Monday, June 2, 2008


I wonder what a lot of people are doing in the survival endeavor. Where are their minds? What is motivating them? I read the bloggers and I read the comments and I still can't get a good picture of a survivalist. And that is a funny thing, when you stop and add up the requirements of staying alive. No one seems to be getting a group together to make it. They seem to have forgotten all their past, all their genetic experience. The only group of people I have ever heard of that went about things mostly alone in this country were the trappers in the early 1800's. And they weren't too long in being around. They died off and life went on without them. I would say they left little genetic inheritance around to carry on their blood lines. Maybe some, but not much. They were the rugged individualists of their time, making a living in a world that no longer exists. The world that exists and has existed has been populated by GROUPS of people. No guesswork on this one, just demonstrable fact. Any type of life on this planet that has amounted to a hill of beans has been a group. But the survivalists, the people who should know these things, shy away from a group endeavor like the plague. Maybe they don't like the connotation of being in the midst of a group that can be labeled "radical" or something to that effect. Big Government and Big Media like to label people, mark them for all to gaze upon as "different" and threatening. And the masses suck it up like vacuum cleaners and go on with the program of labeling anything new or different from the norm or holding a viewpoint outside the properly accepted boundaries of society as something to be shunned. Something to be kept at a distance. And most are cowards and walk away from that which might save them and their families. And some walk away because those very families they are trying to save refuse to follow them, thus having the blood of their potential salvation on their hands. Nasty business.

I propose group survival because I have lived in it and prospered from it for decades. I raised my kids in it, as I was allowed. And my friends did also. We had our times of wealth and we had our times of poverty. But I can guarantee you that the times of poverty were much easier to bear. There was a whole gang at work to make a living. And that is my reason for being. I think intelligent people will see the advantages of group survival and prosper at it. I have already made my mark on the earth, to the extent that any man can influence the coming generations. It is a pretty daunting task and not easily accomplished. And no one knows the cards to be dealt in the final hand. But what do humans really have to do about life anyhow? Can they guarantee what will happen with their own household after they die? No, they can not. They can hope and plot and scheme but the truth is they have to place their hopes and dreams on the Alter of Sacrifice and hope it is a sweet savor in the nostrils of God. For man cannot control much and he controls little or nothing after he leaves this mortal realm. The best chance a man has to do something decent in the way of the people he will leave on this earth is to create a society that will hold to certain values as much as possible. Not an easy thing to do. Not easy at all.

What is needed is some die-hard survivalist to step forward and tell his buddies on the internet to come on to his place. I would do it myself but it is not time for me as yet. And we have 150 people here with as it is. Of course, it can hold many, many more but the time is not right as yet. Or we would damn sure be doing it. And I would say that we will do it when the time comes. Certain things must happen for it to be critical to increse our population. But we will! But a die hard survivalist coming forward to his friends and saying "y'all come on" would blow this thing wide open. They would have to have a big website to handle all the people who just wanted to know how things were progressing. It would stand survivalism on it's head. The new group would have to put up a gate to keep new joiner prospects from moving in unannounced. BECAUSE THE MESSAGE IS SO STRONG! BECAUSE THE WORLD IS GETTING MESSED UP TO THE MAX. BECAUSE EVERYBODY KNOWS IT'S GOING DOWN. And they crave a leader. They crave someone to tell them where to bunk and where to get their chow. They need a leader to tell them where to work. They need someone with a big heart who will bring them on in to safety.

It won't take an Einstein. It will take a man of the people. It will take a man who doesn't want prople to work for the system but for themselves. A man who doesn't want people to get ripped off for their ilfe's work. A man who wants EVERYBODY to be fed. If one man eats they all eat. Plain and simple. I remember once back in 1972 or 1973 when we only had canned green beans and potatoes to eat. Two weeks of that. You could get mighty tired of green beans and potatoes let me tell you. But things got rolling again and we got a little better food coming in to the village and that was just a time period we can talk about now. But it gave you a place in the world. You had a common experience with a group of people and it rooted you to their cause and made you a member and a resident. You had taken the hard times the same as them. Shared experiences are so important to a group effort. I can remember the deer we killed and ate when times got tough. The King's Deer went into the skillet and fed us all. I don't remember anyone calling the Governor and thanking him, but who gives shit. We lived. Ha Ha! Life is good when you win one. But we had a man who kept some hunting ammo up in his room and when things got tough he passed it out to the men who could make the kill that would put the meat on the table. He had alrady bought them good rifles when times had been good.

But I am trying to get something across to you. I am trying to explain a little bit of the group mentality. I am trying to explain that many hands make light work and many ideas can produce a way to make a living. Many eyes can become great security. Many arms and hands can build log lodges. Many women can cook great meals. And all this can help you stay alive.



Ryan said...

I would love to hear about the selecting and building of that group! Please discuss it and give us some of those lessons which were learned.

Mayberry said...

Wow. That was a pretty powerful post. I really felt that one Michael. And I couldn't agree more.

My picture of a survivalist, at their barest essence, is one of a fella (or gal) who simply wants to be free. To be independent. To remove themselves from the grind of the machine, and it's accompanying wage slavery. They know that today's life is unsustainable, and seek to insulate themselves from the inevitable. And they prob'ly still got a gene or two from their pioneering ancestors.

As far as their motivation, it could be any number of things. Simple want of independence, a simpler life, fear of nuclear war, economic collapse, pandemic, natural disaster, or any number of things. For me, it's basically all of the above (well, except for the all out nuclear war part). Each survivalist to me seems to have a unique set of motivations.

