Saturday, June 7, 2008


I got to thinking about the fragility of the American people and I have concluded that they are the ZIT people. Squeeze them and they pop and are gone. Who cares? I'm tired of worrying about them. My conclusions are they they will die off or they wil be imprisoned in detention camps. They are wasteful. They are selfish. They do not have the good sense to look into a mirror and see themselves. A lot of men have devoted a lot of time and energy to warning these people, telling them to get ready for hard times and they have turned a deaf ear on those who show love for them. I can not help them. And those around me cannot help them. Stiff necked and rebellious people.

I just want to say that this fuel crisis and food crisis and most of the troubles we are having is all contrived. The men behind closed doors sign the papers. You and I will never know who they are unless God would reveal them. They are cold heartless men. They care nothing about the poor or the hungry or the sick. They make money and they make it however they can. War is meaningless to them. But they like it over peace because there is more money to be made in war than in peace. They control huge amounts of cash and commodities, almost unfathomable amounts. They can cause shortages. They can cause surpluses. They can do damn near anything they wish. They run the world. We merely exist in their schemes. If they get tired of us they will do away with us.

My teacher, the man who was my Priest, knew of these men but didn't know their identities. Same as it is today. He was a very smart man and figured out that the only chance we had to escape the clutches of these bastards was to live in little communal villages, or what became known as Settlements and then Kinglets. We had to quit competing among ourselves. We had to have a unity beyond the normal range of human endeavor. "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." Mighty strong medicine. More potent than you might be able to swallow. But remember that little phrase "Divide and conquer!" It's done every day. And most folks think it is the way to go. They walk around ignorantly oblivious to the life they lead. It is the teaching of religions that allow men to profit from the lives of other men. It is religion that lets a government think it has the right to take money out of your paycheck. Don't believe that? Did you ever hear of the Divine Right of Kings? That bit of doctrine said that the King could do as he damn well pleased and it was your duty to go along with him. The King got his money and he got it from the filthy poor. So government had the right to tax you for its benefit and that carried over into other forms of government. Not a hard lesson to understand.

The gouge has been on the multitudes for centuries, hell, for millenia. It started out with the witch doctors and ended up with the Pope and the bishops and the priests and the Imams and the Mullahs and the Lamas and whatever you can think to add to the list. It has not been a new thing to mankind that a ruler would also declare his divinity. The God-King! Must not piss off the God-King for he might curse you! He might have your head cut off! Do you have a problem associating this with the IRS? Didn't think you would.

Most of our troubles are fabricated. They are made up. Just like Saddam's nasty weapons of mass destruction. A total fabrication. Just like the ship, the Maine, sunk in the port in Cuba to start the Spanish American war. A fabrication by SOMEBODY! So we have the dual crisis of fuel shortages and food shortages thrown upon us. Someone is making this up. It is not real. Some manipulations have been staged for the world to be fed this tale of woe and believe it. But the rice capital of the world, Stutgart, Arkansas, has plenty of rice, at least until it got sold off. Too many people were prepping and buying rice and beans to accomplish it and they got sent a little message. Keep this prepping shit up and we will ration your rice! Now why would anyone want to ration your rice purchases? Is it because they want a BIG HAMMER to fall on the rascally american public? Is it because we are to learn a lesson about how our masters want us to behave? Is this the ultimate Pavlovian Response conditioning?

I am looking for a solar powered electic system that will power our building. Consider it a 3 apartment, fully electric situation. It will take lots of juice. Electric cooking, heating, the whole ball of wax. If you know anything about this area please let me know via the normal email channel. The money will be there.

Stay alive!



Ryan said...

Please post on the nature (solar, hydro,wind) of the project. I am so far from doing that its not even funny but I am still interested.

Mayberry said...

Zit People. I like that, it fits them well. I think folks in a situation like your own have the most power to tell the government where to go and how to get there. Or at least to skirt the "system" a bit. Divide and conquer indeed! Individually we are at the mercy of the fedgov, but together we can stand up for what's right. Fedgov fears "togetherness" with all it's black heart.

Heckinahandbasket said...

Re: Solar electric
You have to see what your monthly electric usage is like. How many kilowatts of electricity do you use in a month? A quick search on ebay turned up 100 watt panels for $485 each, so $4.85 a watt. If this initial calculation doesn't make you look elsewhere, don't forget the panels only have peak production a couple hours a day, then there are cloudy days to compensate for.

Consider adding a wind power system to the equation, as they generally produce when the solar panels don't and have much more bang for the buck.

Knocking down your electrical usage will help the most both in the long and short run. Directly heating water and air via solar is considerably cheaper than doing so via photovoltaics.

If you look at any number of blogs of people living off grid, I'm sure you'll find most use very little electricity over all and electrical resistive heating and cooking ain't used. Well except maybe for a dump load for a windmill when the batteries are already topped off.

To get an idea of what can be done with windpower and other alternatives check out the forum at

Anywho, thanks for keeping the blog going as I read it regular.

riverwalker said...

The current wave of econonmic stimulus checks being sent to Americans is a good example of this. A lot of people were starting to get angry and upset over the food shortages and high fuel prices. No problem. Just throw them a "bone" (read stimulus check) and they'll lay back down and get quiet like an old "dawg".
For this "old dawg", that ain't gonna hunt!

gott_cha said...


I love it!

Yep the rulers have always manufactured a problem and then like magic came up with a solution to fix it all!
Keeps us all dumbed down and ensures they get re-elected. But unless we forget,.. remember very little of what a man hears is true,...even about these bad times,...lots of disinformation out there and some of it comes from survival sites and so-so blogs.

These zit-oids are lazy and want a goverment teat to suckle from. When bad times are here our population will be greatly reduced by their demise. Could this be the very depopulation the PTB's are looking for? remember,..only the strong and prepared will survive.