Friday, September 26, 2008


It's day one of the next big thing! The bail-out is going to fail and we are embarking on a totally new trip. I feel like Mayberry getting his whiff of salty air yesterday. The prospect of a new era in invigorating! And there will be so many willing helpers in this new day. Slow folks, to be sure, but good strong backs and willing arms and legs. Wanna eat? I have some weeds that need pulled. Wanna eat? I have a need for cut and stacked firewood. Wanna eat? We have a lot of nut trees that need cleared around for easier harvesting. Wanna eat? I have water that needs to be hauled. And so on and so forth. People will get the message and join the ranks of the survivalists, if for no other reason than their bellies need filled.

You now about those survivalists don't you? Those uncouth muthas who show very little regard for anything but good results. Those wild men and women who have stocked up on food and guns and ammo and seed and medical supplies. Those people who refuse to believe the political bullshit that is fed the creatures of habit on this planet. I just went out on the porch and hollered at a neighbor and told him to buy his rice and beans. He waved. I haven't the slightest idea if he will do it. And I can't be worried about it. The warning flags are going up all over the place. Get ready to feed yourself!!! Get ready to defend yourself!!! Get ready to be your own doctor!!! The almighty dollar is dead. Long live the new currency!

The survivalists know what is going on. They have studied and and stored and talked until they are blue in the face. Got preps? Starve if you don't. Is the wife and kids getting attacked and raped? Shoot the rapists or watch it all happen with the knowledge that you could have prevented it. Did you get a wound from an accident or an attack? Be prepared to treat it or suffer the consequences.

I just talked to the guy I hollered at a few minutes ago and he is getting ready to stock up. He will start tomorrow afternoon. God bless him.

I have friends on the East Coast and down South that I am going to invite to come be with me. People who would help me if they had to. So that makes it less of a problem. I have had a blessing of supplies for my medical kit. I am in as good a shape as I could imagine. I am not perfect by any means but I have way more than most people.

I have four bag of beans to shell that the Handmaiden brought in yesterday. No rest for the wicked. I will get to them today as best I can. An old friend has passed way and I am not happy, but I reckon I should be because he is in a better place now where his liver won't take him down.

Getting ready for the party! Stay alive!


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Grumpyunk said...

Finished getting the garden beds ready for next Spring today. Wish I had more good compost to add. Glad for I had though.

Now I have lots of places to plant the beans you gave us, Michael! With luck, I will be complaining about having to shell out beans next year.

QueenBuffness, finished off the last of the apples today and made some ass kick sauce along with 4 pies. I noticed that the neighbor has an old Pear tree in his cow pasture that is loaded with fruit. I'm going to have to see if they're any good and if so, canned Pears next week.

You may want to encourage your readers to watch out as they are driving to and fro for fruit that is not being used. It's a bit late in the season for many of us but there is a LOT of good food going to waste on the ground under trees. Unk