Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have had some comments on my post of yesterday. One fella didn't want to have 100 people. He thought 25 would be a more manageable figure. Fine by me! What ever keeps your boat afloat is what matters. The point I was trying to stress, and as usual did not make it plain enough, was that there are people all over the place who want to prep and get to know other preppers and the Texas Preppers Network has accomplished this in a very commendable manner. I ain't saying that it is the end of the matter but it sure is a helluva lot better than what was on the scene before. A whole lot better. The days of not knowing anyone close by to get with you in case of an emergency are over if you wish them to be. And people being what they are, it will not shock me to see various "clubs" emerge from these associations.

Figure it this way. Ninety nine and two thirds percent of the populace is non-prepping. That leaves one third of one percent that are in the game. And that is a million people! If you have 300,000,000 people and one third of one percent are preppers then you have a million preppers. And you have 50 states and that means you have approximately 20,000 people per state. This is a pretty big pond to fish in, if you ask me. And say I am full of shit and there are only 5000 people per state who are interested. Still a huge number of preppers.

And this means you do not have to be alone! There are kindred souls out there fighting the good fight the same as you! Before the TPN we could only blog and hope others found us. But now we have this great idea of TPN to bring us together. And there is strength in numbers. You can get together and chit chat and compare prices and values and all kinds of things you couldn't do before. And you can have someone looking out for you in case the Fascists come to take you away. And this is a major plus these days. You can get arrested for thought crimes now, you know. You don't have to actually commit a crime. You just have to 'think' about it. I can't help but think about that line form "The Quiet Man" where the old preacher gets up to go to the local tavern for a drink. He says, "I think I will go to the tavern and talk a little treason." Man. I loved that line! That is one of the reasons I blog. I believe I have the right to think what I want and to hell with the government.

Those clubs that may spring up while prepper networks are forming can be most useful to the whole bunch of us. Like I said before, "United we stand, divided we fall" works today just like it always did. You might try for a little bit better understanding of this. The system hates for people to band together. A band of people are harder to control than stupid individualists living in their little "pill boxes'. Just look at the New Orleans debacle. That stupid Mayor just orders everyone out of town and imposes a strict curfew and a promised trip to Angola State Prison if you are caught looting. No mention of any PROOF that you were looting, just the policeman's word. But what the hell, you would probably confess to looting after you were tasered a few times. United we stand and divided we fall. Not too hard to understand. And Scoutinlife sent me an email that said he was watching the cops battle the demonstrators on TV while he was reading my blog and breaking beans. They never stopped HIM. How many Scoutinlife's are out there prepping and going it alone? It is a shame and maybe a reproach for things to be this way. I say let TPN lead the way to better communication and coordination. There are 49 more states to get organized! And do not forget that the Fascists have all the communication they can use. THEY understand the benefit of knowing what is going on.

More later, God willing. In the meantime, stay alive.


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Mayberry said...

Great post Michael. Very important stuff. I'd love to see something like TPN in EVERY state, and even a nationwide network! I think we're at the cusp of something great.....