Sunday, June 29, 2008


It was supposed to get to 72 degrees here in God's country this lovely day but they have settled for 78. I hope this pleases the global warming prophets to no end. It's damn near July and we are getting days in the 70's? It is supposed to be 74 tomorrow. I guess we will have to take salt pills to keep from sweating all the salt from our bodies. On a more important note our posting of Mike Kemp's analysis of the Heller gun decision garnered a mention on That is a big vote of appreciation for Mr. Kemp. He is a tireless proponent of the right to keep and bear arms. He is turning into a tireless garden grower down there in Mississippi. He has good instincts and he uses them.

The funniest post of the morning is awarded to Dragon at His lead-in to his post is hilarious. A good way to start the day.

Live from his home on Mt. Doom. Heeeeere's Dragon! Thankyew, Thankyew very much. Cracked me up.

All of the Doomers are having a good time today. Jim Dakin over at has a double blog today, thanks to the good offices of the Wolverine. And really, all the Brethren that posted today have good things to offer. I long ago book marked about 30 survival blogs and click on them every morning. If you can't find them with a search, just use the blog sites most guys have at the side of their blogs. If you like them, then bookmark them.

I am still prepping and enjoying it more and more. I can see a measure of success as the Handmaiden and I watch our food supply grow to something capable of taking care of us for a while. Nothing like being able to eat regular. Who knows? Maybe several people will be able to eat from our savings! Hope so.

The blogs are full of details on fuel prices, food prices, and the loss of credit. It seems that credit card companies are lowering credit limits with no warning. You most likely learn of it when your card is refused by a vendor. And some of these people have always paid and never missed and blah, blah, blah. It is supposed to be being done for the protection of the card issuing company. I say it is because there ain't all that much money at there any more. All that good cash from overseas investors funneling money into our mortgage system has dried up and gone elsewhere. I think that is what they call a bubble being burst. And our good fedgov is out there competing for those foreign dollars to use to finance our wars. So, money has gotten a little tight. What the banks have not pissed away the fedgov is borrowing. Now do you wonder why the Crown Prince of Abu Dubai is doing staying at Camp David? Being entertained by the President, of course. Ol' Dubya is putting the ol' arm on the oil barons for a little money! Dubya wants to borrow some cash! And if the American consumer suffers because of it, well, tough shit. Dubya's war comes first, don't ya' know.

My wife says our corn needs Nitrogen. We can go buy tomato food which has 90% Nitrogen or we can save our urine and pour that on the dirt around the corn plants. Gotta think about this. I do not want organic food to become a suicide pact. I want the crop. Gotta put on the thinking cap here and talk with some knowledgeable people. That crop and the resulting seed will be nice for the Winter food stash and next years planting. Might be pretty important, really. Has anyone got any experience with putting urine on their corn crop? Let me know!

Stay Alive.



Dragon said...

I think we all needed some humor Mike.
I'm not sure about the urine but, coffee grounds are a wonderful source for nitrogen. Also remember to keep some straw on hand in case of an early frost.
I'm not saying it will frost early. But it never hurts to be prepared.

riverwalker said...

We're getting some much needed rain this afternoon, and it's going to turn out to be a nice day.
I think our current trends are going to make the '30's depression look like a walk in the park.