Getting groups together at this point in time is pretty tough. Most of us seem to be scattered across the countryside, and even us Texans are seperated by hundreds of miles. It's pretty hard to do much more than read each other's blogs, or e-mail back and forth. Especially in light of travel costs today. I think a second barrier to any group efforts is the exposure that "groups" seem to get nowadays. Some gub'mint puke has it in his mind that that there is a bunch of wackos, or "radicals" as you said, and next thing you know there's a Waco, or the more recent polygamist situation on your hands. That's something that weighs on my mind when I think about grouping up. Gub'mint folk get nervous when people of a like mind get too chummy. Especially when they're intelligent, well armed folk.

Group survival is the way to go for sure. No man is an island, and to a point, "the more the merrier" holds true. The more folks one has around, the more talents he has to draw from, more labor is available, better security is provided, as is a sense of community. Being a social creature for the most part, man needs this.

A "man of the people" as you said would certainly be able to pull together a group of like mind. Hell, I'd love to find such a person myself. There are some "visionary" types out there. They have created "Intentional Communities" and such. They kinda got the right idea, but most of them seem to be a bunch of kum-ba-ya hippie retread types, and worse, they've created their own little oppressive beaurocracies. No thanks. But if someone would set up "Freedom Acres" or something like that, where folks of a survivalist mentality could gather up and work together for mutually assured continuance of life and liberty, I'd throw in with that in a heartbeat. It would take someone not only with a strong leadership ability and "people skills", but with a fat wad of cash as well. Unless you buy land in the middle of a desert or something, it ain't so cheap anymore. Such an endeavor would have to be a "development" of sorts, and therefore pretty damn expensive to start up, not to mention the beaurocratic nightmare it'd be to accomplish. Big Brother has done well to prevent such an enterprise.

We got the message Michael, we just need someone who can figger out how to go about it. You done it, maybe you can give us a "template" to work from. How does your village work? How was it established? Just that bit of info might get the ol' ball rollin'.

gott_cha said...

A group is the way to go.
But most of us can find "hen's teeth" easier than finding a few like minded people in our areas.

My solution or salvation to that problem is that we have a bit larger family than most of our friends and neighbors. I have 2 grown kids and the wife has 2 with 1 a fixin to graduate. Most all of them are married with kids and add up to 21 people that will take refuge at our place when times dictate. Some are lazy,..some full of shit and some are keen to survival,typical America youth today.... but all like to eat and know when the balloon goes up it time to come home.

I know its a small group but better than none! Each has a specialty that will come in handy,..and there are 4 good strong young men to help plant and reap and take sentry.Plus with the kids they have it ensures body replacements due to attrition.

Ive tried to talk with others about the need to prepare but it seems to fall on death ears,...most folk think the govt. or fema,..or who ever will come riding up on white horses to save the day and bail everybody out,.....they dont understand that those "white horses" are just FEMA relocation trucks.

I will try to keep warning folks as long as possible, a Watchman on the wall,...but times coming when a man can do no more and has to turn them over to their own devices.

Blog on!


annamatrix said...

The problem is that some of us aren't the kind of survivalists people WANT in their groups. For example, I'm a devout Messianic Jew with four children under seven. Nobody wants four small children underfoot, eating up stores and unable to contribute... not to mention how that ties MY hands. On top of that, every group I've seen advertised says "No religious zealots". And since I'm not of the same belief system as the all-American 'christian', my keeping the feasts, not eating pork, and not observing X-Mess or Ishtar is a problem, y'know?

It doesn't matter if you've got stores to contribute, ammo and arms, critters and knowledge. What matters is that you're not a burden or a 'wack-o religious fanatic'.

That's not including the lack of likeminded people in our areas, and/or the trust factor. Let's face it - you don't know Sam Survival from Son of Sam. Trust doesn't come in 10# cans.

Natog said...

Excellent post. I'm up in Mass, so I have better odds of winning MegaMillions than finding kindred spirits up here in the nannystate. I also would be interested how your group started out.

One small point that I would like to make is I am not a fan of a single leader. Feudal systems don't work for a reason. I think a better form of government for a group would be a council of elders, to balance power with a true democracy. Think of a town meeting where everyone gets their say, but the discussion is guided by the council. Then a vote.

The more the "common (wo)man" is involved in the government, the better that government responds to everyone's needs. A survival group will be small enough to have this true democracy, it wouldn't work for a nation, or even a state.

It's an interesting discussion for sure. If your goal for the post was to get me to use my noggin, well it certainly succeeded!

gott_cha said...

annamatrix I believe the msg here is to be a group member,...either by joining one or starting your own. Truly you wouldn't want to join an advertised group! There are extremes in all walks of life.

I understand your concerns of the types of groups out there,...many of us would not fit either.. There are farming com. groups,....wilderness living groups, primitive living groups and Bunker mentality groups,..that a lot of us just don't fit into.

Im not pork eater either,..and dont celebrate man's holidays,...but I keep the sabbath, moons and try to keep most of the yearly festivals including Trumpets and passover...all that and Im not Jewish!

Its for the same reasons I will not join orginized groups,..along with the fact they are full of NWO/BEAST informers and other general low life types who prey on peoples ignorance and meekness.

I think the point is, all you can do to stand on your own,..but also enlist help from others who are like minded. We must all put up for the rainy season,...but it is YHVH alone who saves.

E-mail me if you need some info or help or just some ideas about getting started

riverwalker said...

The thought of anyone going it alone has a tendency to give me the "willies". Thankfully, I won't be doing that. Many hands...this is a good thing. Trust...this is a good thing also.

riverwalker said...

I believe a "council of elders" would be the best way to go. That is an older(and maybe wiser) representative of each family in the group to decide a course of action.