Monday, May 3, 2010


Hot weekend for news. TWO Internet publications put out the story on the North Koreans using a mini-submarine to blow the oil rig in the Gulf to smithereens. But one is just a re-write of the other and it is a little hard to tell who is right and who blowing smoke. Mighty interesting story. The plot of the story is that Obama has put a block on any news going out about the incident. Top secret hush-hush type of thing. We are supposed to go along with some sort of mechanical failure story and Obama has a posse of minions trying to solve the problem of the leaking oil well. If the story is true I would say that Obama's ass ain't worth the powder to blow it up. If the story is true then South Korea should become an island. But, a big old nuclear non-proliferation conference is scheduled to start today at the UN. Obama will give a pretty speech to the general assembly and receive thunderous applause. He likes that. I remember that Joe Biden said that Obama would be tested and maybe the test is on. There are a lot of nasty bastards out there who would like to successfully test Mr. Obama. But this is the long anticipated month of May and who the hell knows what is in the cards at this point in the game. The web-bot guys are saying there is a rising tension in the linguistics coming up and it will build for quite a while. We may get worn out from too many emergencies. A non-prepper female told my wife that she is about to buy some storage food. She is a stubborn chick but she is pretty damn smart. I think she will be okay. She will do it right.

The oilslick grows and men can't stop it. They will try and they might get it and they may not. But it will play havoc with the Gulf Coast. Lotsa money will be lost down there. Shrimp ain't that big a deal. Indiana has plenty of shrimp. We raise 'em right here. You want shrimp, we got 'em. Lots of other places raise shrimp these days. We import a bunch from Southeast Asia. This came about when a bunch of hurricanes stomped all over the shrimp grounds in the Gulf and business men had to look elsewhere for a product. Times change and so did the shrimp business. But a lot of things are going to change in the next short amount of years.

The last time I checked the DJIA was up a bunch and looks to be gaining back what it lost last week. Fine with me. I just hope none of my friends and readers are tied up in that ball of worms. You need to be investing in things that can make you a living in a much less complex society. Something that can keep you alive. Think on that!

The change that is coming will be unlike any change we have ever experienced. It will be devastating. Mind boggling. We can only hold on tight and hope we make it. The scum of the earth will come out and attempt to rule us. They will have force and brutality to back their play. They will be trying to enslave us and we will be trying to feed ourselves and raise our children properly. Not exactly a good fit. Two different outlooks that are not compatible. It is not the nature of intelligent people to submit to slavery. It is a thankless and degrading way to live. But you can buy yourself some freedom if you prepare. You can store up food so you don't have to go into town and pass through checkpoints on the way to some government store. It's hard to grab you if you ain't there. Live out in the country where there are miles and miles between you and the cities. Get some guns and ammo so you can defend yourself and those friends who will be on the trip with you. There will not be a lot of pressure brought to bear on those who are a guaranteed casualty maker out in the farm and forest land. You just have to make it stick. EVERYBODY has to make it stick. When it comes your time to resist then get your ass to resisting. Win or lose they have to know that we will make them pay and pay dearly. Stay alive.



HermitJim said...

good post, Michael...! It will be interesting to see what developes in the near future!

Mayberry said...

I had to laugh about the shrimp. Yesterday some Vietnamese shrimper up the coast was worrying about going under due to the oil. The Vietnamese came here, got shiny new boats from They live three and four families together in their "single family homes". They busted their asses, and ran most everyone else off the water then they bought up the packing houses and freezers. But along came the shrimp farms, and Chinese imports. The imports are putting the shrimp farms out of business, or on to other things like redfish, or algae for "biofuel". Now comes the oil spill which threatens everything. Except the Chinese.... Anyways, I guess my point is that SHTF can come anywhere, any time. And not necessarily all at once. It's also a prime example of what "globalism" brings us, which is SHTF by the boat load....