Monday, May 31, 2010


Good morning to all of you out there in blogland. It has been an interesting weekend and I'm sure most of you know why. The top of the list is the gushing oil well in the Gulf that has not been stopped. I read an estimate this morning that said that it should stop by itself in August. That is about when it will get capped or blown up or whatever. I have been thinking about racism this morning. You know, big city blacks are as prejudiced against whites as they can be. And they are prejudiced against the South. You don't suppose they have let that oil well keep leaking out of spite do you? They wouldn't put it on the South like that would they? Just wondering. But it has been 43 days since that leak appeared. It sorta makes you wonder what this fedgov really can do. They can't get the job process started. They can't do anything about North Korea. They cannot stimulate the economy except the big banks. They can't so anything with health care that is not a rip-off. These people are losers. Just regular, garden variety losers. Something should be done about them this coming election. They should get roundly beaten into oblivion.

The garden is looking good so far. The mechanical planter had a few mishaps but nothing that can't be fixed. Some transplanting and some thinning will do wonders for it. My beans are happy, happy, happy and they are growing like weeds. It's too early to tell about the corn but we will know in a few days. The weather forecast says we have a 70% chance of rain today and that should do us no harm. Unless it comes a toad strangler and everything gets washed out. But I am still holding with a cooler temperature this Summer and that seems to mean lots of rain. And rain means plants will grow, unless they get washed away. I keep repeating my self on washing plants away. I think it is because I know it can happen. It's normally called too much of a good thing.

I got word this morning that a kid I have known all of his life has been diagnosed as Bi-Polar. This Bi-Polar mental disorder is what used to be called Manic-Depressive. Manic Depressive kinda lost it's kick awhile back so they came up with another term. They can sell more pills that way. But the Quack, er, ah I mean the doctor who was treating him prescribed some medication for a super crazy manic-depressive. Some really strong stuff. And it was making the kid crazy. He could no longer sleep well and things like that. And this shit is going on in this country all the time. Millions of cases. It sells lots of polls but it screws up some decent minds. I'll be in touch with the kid's older brothers today and we will see if we can get something worked out.

Stay alive.



Unknown said...

Your statements about blacks in the south don't make any sense and indicate that YOU are somewhat of a raceist. I am not black, but have known some very fine "black" folks" from the south. On the whole, these "blacks are far better mannered and respectful than a lot of us "white folks. In all my years of health work I have only seen two or three "black folks" in a nursing home. They take care of their familes until the end-which is more than I can say for us "white folks-rednecks."

Mayberry said...

Some of our seeds got washed out earlier this spring. When it rains down here it's an "all or nothing" proposition most times...