the old adage of "He who hesitates is lost." There is a lot of Wisdom and practicality in that statement. There is also much to be said about it being better to be tried by twelve than to be carried by six.

Most people are aware of folks who train in physical martial arts. Martial arts guys are in the Dojo or Karate Academy two or three nights a week. They constantly train. They do repetitive drills to the point of mindlessness. This is so that when it is time to put the fighting ability to work they already have the muscle memory to do what they have to do with no hesitation. Fights are generally over with in about 10 seconds. And the guy who gets there first with the most wins. You might spend months or years in training for a 10 second fight. But you win the fight and you don't suffer serious injury or defeat. That is what it is all about. Winning! Like George C. Scott said in the movie Patton, "You let that other sonovabitch die for HIS country."

You live in a house. Have you given any thought to where you might be invaded? What door or window would a likely looter or zombie use to come into you home? Have you got that figured out yet? Once you get that figured out, have you figured out where the best place to stash a weapon might be? Or do you want to get caught flat footed and lose the battle? It's happened many times in the past. If you have a gun what good is it if the invader is already on you and kicking your ass or shooting you or maybe stabbing you?

Do you know where you will stand if an intruder comes into your house? If you have figured out where they will enter then you can surely figure out where you will defend. I keep an 12 gauge shotgun close by me all day and all night. I know exactly what I will do. I know where I will stand. I know where I will have the most protection and the most acceptable field of fire. And I have this in mind because I intend to come out of any engagement as the winner. I know where my wife is most of the time. She is 50% of why I am defensive minded. What good is it if I live and she dies? That would be a tragic loss.

And what about defending kids? Do you have a plan to keep them alive and safe? Or would you leave them to the tender mercies of a kidnapper or a zombie? When you are dealing with desperate people you are dealing with the bottom line. It will be you or them. Know where you will go to defend your kids. Know where NOT to point your weapon when defending them.

There are some weighty things said in this article. Sentences that could spawn entire books for interested people. Go over your plans carefully and decide what you will do. Have your mind made up and clear of indecision. And stay alive.



Dragon said...

Good post, well thought out.

Mayberry said...

This is something that folks don't really address, and it's right on the money. I can tell from Navy experience that training and drills will make things come automatically, without thought. That's the point you gotta be at to react to what you've described. You need to be able to chamber a round, aim, and fire in a split second, without thinking about it. You need to know what's going on around you at all times, and consciously making note of who's where, what's what, etc. will make this become an automatic thing. So when someone comes busting through the front window, there will be no doubt that someone is a target....

vlad said...

Give me two compelling reasons to not wear a concealed pistol at all times in your home and yard.
I put on my pants, put Colt 45 in belt slide, then shoes etc.

Staying Alive said...

I just hope to get people to think about defending their home and how they would do it. We ain't runing basic training camps but rather dealing with free agent citizens. They can do what they want to do.


Shy Wolf said...

Michael- so right: make up your mind that you WILL defend what is yours, be it self, family, friend or other inocent. "I WILL do it without hesitation" should be your mantra.
As Mayberry sez: it should be a basic motor skill completed without thought or knowledge, just done.
Vlad: two reasons: 1) a perp is on his way, 2) you haven't holstered yet after firing. :-D