Monday, July 13, 2009


I think I ought to start a little dialogue on getting a community started. I am a little funny compared to most folks and I believe in a method of governance called Kingdomism. You won't find it in your dictionary or your encyclopedia, or at least I don't think you will. But it is the coming thing here on the planet and you may as well get into it on the ground floor. The government will be by Kings or Queens or Priests or most anybody. The important thing is that all people know from the beginning just who is in charge. That is why most Kinglets will be only 150 to 250 people. Of course, you start out with what you have and go from there. I was reading Mayberry this week and he said his group actually numbers about 85 people, give or take a few. They all have land in the same area. They all have relatives and kids and I believe they all know each other. And I must say that it seems to be a wonderful start in life for a group of people just starting out.

The trick is to get that first group to come along. They will be your foundation. They will be the examples the rest of the world will watch and analyze. In difficult times you won't have much trouble getting converts as hunger can make a man see reason very easily. Then, after you get your initial group you try and make them happy they joined up. You have kegs of beer on Saturday night and you build a building to have plays and parties. You develop your own band so you don't have to hire outsiders for your entertainment. That is the way it is done in our present society. Someone who has had a hit record or two will come to town, present a concert, pocket a huge sum of money and fly away with it. That is not going to be the way it is anymore. Or at least not at most places.

I keep thinking about the real heros of the little towns that will be forming. You know, the guy who can fabricate a metal part or contraption that does the work of 20 men will be a man who needs to be appreciated by one and all. This is someone who deserves the respect of the populace. People should call out to him and wish him good morning. A spot near the head of the table should be left open for him to sit. We always called these types of men Worker Priests. They share the common table and the lifestyle of everybody else but they do great things to keep everybody fed and housed and secure. You just can't beat having these kind of men around. You will not be well served by trumpeting the accomplishments of a drug taking homosexual who can wiggle his ass in a new and different way. For shame to America for ever doing this. For shame for giving adulation and praise to queers and perverts and whores and pimps. It is a travesty and a shame. The real heros are the men and women who keep the life support system running in your little town. The men and women who can find the energy to still strum a guitar or sing a song on Saturday night. These are the heros. Don't let the homosexual loving, anything goes, people in your midst. Keep yourself clean and upright. I ain't saying you won't have a drunk or two to watch or handle when you have festivities, but I am saying that their contribution deserves some respect and leniency. "Honor to whom honor is due", is what I am trying to say here. For too may decades we have given the freak and the unclean the place of honor and I say "No More!"

You sanitation people are hugely important. If you live in an area that is somewhat intact after the collapse then you might find yourself dealing with the Board of Health and they can get mighty sticky if your kitchen and dining areas are not up to snuff. But not being a dumbass, you want to keep those those pretty damn sanitary anyway. If you get to building quarters for your people you will find out that putting in a modern bath for every two or three people is a very costly process. You will want a few communal bathrooms. And whoever cleans them will be worth their weight in gold. Most people don't realize the work and energy that goes into an undertaking like keeping a bathroom sanitary for a group of people. If any of you guys out there are used to going into a spotless bathroom, give your wife a round of applause. It is a thankless task and seldom rewarded. And you can get mighty sick if it isn't done right.

Your school master is another important figure in your little town. Those young monsters need to learn to read and write and do some figuring and that requires a teacher. raise God if he gives you a good one. And I am just saying these different occupations because they all count in the end. If your leader is smart he or she will follow the dictate "A job for every man and every man for a job." And do not forget to congratulate everyone in the settlement who comes to the Saturday night party. If you are the leader it will mean a lot for people to get the recognition they deserve.

I'll drop this post right here. If you have any questions just email me and we will get to it. I know a lot and I will give it to you if you if you will but ask.

P.S. I would just like to say that my readers and commenter's are getting angrier by the day. And that story about the instant trade program that may have been stolen from Goldman-Sachs ain't over yet. That program and the people who use those sort of programs are crooked as a dogs hind leg. Those bankers, using OUR money, have been ripping-off the whole world. There is nothing in the economic life of this country that is not manipulated. They are all lying, filthy cheats! And their filthy bonuses keep right on going. We are laid off, unemployment insurance is running low, California is paying with IOU's, our pensions are gone, our houses are gone, and those bastards are partying like rock stars. God damn it!



HermitJim said...

Well done poist, my friend. I couldn't agree more!

ErinAndBrad said...

"Bruno" absolutely makes me want to vomit!! Did u see what he did to Ron Paul?? It was horrendous! Check it out - it was a true sign of just how evil this country has become!

Mayberry said...

"Leadership" ain't exactly hammered out amongst our little group, but I reckon one of the elder gents would be up to the task. I don't reckon it'll be much of an issue anyhow, all of us being very similar in mind. For now, we've established where to go, and who's comin'. Who'll do what is fairly obvious to us. The rest will fall into place I reckon.

Jacob Gittes said...

Kudos on your post: ideas that would certainly freak out my "progressive" and liberal neighbors: a world in which the people themselves govern their communities. Where the Federal government isn't around to protect every miscreant and deviant.

I do think, however, that these kingdoms should be very tolerate of eccentrics and people with odd and innovative ideas: it would be dangerous and small-minded to reject people because they are different. Child-molesters, sociopaths, manipulators, malingerers, and such should be kicked out and tarred and feathered or worse. But let's be open to strangeness and true individuality.

Something dangerous is in the air: these new bonuses, the Goldman Sachs computer code that likely lets them manipulate the market: what's going to happen when the Green Shoots meet the Reality Rabbit, and the people awaken from their slumber (unless they have been well and truly drugged by psychiatric medications and TV to even care).

Staying Alive said...

HermitJim- Glad you enjoyed it!

Ernie- The garbage spewed out by Hollywood does not surprise me any longer. They are just making the nation sick and the nation and Hollywood will both pay for that.

Mayberry- Letting things like chossing a leasder come by natural selection can be a wise move. I don't like bringing it to a vote. God don't like democracy.

Publius- Once again your reply shows great insight. As to the ecentrics, well, you can break the word God down to Go Odd. And Reality Rabbit will get those green shoots.