Monday, June 23, 2008


The Handmaiden is going to the big town of Bloomington this morning. She has an appointment with a service customer to do some bookwork. No big deal. But while she is up there I want her to do some shopping for me. I am amassing medical supplies and Sam's Club might be a very good place to start. I am on my second large container of rice and beans and I don't feel pressed in that area. Time for medical supplies. She made out a long list of stuff to choose from, according to her money supply. It looked like a good starting point to me. Medical problems have a very bad sense of timing. They always seem to happen when you are not ready. So, being a prepper, I am going to try to get ready in advance. Wish me luck.

My daughter out in Nevada is supposed to have her second child today. I have heard it is going to be a girl. My son on the East coast asked that I "think" about her today. I told him I would. And so I went out on the porch and thought about her. I felt no danger or any apprehension in my being. I think she will be alright. It is rather humorous to ponder what can go on around our globe. It is amazing how much goes on that we cannot control at all. Mankind thinks that all things can be fixed by the mind of man. I'm here to tell you that it isn't true. There is only one being in the entire creation that can handle the whole deal. Stick with him and you will be taking your best shot.

I am going to the garden again today. I want to get some fish emulsion on the corn and I want to get some weeds cultivated. By hand, for chrissake. I'll put that cultivator tool on the push plow and take a run at it. This weeding will be under control pretty soon. Just a little more to go with the plastic and we will have it all covered.

The Handmaiden has been asked to write an article on feminine hygien and she did and here it is for the benefit of one and all.

What to Do about Aunt Ruth from Red Creek: Monthly Periods
By the Handmaiden

Believe it or not, a survivalist gentleman poster asked me to write about this, and so I shall, blunt and to the point. If you’re squeamish about women’s monthly blood, then don’t bother reading this.

A caveat, I am past the age where I have to worry about my period (THANK YOU LORD!). Been through menopause with the gracious aid of black cohosh and evening primrose oil and wild yam cream. Done with the hot flashes (almost) and all the assorted crazy emotional crap. So, even though I’m past the age, here’s what I think about this recurring event and how to deal with it.

The Memsahhib on Survival Blog has dealt with this topic with characteristic Rawlsian logic and intelligence, with some links to washable pads. Washable pads are a damn good idea.

In the meantime, it goes without saying, store lots of tampons and pads. Lots of them. Besides their usual use, tampons can be a great aid as tinder for fire-starting, I understand. But store as many as you can for as many women are in your group. Tampons are a great convenience, but if you store and use them, do be aware of the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome. I haven’t heard anything about this rare syndrome in a long time, but it pays to be aware of it nonetheless.

Another good idea would be to look into the reusable menstrual cups, called the Diva cup or The Keeper. This device is slipped into the vagina, up against the cervix, and removed and emptied when it is full of blood. If I still needed to use something, this is what I would use. From what I read, these cups can be used up to 10 years. The only problem may be taking them out to empty and replace in a public bathroom--but this won’t be an issue post-TEOTWAWKI.

But sooner or later, women will have to go back to using rags, washing them, reusing them. This is simple common sense, right? For that matter, nearly everything will be reused over and over again. No more disposable world. And that will be a blessing.

As for PMS and the problems of menopause, there are many herbs that can help with the irritability, cramps, bloating and other symptoms. Here is a good article on many of those herbs. For menopause, I found black cohosh and evening primrose oil to be very beneficial. At the time, I didn’t know the plants grew locally or I would have harvested them as they grow right in our valley. I purchased capsules at the local health food store and they worked fine.

Menustruation is a special time for women--problematic and often a curse. I like how women of the ancients and Native Americans handled it by going off alone (or with other women having their periods) to a separate tent or building and living alone for a few days. Think what a blessing that would be--getting away from the aggravations of daily life, a time to relax and enjoy other women’s company without men or children around. It is an idea whose time may come around again.

For those of you who love a good laugh, please read this! It’s hilarious and on topic!

Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Thanks Handmaiden, as the father of 2 girls, I appreciate this. Your last link didn't work, by the way.

Unknown said...

I had a friend who was having some major "female problems", they cleared up completely when she switched to cloth pads. It seems that she was having problems due to the chemicals in the disposable stuff. For those who might be grossed out, cloth pads are easy to wash. I put mine in a container of cold water and let them soak for a day or so, then rinse and throw then in the regular laundry. Menstrual cups are great! I don't think they'd be the best choice for a young girl though. I haven't used a disposable menstrual product(other than postpartum pads in the hospital)in almost 10 years.

Mayberry said...

Heh heh, "gross" as it is to us fellers, this stuff is good to know, especially for those of us who have little girls. "Modern society" has lost the old ways. They're not known anymore. This will be good to know after TEOTWAWKI. My kids are 8 and 9, so they'll need this stuff soon.

Patricia said...

Hey Mayberry--yes, your girls will need to know what to do. A good explanation helps, but even if they don't receive one, what to do is sort of obvious.

DCCDmom: right on, with the menstrual cup. As I said, if I still needed to, that's what I would use. Or washable pads. Makes a world of sense in teotwawkian terms.

Here's the link that got lost--