Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is Thursday as I type this and we are supposed to get some Sun today. Ain't hardly noticed any Sun for a few days. Could be an episode of good cheer! And we can use all the good cheer we can get our hands on.

This guy presently occupying the Whitehouse is not an American. And I don't care where he was born. This guy, Obama, is endangering the very air we breath and the water we drink. And the liberals are supposed to be such environmentalists. That oil well pumping crude into the Gulf of Mexico is just short of becoming a global catastrophe and Obama is doing nothing about it. What the hell is he thinking? That slop out there is going to be a total calamity when all the chips are counted in this little poker game. And he lets the President of Mexico stand out on the Whitehouse lawn and run down our properly enacted laws in Arizona. What the hell is going on, Obama? Are you so indoctrinated with foreign attitudes that you cannot even protect the people who elected you? I put up with your bowing and stooping to foreign leaders but this is getting to be too much. You must stop this oil leak and stop it NOW. You must send troops to the border and keep this alien invasion off our property. We can't afford these people any longer. They are bankrupting us as it is. For one moment try to think like an American. Try to think of a way to save us. It's the least you can do.

I saw some contention about taking on a mob at your retreat this morning. First thing to cross my mind was what ELSE are you going to do? Give up and let them have their way? I don't like the "give up attitude." To hell with giving up. Make 'em pay dearly for everything they get. The other point is something I have stressed for a long time and that is BE IN A GROUP. Have a plan. Put some thought into it. Do it NOW and don't wait until the mob gets there. I have explained the L shaped ambush a couple of times already. It works! Use it to your advantage.

I just checked the financial news. The DJIA is down about 255 points at about 11:30 a.m. Gold has dropped a little, but not much. Of course, the day is young and a lot can happen between now and when the market closes. The figure that got me was that the US Dollar is worth over 86 cents. So what the hell is 86 cents? Will it get you a cup of coffee? Not any place I buy coffee. Will it get you a gallon of gasoline? Not in the last 10 years. Will it get you a pack of cigarettes? Don't be ridiculous. Could you take it and belly up to the bar and drink a cold beer with it. Not any time in recent memory. So what is anyone selling that keeps the dollar up that high? How about Greek government bonds? Say, you know, that might be a good idea. Trade Greek bonds for dollars. That could make the dollar really look good. It will make the Euro look bad but who gives a damn about the Euro. Europe is about to crash anyhow so why worry about their currency? Seems pointless to me! I just sorta go along with the idea that when Europe goes then the USA is next.

I have been reading about the President of Mexico running his mouth a little more while he was here as our guest. It seems that he doesn't like our policy if blocking illegal aliens at our Southern border. But you know, the potty mouth little faggot never mentioned his own rules and regulations his country uses on THEIR southern border. It's bad for us to do it but well and good for them? Give me a break. Nuke the gay baby whales!

Well the market ended DOWN 376 points yesterday. Stay alive.



chinasyndrome said...

Michael,yeah gee they just figured out that sucker is pumping out more than originally figured,quick act surprised.

And yeah if a mob try's to storm my place I will attempt to take out the one's who look like the leaders.If that don't scatter em,then I take out closest.


Mayberry said...

The Kenyan was raised by communists. This was all known during the campaign. Folks were warned about him, and what he would do, but the sheep failed to listen. They labeled those of us who spoke the truth as racists. Well, now the Kenyan is doing exactly what we warned he would do. Pointing this out still gets us called racists. Not that I care, call me what they will, I know the truth. The Kenyan is destroying the United States. On purpose. At the bidding of his masters. Yet the sheep still march on to the slaughter....

Grumpyunk said...

Obama has a job to do and you have to admire a guy that will do what he was hired to do in spite of the opinion of those around him.

That dirty little bastard has one mission and that's to weaken the USA and help move us towards the ideal of Marxist/Leninism.

There ain't enough rope to hang all the MoFo's that need it anymore.