Friday, September 19, 2008

I spent most of the my talking with Grumpyunk and his lovely lady and had a very good time. He and his wife are both conversant in the English language and they can keep up a very good conversation about many subjects. We had gone to a pretty nice place for coffee but they had NO SMOKING in all sections and I proposed we adjourn to a more hospitable place and they agreed and so we did. We had originally planned to just have coffee and a bit of prepper talk but we got along so well that we decided to eat lunch about 12:30 and kept right on going. The Handmaiden and Mrs. Grumpyunk are both dedicated cooks and they never lacked for talk. Grumpyunk is an ER Nurse but I think his real talent is in building up soil for growing food. In our talking it became apparent that he knew how to make dirt to grow food. He has a nice little spread out in the countryside and he has some chickens. And that means a chicken coop and that means chicken manure. And while he can tell you all kinds of medical procedures, you can see his eyes get real focused while talking about building up his dirt. I have a soft spot for someone who likes to make good dirt. My practice is to make the dirt good and healthy and let the seed bring on the plants. Your basic agronomist grows good dirt and so does Grumpyunk.

We did not manage to get into economics or politics. But that is another day. We did talk about prayer and healing. He knows people of great faith who have been cured of cancer and things like that. He said he used a formula for God's thinking when it comes to prayer in time of sickness. God either says yes, no, or later. I had to go along with that. It bears a huge resemblance to what really takes place. It is reality. I have invited Grumpyunk and his Lady to come visit us before the weather turns bad. We can sit on the porch and drink a few beers and palaver a bunch more. I don't entertain much but I can make an exception with Grumpyunk. He is a fine man and pretty damn talented. And I like knowing an ER Nurse. Very hard people to rattle as far as I know. He got some medical training in the service while stationed in Texas. When he did some other career work until he was middle age, it did not stop him from deciding to go to Nursing School and getting his degree. He is a good man to know.

I called my East Coast friend today and asked him about the market. He said there were people buying metals and there were fools. Both of these kind of folks were in the market buying. He is like me in that he thinks stocks are doomed and he has gotten completely out of the stock market and into Gold and Silver entirely. The fedgov whacked him pretty good with their little shenanigan of dumping Gold and Silver for a couple weeks, at a cheap price. But the metals are on the rebound and any dumping is going to be greeted with cries of joy by the precious metal guys. Because they want the metal and to hell with the stocks and bonds. The fedgov is now announcing a cure for the market and is going to take over all the debt paper the financial boys are packing around. You and I will stand for their loses and sink or swim on the vagaries of the market, which is manipulated like crazy. THERE AIN'T ANY FREE MARKET LEFT IN AMERICA. BUY TANGIBLES!

Gonna go watch a movie with the Handmaiden. Stay alive!


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Grumpyunk said...

Thanks for the kind words, Michael. We had a great time and we look forward to sitting on the porch at your place and following where ever the talk leads us. We've spent a lot of time since discussing some of the mental seeds you planted.

Thanks again!