Friday, July 31, 2009


Lots to talk about and not much energy to do it. I am getting tired or this, I think. I am not tired of the people but rather I am tired of waiting for the big slide to gain a little speed! I have so much invested in this effort, time and money. I would sorta like to see it used. I am broke and most likely gonna stay that way for a while. But I am looking forward to the days of togetherness with my friends as we work through this up and coming mess. Mayberry has proclaimed it to be time to get out of Dodge and who am I to say he is wrong! He is determined to seek him a life of non-intrusiveness by the government. Can't find much fault with that. The way this stupid fucking government operates they ought to put most of their revenue in "black box" funds and forget abut most everything else. Everything is so damn secret anymore it is pathetic. The mainstream media is letting us know the "secret" that the fedgov is going to have the army join in for the "sure thing" swine fly epidemic coming this Fall. They are going to use them for "testing us" when the time comes. Will the testing be multiple choice or essay? They ain't testing me. I am not letting strangers from who knows where get up close to breathe in MY face. That is how you get the flu! The best way to fight flu is to quarantine yourself. Put yourself away form the maddening crowd and practice good hygiene. Works like a charm. If you ain't got the flu you probably won't get it and if you do have the flu you won't infect anyone else. How is that for logic, reasoning, and compassion? Face masks can help you go out into the world and buy supplies if you absolutely need to do it. All this advice is gonna seem like wasted time if the pandemic does not manifest itself. But I think the swine flu is peanuts to our regular garden variety flu we get every year, if we are unfortunate. It kills 13,000 people annually, which is vastly more potent than any swine flu we have seen.

Our next catastrophe is a monetary collapse. Could be this year yet. More than likely has already gotten started. We have used up most of our "reserve currency" good will around the globe and folks in other governments are starting to get a bit pissed off and edgy regarding how the USA is handling it's finances. I think the world would have already dumped the dollar if they were not all existing on fiat currencies anyhow. The only problem is we have inflated our currency to an astronomical level. Who wants to do business with a proven bummer! Our Socialist president has just about wrecked our economy toward the rest of the world. I would still like to know what happened to the 2 trillion dollars that was printed up by the Bush administration 3 and 1/2 years ago. That was a nice piece of change to just fade from public view.

I cannot tell you just how bad this monetary collapse is going to be, because I don't know the depths of it. I do know that if our dollar loses it's position as the worlds reserve currency that we are pretty much toast. We will become like the Wiemar Republic of Germany or present day Zimbabwe. We will be using wheelbarrows of money to pay for things. And it will only take about 10 to 20 years to get out of such a mess. And by that time we will have stared a whole new economy anyhow. Food and fuel would be a nice starting point. You provide three square meals a day and you get a day's labor. Throw in a days worth of firewood and you really become popular.

Next, we are looking at a nuclear war in the Mid-East between Israel and Iran. Iran doesn't have a nuclear bomb but that doesn't mean a damn thing to the war hawks of this country. Israel is our friend in the Middle East. The carnage will be huge. The numbers of the dead will be stifling. The nuclear fallout will be disastrous to the rest of the world. And then we will really have a world financial collapse. Big time. Oil and it's many derivatives will be acquired by kneeling behind an Arab and placing ones lips on the cheek of their ass and smooching loudly. It's an old slave custom.

What these things I have mentioned this morning are leading to is MARTIAL LAW. It is on everyone's mind and with good reason. It is so much easier to control us nobodies with martial law than to have us running around thinking we own the place. The old WWII movies that showed the Germans stopping everyone and saying "Papers please." will then become a reality. You will have to have your REAL ID then and your vaccination record and maybe your current position on the NO FLY list to prove that you are acceptable to the Powers That Be. If you seem to be okay then you might be able to go on your way to work. Maybe. There will be no rule that says they have to let you pass. They might require further attention, especially from you prettier ladies. Don't it just make you sick?

My eldest child is having her last day of tests for her bar examination today. Today will be the last day of her travail, if she passes. She is a smart lady and I think she will pass okay. She has a degree in Computer Science, a degree in Law and she may as well go to Medical School now and really fill out her resume. My son is still in his Evaluation stage of his certification process to be a Paramedic. It should be over soon. These kids beat their brains out for these degrees and certifications and what not. They study an ungodly amount of hours and make themselves about half sick over certain tests. I wish them well and much success in the ventures they have chosen.

Stay alive!



Bullseye said...

Once again good common sense information. Thanks.

Code Name "Bullseye"

Western Mass. Man said...

This fall and winter will prove to be extremely challenging. My job keeps me from interacting with many others in close quarters, but, I worry more for my kids going back to school in the fall.
Glad to see yours are doing well. Always good to see the fruits of your labors.

HermitJim said...

First of all, kudos to your young ones for all their efforts and accomplishments! Bet the parents aren't too proud...!

Secondly, just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, even though I may not comment every day.

You do some good work, my friend!

Mayberry said...

Best wishes to your kids. Having a bit of their ol' man in 'em, I suspect they'll kick ass and take names...

I'm getting tired too, and I suspect that's the intended effect of the barrage of horse manure that's been fired from Crapitol Hill these last few years. "Wear 'em down", that's their M.O., along with "divide and conquer". Well, they ain't gonna get me and mine....

Staying Alive said...

Y'all take care and I hope you get out of town and back into someplace safe. May God bless us all!


Dragon said...

I will continue to pray that cooler heads prevail....if martial law comes ,it is getting closer to the end than I thought....There are those who will keep the oaths they have taken...The wrath of heaven and the fury of Hell be on those who choose to disregard their oaths.

ErinAndBrad said...

Great post Michael. My duff is dragging too this week and I go back and forth being really rantingly mad and then tears in my eyes next. SHeehs. Wish they would just do something already or give us our America back!