Monday, May 10, 2010


I have waited until Monday afternoon to write this post. Just was not in the mood after listening to a verbal barrage that was intended to humble me at a meeting last night. I was not humbled. I was actually a bit ashamed of my antagonist. He could get nothing on me and therefore stayed in the realm of inuendo and generalities. I couldn't be bothered to mount an offensive. How do you fight warm air? It is all over my talking about the collapse and the troubles coming down the road. This guy did not want to hear about it. He wants to stay in the spirit and not deal with things of a negative effect. And it is true that there is no high like the Most High. But my talk, which prompted the reply, was about growing extra food for people in the village. Food prices are way up and don't look to be going down and there are a lot of kids who will need to eat. I said it was time to start being fatherly and looking out for those who don't have what it takes to prepare. Not a real heavy message but one that could start something for the benefit of everyone. Oh well. We will see if anyone was helped or not. I gave it a shot.

The market today is giving us the Big Bounce. It should last until Wednesday with no problem. A lot of the loss incurred last week will be made up but probably not all of it. Then we get back to the real world again. And the real world is that there is not reason for a stock market boom to be going on. No new products. No new mineral discoveries. No new manufacturing. Nothing of any real interest. "Nothing new here. Just same shit different day. Keep moving." And for all the cheerleading and noise making and media manipulating, there just ain't a damn thing worth putting your money into. America has all of her money tied up in twenty million empty homes. Let's see $100,000 apiece that is over two trillion dollars. Quite a stash of cash for being empty homes. Homes they can't sell. Wonder why there is no money moving around the country now. So don't get any ideas that the bad times are going way beecause they are not. The fat lady has sung. We partied down for a few years on all that construction money and now it is over and we have to declare poverty. Seems like wanting to grow some food for those too young and those too stupid to prepare is not a bad thing to do. Times could get rough.

The market is close and it's up $404. Not a bad number for something that is really not there. It is all because Europe has supposedly pledged a billion Euros to back it's debt. Again, let me remind you that none of this billion Euro pledge is made up or based upon anything of value. It is pulled out of the air and consequently has about that much value. The stock brokers are all beating themselves on the back and congratulating themselves no end. Just like they did when the stock market hit 14,000 a few short years ago, you remember, right before it went to six or secen thousand. These bounces are nothing to invest it, folks. They can go away like a puff of smoke on a breezy day.

Things are not so hot with the weather. It does not get cold and it does not get hot. But tomorrow is supposed to get to 72 and that should be nice. We are to plant garden Wednesday and it is to rain. But that is part of the game. Old enemy Thunder Storm will fall asleep at the wheel after a while and the seeds will go into the ground. Then of course, we will be looking for rain. Ah, the fickleness of it all. Stay alive.



Chief Instructor said...

Michael, there will always be Pollyanna's. "Everything will be fine as long as we have a positive outlook."

I simply cannot understand the outlook of people who think that things will just work themselves out. It takes EFFORT, not luck.

What is the worst that could happen if you all grew some extra food, and it wasn't needed? You'd have all of this extra food that could be given to some other group that isn't as well-off, or you could preserve it for the future.

Sounds pretty horrible to me.... ;-)

Dannistan said...

Chief: You can lead the Sheeple to food but you can't make them eat or garden! I have good news in my area...gardens of all sizes from large potted tomato plants to larger 20 X 30 and up! Help those you can...and be content...I know its frustrating and we all share that with you as Preppers! Those that won't consider our assistance will enjoy CLUB FEMA...Gulag to the Stars!

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,help those who will take help.Those who won't are on there on.It will be a real shame when these people say if only we knew it was coming.We have all tried only a few listen.Like you and others I keep trying as frustrating as it.


Pete Smith said...

I don't know why I still try to help the sheeple. I talk and talk and the things I said five years ago are going on now and some still think I'm crazy. God Bless Them, That's all I can say.