Tuesday, May 25, 2010


And here we go for another day of the Follies Collapse. As a precaution we just planted 12 rows of organic NON-HYBRID CORN. So now we have 13 rows of Cranberry Beans and 12 rows of corn. Starting to look good. There is still a bunch of onions and tomatoes and rutabagas and butternut squash to go in as yet but they will get there. Most of what I plant is for long term storage like beans and corn. The wife likes the other stuff and plants it herself. Fine by me. I am thinking about storing my seed stock in 1 quart canning jars this year. We can buy them at the Amish Herb Store for $7 or $8 dollars a case. That's a pretty good price and I like the idea of using glass for storage. I might store my eating food is the jars also. Dried beans and dried corn aren't gonna be any trick to stuff into a jar. And I am reminded that I will have to plant a cover crop this Fall or I will have to sprinkle some decent compost. All the beans I have grown will get me a lot of Nitrogen but I am not replacing the the other elements necessary for growing. If you want the soil to take care of you then you must take care of the soil. The seed itself will take care of producing a plant if it has something to feed it. Good gardeners and farmers grow good dirt and the seed takes care of the rest. Pretty simple formula.

The oil is still being pumped out into the Gulf of Mexico but Obama is going on vacation. That's the clue to all of you that HE IS THE MAN. Just to prove it the MSM has told the world that private sector job wages are falling but fedgov wages are going great!

I read a piece somewhere today that said the threat of terrorism is not the problem with the Internet today but rather the Internet is capable of exposing the bullshit of the fedgov and other hoaxes. That is the real threat of the Internet. Too many people are finding out what the Powers That Be are doing! Can't be having that!

The drums of war are pounding around the planet. It is almost a sure way of getting an economy to run again. We don't need a war but the politicians are hungry for money. It's their life blood, you know. Obama will get us up into the 60 to 70 percent range when he gets his VAT tax going in Washington. Won't it be good to pay all of those taxes?

I'm done with this post. Stay alive.




deafnsmart said...

I enjoy your posts. Can you tell us where you buy your non-hybrid organic corn? Thanks.

Pete Smith said...

Michael I'm to the point in my life where I get 99% of my news from the blogs and forums on-line. The main stream news is a joke and about 99.999% full of lies. The collapse is near and all you see on the news is how things are getting better. I pray for the walking dead of this country, because a day not so far from today they will get the biggest wake up call of there life. And at that point it will be to late to do any thing.