Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, it's been a day and a half, for sure. The big boys on Wall Street are tanking as fast as they can go. Merril Lynch has sold out to Bank of America. Lehman Brothers has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. AIG, the biggest insurer in the world is wanting to borrow $40,000,000,000 in order to stave off financial failure. The word came out that Germany asked the fedgov to do something about the banks having problems and the fedgov replied with allowing Lehman to take the dive. No money this time! Germany will be a bit miffed at the fedgov ignoring their pain, but that is too damn bad. Let the crooked bastards take their lumps and we can get this over with a lot quicker. 'Cause we gotta get it over with. Those big investment houses knew exactly what they were buying and they bought anyway. Gold was going up this morning. Silver will follow shit, I reckon.

And those people buying Gold and Silver are investing in TANGIBLES. It is something they can hold in their hand. It is figured as a method of holding wealth. I might buy some of it if I were rich, but I am not rich and I will buy food and tools and guns and ammo and medical supplies. I will also shell beans like a madman. If the money goes South, if it becomes worthless, then I will eat and stay alive and protect my family and friends.

The Persimmons and the Walnuts and the Hickory nuts are coming ripe in great profusion. Lots of product on those tree branches. I have been told that lots of nuts and fruit on the trees is a sign of a cold Winter ahead. Let it roll says I. I have plenty of food and ammo and I am just waiting to protect my friends and family. The cats out on the porch are getting more hair everyday. You can't fool mother nature. The genes and chromosomes know what the hell is going on!

I wish to reiterate the incidents mention in my previous post. Kaiser von Texas DID say that a Walmart had been looted and burned out West of Houston. They must not have had a very good selection for the Freebooters to steal. Pissed 'em off and they burnt the place.

And the PANIC sale of gasoline in Michigan told about by Wolverine is just the tip of the iceberg of what will go down in this country if the SHTF. Wolverine is not playing games. He is a serious man and his sons are serious. He was not scared, but he was pissed. And you don't want to piss off a serious man in hard times. You might end up pushing up Daisies. He has cleared his fields of fire around his house, you know.

And this is just a practice run we have witnessed. The housing West of Houston didn't get hit as hard as the Northeast side. A lot of them still have power. But the Freebooters still went into their little act and burned and looted. Probably with the lights and the security cameras working! If the lights go out in your town will the police be watching over you? Hell no. You will be on your own until the fight is over. The fight you will be involved in to clear out the looters and robbers. Then the police will come back in and 'protect' you. They will demand instant obedience from you, of course. After all, they are AUTHORITY. I got MY AUTHORITY right at the bad end of my 12 gauge Wingmaster. And there are so many of them babies down where I live you can't count all of them. The younger guys are out courting females and drinking a little beer on Saturday night but for christsakes, they have their shotguns! I mean, my son is on the East Coast attending school, but there is a Wingmaster that fits his hands in the gun case.

So we get back to the same old rant. Invest in TANGIBLES! While your money is any good at all, buy the things that will keep you alive in the coming hard times. And don't forget to buy non-hybrid seed. You just can't beat it. You grow the food and you get your next years seed in the bargain. A little work and you are on the road to staying alive.


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