Sunday, May 2, 2010


It has rained like crazy all night The road is flooded and the fields are flooded and the creek is flooded. It is wet outside! But that is how it is when Spring is here. But I am about to change my mind about the weather this coming Summer. I am thinking of going with wet and cool this year. Probably not much up in the 80's ought to get it. I remember 2003 when the hottest it got was 89.

In trying to put together a reasonable bit of thinking on the actions of the American public I have come to the conclusion that the medications and dope the citizens are ingesting has taken away their ability to reason and be logical. I think if someone gets up tight about how things are going they just go to the doctor and get their prescription increased and go right back into their little world of confidence. Mother's little helper will make it all okay again. And when you stop and think about it, this being the most medicated nation on the globe, what is keeping the people in check and "orderly"? 60-some percent of the mood altering drugs consumed on the planet are taken right here in the gold old USA. And that is just the legal stuff. How much illegal stuff is being eaten and smoked? Tons of it, my friends, tons of it. Is this how the public manages to ignore the necessity of getting ready for the bad times ahead? ARE THEY JUST TOO STONED TO GET IT? I am thinking they might just be. What other reason could it be? The facts are out there if you have half a care to look. And if you had the care of a normal human being you would be looking. The citizens are abnormal. Their God is their Television. What ever it says they believe. And do not think for a moment that the politicians in Washington do not know all about this. Of course they know about it. And they are using it to get their agenda across to the people in a pleasing manner.

I got a gang mail e-mail last Saturday night from Big John's seed company. He is selling the last of his seed and closing the doors on the business. This is the sickest thing I have ever heard. The big seed dealer, the seed that you can plant for years, is leaving the field. But if that is the way it is then I wish Big John a lot of luck in whatever he is doing. I have some pissed off things to say but I won't. John has helped a lot of people and gotten the idea of non-hybrid seed out to the public.

The next big thing on the legal horizon is the States versus the Federal Government. There is some question as to what the fedgov has the right to do and what they DO NOT have the right to do. The old fashioned guys say the the fedgov is merely an agent of the states and not the boss of the states. The fedgov disagrees with this idea. As it stands right now the final say in the matter is the Supreme Court. Some folks are questioning the truthfullness of this situation. The Supreme Court is a part of the fedgov. How can they look at anything in such a manner as to make the fedgov back off from the states? Seems like it would be a cold day in hell when the fedgov would limit themselves. The fedgov can lock us all into huge amount of debt and we have to pay it. Don't seem right. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Your "medicated" theory might be it Michael. Can't think of a better one, besides brainwashing. The dope would make that job easier.

We all know the "war on drugs" is a joke. Hell, we got soldiers right now over in Afghanistan protecting opium fields! If they were serious it would be slash and burn.

As to the SCOTUS, they will rule for the fed. Let the secessions begin...

Dannistan said...


You and Mayberry are right...add the new digital TV’s with various flicker rates and subliminal ads both govt and advertisers are embedding in shows, is it any wonder most Americans are screwed up and docile. Last year the French passed laws eliminating subliminal ads because the imported American programs were full of it…at least the French have balls…not us…go back to watching Idol and sipping corn syrupy sodas with mercury. Hmmmmmm, Mercury and Fluoride, every German POW will tell you that stuff is darn good...for taking away your anger and making you DOCILE!!!

Cliff said...

Morning Michael,
It's raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock today. We've got localized flooding going on all around us. My place should be good cause if it gets deep enough to hurt me there'll be nothing to see for miles around but water.
We have our own local oil spill. Tank farm about 15 minutes away had a catastrophic failure of equipment this morning and has dumped several thousand gallons of oil all over the surrounding area. It's always something.
Have a good day and don't mildew.
Cliff in Douglasville

Pete Smith said...

I see it all the time at the hospital, push push and push more meds. Every day the doctors do it and they even did it with my wife for over two years. Till this last December when she quit everything. She had a 110 lb box fall on her head at work and was in a lot of pain and the pain got worse each month and every month the doctors would up her dose of pain meds till she was a zombie and she stoped it all and is doing 100 times better without the meds. I think they are dumbing us down for a reason.