Sunday, June 1, 2008


I'm sitting here typing because I don't have a blog to post today. The pressure is on. Maybe I ought to go take a nap and get my strength up! The Handmaiden rents DVD's for 50 cents apiece in town for us to watch. Saw a 20 year old flick last night called Casino with Di Niro and Sharon Stone and a whole mess of good actors in the cast. One of the Smothers Brothers was in it but I could not pick him out. But it was a good crime ridden movie of corruption in Vegas. The Mob, the shysters, the whores and the pimps. What America likes to watch!

I made the statement this morning that Summertime preps might seem a little slow to some folks but that some of us are growing preps and won't count the increase until it's actually under roof. At least I won't. Dreams don't count in the game of preps. You gotta get your hands on the stuff. That's why I call things TANGIBLES. If I can get them into the house and stored way then they exist. It's all BS until then. But I have lots of BS planted and high hopes it will turn into TANGIBLES.

Sitting out on the porch this morning watching the cats sleep and clean themselves I wondered about baiting my trout lines in case of need. The guts of small critters will bring in catfish like crazy. I have a new fishing pole compliments of the Handmaiden, that takes no reel. It is a 13' long pole that comes in sections. I have plenty of tackle stowed away and all it will take is some worms and I will bring'em in. More free food!

The news this week has been Same Shit Different Day. No one seems to know what the hell is going on. Drudge has an article about bank failures on the horizon. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. I've been expecting it. The real disaster supposedly lies in the realm of derivitives. I don't exactly understand these little devils but the stockbrockers seem to be right on them! But I never used a stockbrocker in my entire life and I won't use one now.

The pundits on the rebelious side of things are still as negative as ever. And I must say I hold with them on a lot of issues. My reasoning in this is that I believe the mainstream news media is covering up the truth of what is really going on. This fedgov is the most secretive group I have ever seen in Washington. Everything is kept secret for the sake of national security. Well, we must be pretty damn secure because we sure do keep a lot of secrets. Mostly from ourselves, the people.

THe real security news is that the corn crop may fizzle out to not enough. Indiana, the number 5 ranking corn producer in the country is only 75% planted. And farmers are repoprting they must replant a lot of fields because of excessive rain. A very pricey proposition. All that crop must be planted with ferilizer costing a $400 a ton premium. Ouch! China is buying it by the boatload. The ChiCom government does NOT want a crop failure in China. Too much chance they could take a good ass whuppin' if that were to happen. So get ready for a huge increase in food prices this late Summer. And think of all that food we eat processed with high fructose corn syrup. Things are gonna get out of hand, I think. But there are a couple billion too many people on the planet right now and it looks like the number is about to be reduced. I'm not apocolyptic, I'm just concerned about the people I love and live with.

Keep your food preps in a state of readiness and keep your powder dry! This will help you stay alive.



gott_cha said...

Speaking of fishin' poles,...we have a bamboo grove just down the road a piece and I've cut me 5 shoots about 20ft long to make cane poles with,.....Ive got fancy high dollar gear in everything from saltwater rigs to feather lite freshwater setups, but nothing beats cane-pole fishing with live bait,...what a way to pass a sunny summer day,....sitting on the bank with the spouse having a shot of home made hooch and puttin Bream and bluegill on a stringer.

Kinda like them crops in the field You are talking about Michael...."don't count 'em till they are on the stringer".

Dayum,..think I'll go fishing this morning.

Mayberry said...

It's amazing, the arrogance of the fedgov. They need to clean house and re-arrange their priorities, but that'll never happen. I'm just waiting for one of those democraps to get elected, then watch hell break loose. Keep your powder dry indeed.

riverwalker said...

Let's see. I've made the cornbread. I've got a can of beans. Now where did I put the can opener? HaHa!