Sunday, May 9, 2010


I got an interesting email from Remus this morning. It was a post from another blog. The guy writing said that there had been a big battle between the impersonal global economic system and the concept of nation states. The global economic system beat the living hell out of the nation state idea and we are about to watch the nation states disintegrate. I don't think many of us can disagree with this analysis. It's pretty much right on the money. What Remus sent me was not very long so I read it twice. I noticed that not many stood up and fought back for the nation states. Loyalty amongst the masses was sorely lacking. Or maybe there was not much loyalty to be found within the nations state's government. Maybe the masses were sold out like we have been. They probably were. And you can wonder how this could happen on a global basis. I say wonder no more. The international central banks are the culprits. The Bilderburgers and the tri-lateralists and the international banks were the mechanism. These folks are the octopus that has spread it's tentacles into every facet of every one's lives. And they are merely part of the conspiracy we now call the New World Order. The NWO is merely a bill of goods sold to the masses to make them think that everything is going to be alright. And we all have learned that the NWO bill of goods is just a bunch of hog crap. It's all about power and money and control of us little guys who dwell way down the totem poll of the Powers That Be. But the good God in his infinite mercy has let a bunch of us communicate and compare notes and we know something about what is going on. And it might be for the saving of a few of us. We are armed and loaded up on food and first aid and any goodies we can think of or afford. We also have attitudes and they count for a bunch.

The NWO has us where they where they think they want us. The banks and all their loans will be the main factor in deciding this. They will say that all loans will have to be paid off. I say they can rot in hell! None of us made the decision to print and loan that money. None of us made the decision as to who GOT the money. And really this is all smoke and mirrors because the money is ours to begin with. Our printing presses were used. Our Treasury made out the notes. Our central bank, the (not) federal reserve, has given all of our enemies in the banking class all that money at no interest. They in turn loan it out to the owners of the money at a higher rate of interest. They have it rigged to get you coming and going. You owe and your government owes. They hold the I.O.U. for both parties. We are all supposed to get in line and march as we are told. What a plan!

But it ain't gonna work because we ain't gonna pay! How about that, banksters? You are going to fail in your mission of enslavement. The victims are going to run out on you. You will be left holding a worthless bag of paper. It will at least make a firestarter for us to use as we burn your buildings down, like they did over in Greece. When the people get pissed it is too bad for you! And the people are going to get very pissed off. I could go so far as to say EXTREMELY pissed off. If you fedgov trolls bother to read the comments on my blog you will note that there are in fact some angry people out there in fly-over country. And like I said, we are armed and have food and medical. We have water and gardens. We ain't looking for trouble so much as promising to NOT AVOID it. The only thing I will avoid is your bullets. I will be behind a large hardwood tree. Very tough to shoot through. You will not know where I am but I will know where you are and I will make your life very miserable, until it ends. The Greeks are burning Athens. The cops are catching hell on a daily basis. The cops are going to get tired of taking the fires and bricks pretty soon. But I think there will be a lot more burning of government buildings and banks before it is all over. You see, we know too much now and you are going to pay for all the shenanigans. It will come to America pretty damn soon. Obama is trying to get ready, if he can take care of the other fires licking at his hindquarters at the moment. He really does not have too many friends in this ol' world. His actions and the actions of past presidents have left a bad taste in the world's mouth. And I am the mouthwash. Step right up and get your bad taste removed! "Forget all you troubles, forget all your cares and go out of town, things will be great when you're out of town!" Thank you Pet Clarke. My my, it seems these days we always get back to starving the beast. Mayberry is right about that. Right on the money. They tell me that a big portion of the people are into the "black" economy these days. Whatever would possess a people to do that? Why, it's illegal. Taxes are not being paid. Don't you support the fedgov? HAH!

I think that La Violencia will pay us a visit within a month. How long it stays to visit is another matter. Not that I give a damn. Better to be a casualty than a slave. It's all coming our way folks and you had better get ready for it. And stay alive.



Grumpyunk said...

That post you mentioned came from, John Robb @

Very interesting guy. I got his book the other day but haven't gotten time to read it yet. I'll loan it to ya when I get it finished. Which may be awhile as the garden calls and that needs to get in.

See ya soon I hope.

Mayberry said...

I know you're on dialup, so videos are pretty much off the menu, but Aaron Russo laid that whole thing out in that interview I posted a couple days ago. He was friends with a Rothschild, who laid out the whole NWO plan to him. Then invited him to join the CFR, which Russo refused to do. He was a good man. If you ever get a chance, check out his documentary "America: Freedom to Fascism". It's very revealing.

Michael, I think the fact that we Americans are now bailing out the Eurozone, with money we don't have, is a prime example of this NWO plan in motion. I highly suspect they were involved in the stock market "hiccup" last week as well. For what purpose I don't know, maybe it was a "test". But man are the Wall Street crooks happy today! They love it when people's money is stolen and given to the bankers.

I think it's pretty safe to say, given current events, that it won't be long now....

Pete Smith said...

It's like the government is getting a bad joke writer from some bad sitcom write each days lay out for them, and it always has the same punch-line the people get dumped on.