Friday, May 7, 2010


Looks like the makings of another beautiful day here in southern Indiana. I've been told it will rain this afternoon but I don't care. Our steady-eddie puddle down on the lane will get a good refreshing. And that will keep the dust down. I just checked the market and the DJIA is down about $180 at 10:50 a.m. If this keeps up I am going to call "COLLAPSE" and drink a beer. A little celebration will be in order for the good guys! And things can get real rough and I know it and I don't look forward to any of my friends going through hard times or getting hurt, but I am also sick of the people who cried out it will be over soon and everything will be back to normal. As Mayberry would say, "Morons!" This ain't no blip on the screen, this is a full scale unraveling of the system under which we live. And I have earnestly sought it for 45 years. Hell I knew the system was crooked when I was still wet behind the ears. All it has done has been to spread the ugliness around the globe so that all of our imitators could get a dose of the same reality we are about to get. Welcome to the party, suckers! We all go down the drain together! But the prepper may not be so bad off as you who believed it could not happen. IT CAN HAPPEN! By the way I just checked the market and it is only $19 down, Going back it was $90 some dollars down. This could get wild. The wife is bringing home a twelve pack of Miller Lite and she and I and the brother-in-law will sit out on the porch and have a Bonfire of the Vanities party this evening. I thought that was an appropriate name.

But to get away from the DJIA for a while, the brother-in-law planted a plot of Sunflowers this morning, right outside his door. We can eat the things or the wife can grind the seeds and make flour for bread. It is a good substitute if you can't grow wheat or you are allergic to it.

It is now the dark early hours of Saturday morning, May 8, 2010. The market dumped about half a trillion dollars on Thursday and Friday this week. The collapse is on! Don't doubt it. And don't expect the media to tell you about it. And for God's sake don't believe anything a politician says. We are staring at the Wrath of God right now. Your time to do anything is limited. If you have already started to prepare then you have something to build on. If you have not started to prepare then you are between a rock and a hard place. Get busy.



Mayberry said...

But the unemployment figgers are lookin' up don't ya know? Heh, sure they are, when stacked with 600,000 temporary census workers. Many of which are sitting on their duffs not doing a damn thing. There's been reports of whole crews being sidelined and replaced, yet the original bunch remains on the payroll. HA! Crooked bastards. Yes Michael, it looks like "game on". The european dominoes are falling, and we're right behind them....

chinasyndrome said...

Great post.Yes I hate to see America crash too,but full scale collapse is probably the only to fix it tear it down through out the trash and start all over.So then America can truly be free again.


Pete Smith said...

Great post...I think I will have a beer and think of the days to come.