Monday, May 17, 2010


Things are pretty wet around these parts. In fact, the wet stuff is coming down right now. But (drum roll) we got 13 rows of Cranberry Beans in the ground yesterday. 13 rows ! Man! Are we producers or what? And this rain is going to make sure we have good seed/soil contact. I do not know if we will get anything else in or not, but we got that much. The temperatures are down in the 50's and that is not making anyone very happy. But maybe we do have a 30 year cold spell coming in on us. Let it come. We will adapt or we will go down to Kemp's place in the hills of Southwestern Mississippi and get to it there. We are preppers and not afraid to do what has to be done. There is not quite enough evidence to make us move at this point, you understand, but it don't hurt to think about the future. And if the climate changes the other way, the wife and BIL have cousins in Northern Michigan not too far from the UP. But until the message is clear, we will ride it out in Southern Indiana. We're kinda familiar with it.

The word is out that there is still an ammo shortage in this country and no one has a good reason as to why. It ain't the fedgov that anyone knows about. They make their own ammo and are well supplied. And the commercial companies are running 24 X 7. So what is the score? Why is there a shortage of ammo? Are the cops stockpiling it? Something is going on and there is no reasonable explanation. I know that a couple months ago my son had my Colt Commander gone through by a gunsmith and made ready to roll. It's in sweet shape now. But he wanted to get me a box of ammo to run through the gun and he looked all over an Indiana town and could not find any. He finally hooked up with a box of Fiocchi 230 grain FMJ at an Army surplus store. And it was not cheap! I about gagged when I saw the price sticker. So what the hell is going on? We are producing, and this is my estimate from my reading, about 9+ billion rounds per month. Where in the hell is it all going? It would seem that the most ambitious survivalist would be stocked up to the gills by now. Most survivalists could have a semi-load by this time! Just curious, you know. This is big time news and it ain't making the screen. What is going on?

I am also wondering what is going on with the oil spill down in the Gulf. It has become evident to me that no one is trying to shut this damn thing off. BP is trying to recover the oil! This thing could have been stopped a month ago. Detonate one bomb right on the top of the well and it will collapse the damn well all the way down. But they are not trying to stop the gushing oil, they are trying to recover it! What are they thinking! To hell with the poor people of Louisiana and Mississippi. They want that goddamn oil! And this will show you exactly where we stand with our government. When an oil company has the power to reach inside the office of the President of the United States and maintain the biggest man-made environmental disaster in our history, in other words keep it going, then we have no representation in our government. It's over. The disconnect has transpired. The social contract is Kapoot! Lock and load! And I read all of the bullshit the media is putting out and it all makes me sick. What is the problem with this country that we cannot plug a goddamn leaking oil well? Has our morals fallen so low that we cannot bear to lose a dime, that we would risk the livelihoods of millions of people for a stinking oil well? Dear God say it isn't so. The latest word is that they are going to fill the well casing with drilling mud followed by concrete. It sure will be good to get this over with.

This day has been overcast and rainy and I will be glad to see it go. These days are made to make us appreciate the really few nice ones we get. But humans are always bitching about SOMETHING. I really feel like this year, 2010, will bring some bad times to the people of this planet. Don't ask me why, I just do. Now that BIG VOLCANO over in Iceland named Katla is starting to rumble. If that sucker goes off we have a problem, and I mean a major problem. But we will face whatever the good God of Heaven has in mind, hoping he will spare us for some purpose. But what ever our role, let us do it with good grace and hope in the future. Stay alive.



Chief Instructor said...

I've been seeing mention of an ammo shortage, but haven't seen it with my own eyes. No issues getting ammo here in Nor Cal.

Also, nationally, if you go to there doesn't seem to be shortages elsewhere, at least for calibers I've been buying (9mm, 40 cal, .357 mag and .45 ACP).

Cliff said...

Walmart in Georgia is restocking their ammo cases and prices are actually down a little bit. I picked up a few boxes of 30-06 and some 40 S&W and a few bricks of .22 for less than I was paying about a year ago.
Funny thing has happened in my wandering around lately. I've had 3 different people come up to me (not folks that run in the usual circle of people that stock up on stuff) and said "I've heard something bad is going on at the border and the news isn't giving it much coverage" and "I've heard that something bad is going to be happening in the cities in July". I just reminded them of their responsibility to take care of themselves and their families no matter what happens and to think about what the cities will be like in the heat of July with no electricity and air conditioning. They get a pretty sober look on their face when reality sets in.
Keep on keeping on.
Cliff in Georgia

Pete Smith said...

I can find most any ammo I want, it's just the price of the ammo. I can go to the local gun store and buy 9mm, 40 cal,.357,.44mag and most others but the price is almost two time what it was a year ago. Just like the "550" brick of 22LR at Wal-Mart last lear was $9.97 if you can get it now it's $20.97. Just a little crazy to me.

Mayberry said...

No .22lr around here, and pistol ammo is pretty scarce too. Rifle ammo is coming back slowly, as well as shot shells.

We got some wet stuff today, and I was glad for it. Been pretty dry this spring...